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Episode · 8 months ago

Episode 29 Reviewing the Best Season Ever


A bit shorter of a podcast this weekend as we look back at all the throwback action at the Darlington Raceway this past week along with reviewing the “best season ever” as we reach the 1/3 mark on the season! 

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The chason we ever since watch.It's okay, I'll never big time. Just when you think you've got her, lick out of nowhere if he takes a bite out of welcome to episodetwenty nine of the Nascar Hotspot podcast. I'm he restroyed you and by Chrisand Kaid in this week and may have a we might not have a guestthis week, but we will be doing a full season review, since we'reone third through the season now, and we're also going to be reviewing Darlington, all the throwbacks, all the what happened last week and some possible newsof rumors that have come in the past week. So let's get this going. How has everyone been? I've been I've been good. Yeah, I'vebeen good. Darling's was a good weekend. Daring to look great, especially thewonderful chaos of the truck crazy we all loved it, especially the cuprace and the Cup race winner. Amazing race, best race of the season, amazing as series. Thank you. Thought that was the best race ofthe season. Tough because, yeah, what was now? It was Iwasn't. Don't need don't. The part that I really like from the truckrace is host of our doing really good and being up there. Sheldon creed. Well, here he made it through the tail Dago reck, like Daveed. What. Oh, you good there? Um A, yeah, yeah,is nice. Nice, that time with Jesse's gonna do two races forthor sport this year and a fifth truck because you know, I can't.They can't afford having in Figer full time. But like, Hey, fifth truckfor who time? A Jest Ski? This man just runs part time everything. He's never had a full time ride. Yeah, Hey, hehad one last year untiling these kicked them. Yeah, for Chi still didn't havea full time ride. You got kicked out of his right yeah.Yeah, it kicked out of your ride. Truck sees no offense. But howdo you do that? That's sad. He was doing pretty bad, butI mean like it was kind of like in like the Nice range.They just didn't know it, so they kicked them. Yeah, okay,I didn't watch trucks or extridity, so all I know is trucks was chaosand that one big rasolute nightmare and almonding or screwed burndon Jones and exfinity.That's what I now. I don't even remember what having a brand. Ididn't even know Brandon Jones had to throw back until I turned on the TVand saw it and I was like, okay, grand and Jones pulled aslide job on amending right clear to him, and then almitding or just turned rightand turned him. Did he clear? Didn't? Brinton Jones didn't? Jonesfinish top five, though. Yeah, yeah, he did. was stillstupid as vomiting. As far cleared him, he cleared him by alarge Martin nomining. It just dumped them because if I don't like you're damn. Almondinger came back up into him. Then he didn't clear him. No, he cleared him, and then Amitinger came down and then try to passthem and then just turned them. So I'm an extroll. He didn't havethat Adam. Yeah, he clearly didn't clear. You didn't watch it,you didn't want I didn't watch it either, but you didn't wash it. Allright. So, before we get before he came in, sensus left. Before we get too far into this, we have some new stories that brokeat this week. Most importantly, the next GIN car was unveiled.Unveiled, it was under filled last week. Now I'm not reported. We didn'treview it. Oh, we didn't know. That also was the dayafter we put out last week's episode. Yeah, big brain, Kaden overhere. Let's two elves. Yeah, all I so, UM, nextjurn car was unfoiled for all three manufacturers and we could all agree. Mything looks the best by far. And then, you know, ship,you as a shift a good amount of changes, and then Toyota barely asany changes. So my friend's okay. So it's mainly it's mainly not.It's not in the looks as much as it's in like under the hood andlike Everything Mechanical Wise. So we did get it was a fisher. Thatlike we have the subsequential, or however you say, like control. Yeah, that thing. Yeah, we have meant puential man and transmission worse,like the h pattern, but like you look up and down because it's fun. So we're going to be as a...

...weird fuser. There's a fan,smaller. Yeah, there's vents in the fire. Now, like saying theLOGNA. We're also we're not stuck to the ground like the cars have beenfor the past what eight years, thank God. More than that, youhad the leaders at a coote struct the entire yeah, what's your favorite?One of the cars is a much Tang. It's the really easy. I preferthat. I prefer the Chevrolet. I think it's Mary. Looks Nice. Oh, I know, definitely. Second the Toyota just didn't change.That's why I can't rank it. And it didn't change that much. Yeah. Well, I think they're waiting to do the super and a couple ofyears. I think. I don't they said they're not going to. They'renot, yeah, going to. They stay said in their announcement like theythey like having like the three different models and the three different series. Liketo have the a tons your U Super Camera. And they didn't say likewe're not going to change it, but like they kind of like said they'renot like thinking about moving his super up anytime soon. Pretty much, that'sall. It's really disappointing, not gonna lie. It is really helping pointing. I agree. You know, I think they'll change it eventually. Ithink by two thousand and twenty five will be changes to the Toyota Camera.By far. I think we could see it. I mean I don't.I don't think we'll see it when the engine change happens, because that's goingto be huge when we have the engine change, especially with them talking abouttrying to get not quite hybrid but get electricity involved with it, like howF one and Indie car and a bunch of other motor sports have done.So that'll be. That'll be. We can see changes then to all threeand we could even see new manufacturers at that point agreed. Good their kidden. He's trying to fix his hair. You know, he's not looking likea pretty boy right now with his hair all messed up. I need ahair cut, cut saying me. As is the inside and next in Carlsoffsprings, think because you have a backup camera now. Well, it's notto like back up, but of like it's faces a review. It's areview. Yeah, I mean it's pretty cool Ian Camera. I'm not I'mnot a I'm not a huge fan of a belieming. Like it's pretty cool. It's something neat. Yeah, I mean I think the reason with thatis we're having the lower roof and so rip Lagano's head if he ever flipsagain. Yeah, basically, the penskey drivers as a whole, except forBladey Blaney's like the only one that's not tall out of the entire group.I sindrick spring tall. You. Oh my God, I don't even noticethat. WHO CYNDRIC LANEY? Blaney's like I want to say it's only likefive ten or something like that. I don't want to see. He's verytall. Five seven. He's five time solid than Ryan Bladey Shure isn't Itells if I'm tired, than til the RADDIC. Yeah, we know.You're taller than one driver and not an achievement in terms of height. Likewhat dude stands up in the car is almost as tall as in you know, at least I'm as tall as most drivers. Yeah, right, sayquite a bit of them. We yeah, yeah, Giant Jack and the beanstock over here. Didn't ask or say something about wanting to expand.Like said something about Denver. Oh No, do think all right now? Mighttake on that if they're going to do this, they need to justdo Chicago first, see if it works. If it doesn't work, don't tryto go to Denver in Mexico City. Not Not worth it at that cityof the way. WHAT'S SO SPECIAL DENVER? Dog? Yeah, thecountry. Oh now, I say, go to just Mexico City, nomatter like if it works out or not. You just because you're in another countryand it's just something else to Broun. And I if they are going topull and views it's going to go to back tract that's there, notthrough a street course, which I can't remember if the actual track is astreet course and now, but I don't think it is. I should doMontreal. Well, the one that the Bush shues did was not was nota street course, but the one we're talking about, the NASCAR is talkingabout getting, is a street course. I know they need to go tothe actual track and not a street course, though they need to scrap this wholestreet street course idea. Not really a fan of it. It's tooearly to tell at this point. Yeah, I'll wait until they're on track,well, if they're ever gonna be on track, but I don't knowthe whole idea of why not just go to a regular road force instead ofgoing to a street course? Street course cost way more to go to aroad course. I would assume you're studying shutting down a whole part of thecity, millions and millions into yeah, and the only way that's ever goingto benefit is if that brings in new viewers and it's not going to cityfor yeah, I get you. Well, well, the location of it inChicago. It's not a bad location.

I mean it's Chicago, but it'snot a bad location. So that's the only thing with that that theygot a look at because it's more on the Gold Coast side. So it'snot a you're not going to probably get as much revenue as you think becausepeople that live in those building that can oversee the entire track and want towatch the race, they're not going to have to leave their living room.Yeah, they're just going to sit outside on their porch and watch the race. Yeah, I'll blame them like that, Nascar. What they think is there? Think they're going to pull in millions and billions of new fans,that they think they're going to pull millions of dollars. Wish. They're not. They're actually probably going to lose money doing this. I wait, Ino doubt my mind I think that. Yeah, not at all. All. I so, Um, I kind of so sad. I guess Iwant to go into the trucks, truck race. Truck race. This isa crazy race. You know, I kind of saw it like a dubwhat was to come in the truckers, like ten laps in when there waslike a couple cautions and I'm just gonna be a long race. And Iyeah, it was a long race. It was a reason. Like fiftyfive percent of it under caution. Yeah, I was like forty something percent on. It's to the truck race, so I'll go trying to start.Yeah, he taught me in most of it. Is that running the beginningto the top because of musition age. Did He? I forgot about that. The comet. You first, really bad throwback, just saying, butwell, will if you want to stage. Yeah, it was important. Atleast they can agree with yeah. Then John Hunter when the second stage, well, I could could John On. Her name is just nothing else really. And then Timothy Peter Spins. It was at had a top tenday. Timothy Peters, and he's well, the caution before the big one iswhat set it up. I forgot what happened to bring that out.Oh yeah, tanner gray got spun. Yeah, on the front stretch.And then Timmy. He'll and with the one dude I can't pronounce his namenow. No one hit arounds, name. Yeah, that guy slammed into samedin a tanner gray timmy. He'll kept going. You ended up havinga good finish for the race because of the next restart. The next andcorey him spin the absolute hell out of their tires and create a tail day. Go sized mayhem wreck at Darlington. I was just distikes sound like everything. We most of everyone that we thought could finish the like get you upten that day. And you want me to say who DNFT? I thinkit shorter to sign DNA player wreck. Then who did crash? Yeah,it's a long list. Yeah, there was like over twenty trucks in thatwreck, the fifty one on, the sixteen, the twenty six, thethe eleven, of thirty three, the four, the seventeen, eighteen,the ninety of the eighty of the one, the twenty five to thirty, theforty four, forty one, hundred and twelve accident front stretch. anyways, yeah, took off right. Know who wasn't part of that wreck?Sheldon creed Shell. They screed was not. Wanna know who was? Tyler anchrome. W You want to know who cares? Not Us, nobody getI he's finally broken into where he is a playoff eligible. Now it's notthat far back. And points. Yes, you know who got to make roomon their points to the God, that's who. Yeah, now let'sare now. A gram's only seventy points out less had missed this race andhe's still four teeth the in points ahead of Tyler anchrome head of Haley Deganby. Did we talk about? Oh, yeah, we did, we lastweek. Yeah, did last week. It's depressing. It's depressing. Yeah, it wasn't right seeing Ryan Reich, who did make it through the wreck. Did he get involved in the later reck or no, no,he did throw. Would happened him? Honestly, did not see because theyrestarted and I remember read being top five and then they look up a littlebit later and he's not even like. Okay, finished twelve Um. Sowe move on to the restart. Parker Cliggerman is in a top ten.He's bolling for top out of spot and he goes under store freezing and aturn one and he just blows a tire and as a big hit into theoutside wall. He takes it Stur freason with them. He got a feelfor both of them. Parker doesn't get a lot of time up there thatmuch and start freezing. His Lux been terrible. I mean they g seedsbeginning better and he finally had a race where like he could get a topfive, maybe battle up there, and it all goes up and that kindof sucks. Stir a freezing still seventh...

...and points and yeah, he's havinga bottle like season. And that's when we had eight laps of caution.Yeah, that was dude, ah my God. So why? That ismore painful. HOW COME NASCAR CAn't officiate the truck series at all? Inwaste so many laps under caution, like, what is wrong with them? Yeah, we restart with restart with like eight or seven, seven or eightto go. We don a couple laughs and then at Danny bone spins,which kind of sucks. He had a top ten going and then, umbe go into the overtime restart. All right, so the final restart.Then you have been Rhodes on the inside of Sheldon creed and creed like pincheshim down going into one to try to keep him under them, and roadsalmost spins but somehow saves onto that thing gets put three wide between who wasit post of our and Johnny Sauder, or was that? And No,that was yeah, that was Sauders. I was fine, Sawder post ofour. Yeah. So, anyways, creeds like a piece out boys andjust runs away because those three are now battling and cree gets the white flag. And then Hayley began on the Front Street, front stretch, going orcreed's already and one and two. She ends up getting spun or whatever thehell happened to her. So that brings out the caution and creed ends upwinning because of that. Top Five. Sheldon creed gets his starts front ofthe season for GMS and for that whole organization. GMS Sucks this season,but looks like they could maybe start a little comeback slowly with what the oneof their drivers, Zane Smith, and I never said the whole team willmake a comeback. Okay, okay, let me thank miss in the playoffsright now. So yeah, Sheldon Creed Wins Ben Road Second, still provingwhy he's kind of an underrated driver. Not gonna lie. Curse your hostof far. He was top five all day and then he got a littlebit of like a penalty. Way To pitt another time. For a littlebit damage and then he came back and he got top five at craft andthe old guy finish this for who he's been doing. Actually that bad theseason. And Grant and finger fifth, so I'm not bad. They're drummedup de truck points. Just say truck points quickly. Yeah, we justdo like the top playoff, just the cut line. So line guys thatare close, like freezing through, Smith, Stewart, freezing, and grant andfinger are tied for seventh and points. That is a thing. It willnot be staying there close for you yet end of the season. SoZane Smith ninth and points, ten and points, Johnny Souder, Eleven,Carson, host of our, twelve, Austin Way and selfs. That meansright now Chandler Smith would be in the playoffs, because no and finger wouldnot be host of running in the playoffs. Oh it's ten drivers. Okay,I always forget. I always get affinity Johnson stuff. So all right, host of our would be in right now. Austin Wayne Self would bewhat is that? Seventeen points? He'd be seventeen points out. Yeah,Chanlie Smith would be out at Roff yella start would be same with Haley.Haley Degan is ahead of Haley. Digans ahead of Holy Digan is a head. That's pretty much it for trucks. Well, what would you give thistruck series season writing so far? I don't know. It's kind of hardbecause they have three fire races or they'll have like this orders set. Yeah, all three seasons have been fairly good, but I would actually say this isthe worst of three in my opinion. Yeah, well, it's because youjust have some of the races that come down to late race restarts inthe field just loses all brain cells. Yeah, like it looks like anice or he five lobbies sometimes on the restarts. I would give this seasonoverall B plus. You know, it's not bad, but it's definitely notthe best, I would say. Yeah, I mean the Toyota camp has justdominated, though, outside of literally last third for Friday night. Toyota'sjust dominated this season. I mean Ben Rhodes is forty six points back JohnHunter, Nima check and they both have the same amount of winds. AustinHall's fourth and points. He's Toyota. He is Toyota. Okay, yeah, I'm figured Sheldon creed and Todd Gill Ender, like the one drivers thatbreak up the or the two drivers. I break up the Toyota everything.And I forgot odd hill existed this year. He wasn't that good last year.He wasn't. Yeah, he's been...

...quiet's been quietly consistent. Yeah,so that's pretty much it for trucks. Want to quick creecap of exfanity.I felt trucks took a little longer than really needed to be. exfinity wasfrom what I saw, it was a pretty good race. It was prettyso as your typical exfinity race. You know, bunch of recks. Iwe saw here. Bunch of the restarts were insane. Restarts were always chaos. Yeah, and it, believe, it came down to an overtime finish. If I'm correct, yeah, I did. Did. Was Algarre leadingwhen I caution came out? I'm going to when the COP yeah, Iknow, he let on the finally started. He was. He leading with thecous game out. Yes, okay, I didn't know. I couldn't watch. I call like literally. The reason was it was like the juniormotor sports cars and Josh Barry, you like a bunch of laughs. Sodid Noah, Gregson. Yeah, but then Gregson's car got dqt afterwards andit did it. Oh yeah, I forgot. Not a good week andfor Troy. Overall. The race is good. The Cup race is good. It's about it. That's Chan Cup races good. Oh yeah, KurrBush, where'd you finish? Oh yeah, like thirty eight. There was inthis whole wasn't this fault this time? Wasn't this fault this time? Oh, we know what's his fault. This time he had crash. Ithought. I thought I was thinking of the fire. Mean they're frot thatactually spunded. PROB are was like every single car that hit the inside wall. I swear the front tires were stuck off the ground in the cup race. Swear to God, every single one that hit the inside. Yeah,so just now guar would pick up his second one of the season here atDarlington. Starting to come on. I predicted him to have a pretty badseason, honestly, but he's coming back. You know, he's proving US wrong. Josh Barry Second, I will guys, still Jillian point points behindSyndric in the standing. Yeah, I would be shocked if Josh Bury doesn'trun full time for at least arrived next year. I would be next yeah, next year, I'd be shocked. Yeah, whether it be, well, it really depends. Who would they? Oh, and and that forgot.Forgot he existed. Well, I mean you never know. I mean, Josh Barry and Alge, you have a taken action. Yeah, butthe one thing that runs the sport is money. It's like every other motorsport in the world and with everything in the world really in general, ismoney. Josh Burry, second, good day for him. Brand and Jonesthird, still proving it is pretty underrated. underrated. Daniel timerick for proving againwhy it's pretty good this season. Jeremy Clements Fifth, wow, ofthe pace lately. Yeah, Alex Libet, thanks for common on bro You gotus a ninth place finish. I would I was gonna say broke thestreet, broke the straight, broke the curse notable finishers. Noah, Greg'sand finished dead last, being disqualified. Yeah, and really no other.Absolutely railed on the final lap. Oh, looks like you got loose and justyea bounced off with both walls. And then points are really looking likeAustin cindric. Slowly in the points. I don't know how. It's kindof whack. He's just had such a lead. It's of kind of ridiculous. Daniel Heimer only thirty nine points back. That's gonna be an interesting battle.I think. I think. I think Hamrick Wail catch him eventually.Dude, all three, all three series, have a massive points different. Yeah, later, second place, Harrison Burton, third, almonding or fourth, jet burden, Fiv, Hayley, six, seventh, Agar, eight, mite Snyder, ninth, Jeremy Clements, ten, Brandon Jones. I didn'teven know he's out far back. Holly. At least he's still aheadof Noah, Greg since he's in a letter. Wasn't Gregson another one thoselike thirty and points at one point, though? Yeah, it's gonna suckto the whole. So it's Brandon John's Rnda, just like twenty five andpoints at one point of the season. I remember that. Yeah, no, no, yeah, and then Michaelnette is the last driver and he iswas. It's eight points over Brandon Brown. And then holy he's Riley herbs isfourteen and points. I didn't know he's that bad. I thought hestood better, really better. He's trash, trash, trash, trash an here. Shut up. He's this here. Has Been More of him just havingShit luck than anything else. He hasn't really done anything wrong. That'sjust been he hasn't done anything wrong, he's just been wrong place, wrongtime. I feel like most of the drivers this year haven't been bad,except like Kurt Bush. They've just had...

...bad luck. Or Tyler anchor orSumar gregs. Yeah, Tyler ingrams has been bad. Yeah, from bad. I'll have everything. I don't have an excuse for me. She's beenbad. You don't have an excuse for any of them. Yeah, idea, corporation, mechanical availers and bad luck and and himself at some points.Okay, let's talk about Oh yeah, we have to talk about dixfinity season. How would you guys write this one? Overall? Overall, I top ofthe three series. Yeah, yeah, second. Yeah, Oh, you'rebeing biased. Shut up, I'm not be biased. I like theconscious spinny has been really good this season. Yeah, but it's kind of missing. It's like a diversity of winners. I guess like Excuti has the bestracing on track we can. I will agree with that. I justlove the diversity of cop winners. Honestly, yeah, I think that's just somethingwe haven't had forever. So I'm going to chair that when we yeah, it's the same guy still winning races, just an earlier point in the year. It's interesting, though. I really like it. I really likeit, but I would give vixfinity over all, like aim honest. Imean it's been good. I give it a pink. If I had topick someone that I've been disappointed with, it's Ryan C I was a makingit's a manufactured switch, so I kept it a lot better, but Ithought he would have been a lot better with me, or maybe not alot better but more consistent with running a Ford, because for don'tly has thethree cars in the series. So, oh, yeah, have been better. He's been kind of as wanting. He's, what, outside the classor inside seventeen? Totally? Yeah, okay, yeah, he's behind TommyJoe Martin's he's behind Riley hurbs, he's behind Brandon Brown, he's even behindJosh Berry, who hasn't ran every race, but Josh also does have a win. So yeah, I think the really point where I think I prefercup over expanity this season is the fact that it's I haven't watched every exfinityrace and when I can I can only watch the end of it, exceptstuff going on. But it's not been bad per se. I just thinkif I've watched every whole race and I would have liked it, for Iwant to go in a cup, the best race of the weekend, thebest. Oh yeah, best every series. Yeah, bests winter. Yeah,yeah, yeah, I love a trucks when I've been into all shirtsdo. This way is switching out. This man is such it up guy. I've said the true fin switching out. Have you ever noticed every driver Ilike, teor just conveniently finds a way to like him? No,Raffie, lasstard, now Martin Jers. I'm just saying. I'm just Idon't like Brandon Jones. I've been at ture expanses. Oh six, getout of here. He's not more. You were born and over for runningray, and it's not an exaggeration. He was born in Jersey. Ifif he wasn't born in Jersey you want to be a fan, or ifhe didn't drives my whole time, family wouldn't be a vandom. He wasn'tborn in Jersey. But he's the only guy we got, so we cansupport him as whole yard. Joe Graft Jr, cheer for him. He'sliterally an embarrassment. Ida Different and I can't. I can't. Okay,yes to drivers started. Had to go to the back at the beginning ofthe rice I was Chase Sala and Eric I'm roll that would end up costingEric I'm a Rolla pretty much is race as what seven laps in to therace, gets off of two, Bam right into the wall, crunches,the whole nose goes up in the air. That was like three recks happened theexact same place. That are air come roll. Such a disappointment.I mean, I don't really know if that was his fault. Now it'sit. He got loose. He got loose off a two and somehow she'sjust finished him off, because you don't getting the left. Any of that. You know you shouldn't get loose. But yeah, don't be laps intoa race with fresh tires. Yeah, are here, it's Darlington, Atlanta, Auto Club, CHARLOTTE, it doesn't matter. He shouldn't get loose sevenlaps into a race for fresh tires. I'm a roll is still like twentyeight and points he's behind behind all his daisy. Actually, I just crazyand think he's twenty eight. Like still twenty eight. How Click, atleast thirty. If Le Joy keeps finishing like height a mid twenties, he'sgoing to pass Almolla and points would be right. There's like Alfredo passed.He's Alfredo. Alfred has been running thirty two offseason and he's forty. He'slike forty points back of a moletts. That's because Almolla seems to like DNFevery single race earlier than really in them too. Yeah, so he doesn'teven get any points. Yeah, chronic. Krnhoff is like a little bit overa hundred points back. That's a problem when out doesn't count as adriver. All Right, we don't count.

Had the same gold for cody wereand the majority of the Rick where cars, Sam Dame Javison. That'swhy I said majority. We love it this. And then after Eric almoleerect is, Kyle Bush that he spun. I was yeah, weird. Hekind of US tre x went around them and they just spun. Yeah, pretty convenient on his part. It's a little too convenient. Don't anyways, Hey, it was the timing of Kyle bus been, because he wasone lap away from the in like eighteen thousand laps in his career. That'sthe crazing. He added lead one lap and his tired ballooney spawn. That'sthe that's crazy feet. All that sucks. Oh my God. And then hedidn't lead a laugh for the rest of the race. Did you notknow? I didn't know. Ha Ha ha, oh, okay, Iwill stage run. Would end TEPICO. Martin tricks in your fashion. He'salways going to win. Ever, if you wins one stage, if youif he sweeps this Dage, he's gonna win the race. Except last yearsDarlington. That doesn't count. Well, yeah, it's because he decided tolike kind of just got pro at one point. Only way you can passthe Darlington wait, with that pack, with that package. Yeah, pack, yeah, now this package. Hang on, I'll hang on. I'lltalk about that. You had to talk about it after yeah, then afterthat, cold custer's the Hoss. If one strain thing, it's one youOscar rex, another one rex. It's literally it. That's how it goeson on. God, I swear they all just if one rex, ifone goes they. I'll go. That was same thing. I'll Marolla wascold custer and Sadhouse was Anthony Alfreda. Nothing cold coster could have done.I I give cold cush matter that out there. Yeah, Cuz a right, I just lost now like that. Yeah, and yeah, and thenvery shortly after that it was Kurt Bush, who was a Kurpos Bubba Wallace.Yeah, Kurpush is inside a bubble wallace and Kirk came off right offthe corner and kind of just like got loose under him and hit the insidewall and then his car caught on fire. So is they was one. Sucks. Well, is day was already done front end. Okay, okay, yeah, yeah, I had a vote for like that couple of secondson like ground. Oh my God, he went on the ground. Itliterally goes like this, high up in there, he'll be fine. Comeon, hit the can bounce back. Come on, here he hit thewater. I'm like, I think there's the tiny chince. We could notin DNF and then you go out in flames and I'm like it's twenty twentyone. There would be what like a ninety two lap run till the endof the stage something like guys. It was a really good long run.It was a long run. Tricks would pull away to a fourteen second leadto Kyle Bullshit Better William Byron, tricks fashionber. When he dominates this hegoes. Was the trix race. Yeah, always gotta have one of these inhis win, then that would have just been a complete choke. Thatwould have been a joke. I was scared for like last thirty, lastthirty, last terrifying, real good in, I know. I thought had itin the bag and then they had like Larsen. I'm like, no, not Lars I don't want to Larson win. It was an airy.It was lost a large that that would have all my God. Okay,what's your em? Don't say true, x would pull away, but startpulling my head like a six second league. Then green flag, pit stops happenedand James smalls like hey, why don't you lose us four seconds onthis pitch? Stop and just do it really good. But I don't blamethem. If they messed up, if his pick here messed up, Iwouldn't been the first time his pick here from a race. Oh yeah,but so I don't blame them. Larsen real the man to like a second. It was like but Lee Point. It was like three times. Itwas close, but Larsen used up all the stars. I knew. Iknew trick tricks was just screws and trick wasn't even racing trioks. So Blockand whoever, like Larsen went like his limewise the large behind the corner andtrick, yeah, it was there. Doesn't really affect this package. Imean it still does. It's not as bad, but it does something.Because remember where Denny Hamilton said bubble walls wasn't a team player for Toyota.Oh my God, those stupid blocks that he threw on dreck. Oh yeah, stage three, but he was a legitimate stage one was a stage Rodney, it was. It was. So it's the final laps of Stage one. You was like blocking, like Chris Danley mentioned that. As soon ashe said that I was like he's won to talk, like yeah, Iknow, but Bubba Wallace was like it was actual stupid bloks like two xwould go to his outside and the bubble would just pull up in the middleof the corner. They were so stupid. I was been because in the closinglap, skirt Bush passed bubba for the free past and then they madecontact and Kirk push wrecked that. Those couple lapsed later, but we're notgoing to talk about because I always take about it. We already talked aboutit. Okay. So in the end, Mart trick senior gets his third winof the season at Darlington and that...

Beautiful Matt Black starterback was awesome.And Yeah, points, situation, you, Difu, doesn't really didn't matter becauseof Hamlin. Hey, Mollen, I'm ignoring you. Hamlin is stillno, I don't care. I don't care you. He used the wordbeauty. Did he use the word beautiful? I use the world beautiful, theworld as the wild, beautiful. W'll y'all, I used a loudbell the fall, a large the talk about team. Three wins. He'sahead of William Byron, who second. This is playoffs. I'M gonna playoffs. I'm not going ofsthum okay, Byron Second, of points with Donald,third, cutoffs. Having it's important with that. Yeah, really, kindof same drive. Larson's kind of overrated. Everyone think he's a championship contender,but he's like actually like six and points. And Harvard's tired with them? Yeah, kind of outright not in the line. He's behind Blamie Lagano, B Iron and tricks and playoffs, because I'm wors and blame now andby Ren A, all tied to playoff points. Oh Yeah, well,I'm just going off racing reference Wordscaus, like actual like points and then likeplatform. So that is matter. Denny Hamlon is still not locked in.Yeah, but kind of ten hundred sixty one points away from the cut line. Kind of convinced he's not gonna win this season. I at this rate, Harvard kind of underrated the season. I know people are kind of tearingon Stewarhasser, like he's not been bad, he's just not been twenty two,twenty, though. The three biggest twinters from last year still have notwon a race. As kind of concerning, no, it's not. I loveit. I love it, I like it, I like it.I mean I feel eventually, when those three start winning races, it's justgoing to be out there we go, yeah, she's all right winning Allie'sher case, is gonna win this onronal ten race. Is Okay? No, no, that Bro, if he is, it's gonna season the season. Sail from like an a plus to like a B minus, a realclick. I'd go to like it's see class. I would. That seasonwould suck if that would happen. Oh my God, just to chase Elliott. Thirteen and four, like hello boys, I willing fourteen, Chris Busher.I think it's going to make the playoffs. He's fourteen point. AreFifteen, Matt de Ben or Dad? All that had been adetto been aDETTO and rehdecord tied. Yeah, standhouse is what, nineteen points? Fine, yeah, points behind. Ryan Newman twenty two points, and Kurt Bushis twenty eight. Yikes. Fine, remembered he was in the playoffs.Remember when me and Chris said he wouldn't make the playoffs? I mean,I'm gonna still stick on that. I'm gonna still stick on it. Youknow he's gonna make the playoffs. Nope, with a win. Who went before? Where's HE gonna win? Please tell you some winning. I saidthis last week. I haven't winning Michigan. This Mon Room Chinning Michigan. Ihave a cheval winning Michigan. I have a Chevy winning. It wouldhave been understandable if you at least said Toyota, but you said Chevy.It would have been understandable if you said chase her Larson, not Kurd right. Out of all the CHEVIES. That would amaze sense. Yeah, outof the other twenty Chevy's in this field, he picked. I would rather pickAustin Dylan the Kurbush. Going to be clearly honest. What I couldhave picked? William Byers could have picked out ex bummy with a bowman.Isn't that much better than Kurt? Not gonna lie, sorry, Zach,this curts a lot better. Oh No, no, pipe down, truck,pipe down. Calm down now. Okay. Well, tricks led eightythree percent of the laps. Notable finishers, true, x Larsen, Kyle Bush, William Byron, Denny Haml on top five. Byron still all thattop ten streak. He's tied Jeff Gordon for Hundred Motors. First most toptens in a row. Both Rush Fan way cars top ten, top ten. Yeah, Bush, your ninth movement ten, Tyler Redick rant top tenall day. But something with the fire. We're just gonna use fell back.It's gonna skip over Chase Briscoe, who got his best fan. Iyes, and I believe eleven and finish. Yeah, that's that's really impressive,especially for Darlington. You know, I'll hand that to him. Youas it. Then watch the season. We sold that last year with Reddickand John Hunter first time. And Yeah, true, when in the it's realist. Darlington is really kind of insane for young guns. Lagano thirteen andChristopher vows should have fish six. How about chat stain be with another topfifteen? S chastain better than head Curd Bush? SASTY's better th boys?No, he doesn't. Just kidding.

Nine and on the playoffs yet hedoesn't have more points in them yet now. Yeah, gonna have more on them. Yeah, yeah, yeah, all been continue, says season ofdisappointment. The top of town finished Scorez yeah, we're going where they wherethey're supposed to finish. Nothing really out of the Lord. And let's go. Eg beat twenty three eleven again. I circles the first race that thetwo three eleven team beat both jtg cars, and that's only because Christopher Bell wreckedright into them. That is the only reason. And that they havebeaten jtg ones this year. Strong, always Rasoul like too to the God, I swear. Only time he regs will run like third all race andthen right, who? You saw that too. You saw that to right, raaking news. Kyle Tilly make who? Who? Wait, one, kid, two, champion, lmp to champion, dude, lmp to sorolex, twenty four, champion. What race Coda for live fast plus additionalword course races. Jesus. Yeah, the post the rest of the season, except for breaking news. WHO. Yeah, I oh, you justget that. You just get that raw reaction of WHO. Someone just retired. I'm like, what just happened? What the hell do we want togo over every single copy race this season? Just give quick thoughts on it.I think we should. I know we did that thoughts kind we didteams already. I don't think we need to do teams twice. We cando like a midseason teams and before strivers. WHO's been the most disappointing? Butwanting the obvious, yeah, all, yeah, I mean I guess wecan think. I feel like that's pretty self explanatorio, Kurt Bush Edgard. Well, how about what was your favorite race of the season and yourleast favorite? Yeah, that's gonna be biased for me. Don't worry.It's biased for me too. Everybody sucks because curse suck. Is entired time. All right, love, you're done for the day. Can my takingover the rest of the podcast? Yeah, you don't have US talk talking aboutmarvel now if you want. Okay, so, Troy, let's let's hearwhat you have to say. First, what was your favorite and what wasyour least favorite race? Okay, my favorite race of the season hadto be Dullington's past weekend. least favorite, I feel like it has to beDaytona five hundred. Okay, that's very respectable. That's Vailid. Yeah, I can really think of a race that was worse because, like Richmondwas like it was so pretty good. Richmond, I think that had itset solid. He guess was bad other than like beginning of Stage two,which was really good. Racing is bad, artificial, but yeah, yeah,Um, for me personally, my favorite race the season would honestly bethe day don on a road course. I'll know something about Christopher Bowl rightat winning really as the most fun I've had seeing a driver win a racein a long time. My least favorite race the season it's they don't havefive hundred, not even close. I don't think I'm definitely going to agreewith both of you and say my least favorite race was the day twenty fivehundred. My favorite is Atlanta. My favorite race was at Lanta. Ohmy God, he said. At least she's an objectively good race. Hey, that's all. Green flag really likes the race because of the last ninelaps when, yeah, claim is leading. We all know I like Sir Rais. That's the only remason you like. It's Barson won that race. Thatwould not even be close to his favorite. I would have been probablyhis least favorite race. Yeah, Hey, Bladey, didn't joke. awating thatstroke, Um Blainey, to happen strokes today, holy you. Yeah, I haven't had a stroke yet. Just you wrong. Don't any timeyou message in the chat is a stroke. I should bury'll bom. Hello,what I see? Okay, what else do we have to do?I feel like this's been a very short I do our fantasy picks. FansPassi I get a little to be heading to the don't best track on theschedule. Shut up, it is shut joking. All Right, I'M gonnago with them monster mile. Give me, hang on, how do I wantto do this? I'll seven hundred...

...and fifty pack. I'll use eightynow. I was going to save him for the six hundred, but I'lluse eighty now. Awesome, down, wow, okay, yeah, nextI'll take a bowman. I'll save tre extort a road course and in custerfor Charlotte, I'm gonna go alm Rolla because I'll know Midet, your driverthrough back. Yeah, yeah, it's gonna be so bad. All right. So points update. We mentioned it earlier. KENEN's up by three aheadof me. I have one on Troy and make his at twenty six,three points behind. For you, nick has been eliminated from the playoffs.Over each basically pretty bad. It's pretty big. Nick is nearly ten pointsbehind me. That's at least. It's not like a hundred points by me, like troy and the chaff fantasy. I had a hadn't know I hadit. I had a bad strategy to being an okay, I got everythere in my bag. You're like if I got a considerve? The onlyguys there like one, three, three, regular season, like, Oh,I stop a lot to use on these. No, the only theonly guys that have been drawn by all four of us are Newman, Jonesand Briscoe. There are a bunch of guys at three are ready for us, so that'll be interesting once that comes back around. Yeah, so whatare we gonna do? WHO TO WATCH FOR? Who Do Watch? Driversto Word Watch over show? WEAS pick a driver to watch for, adifferent driver. Yeah, who's gonna when? WHO's in the sock? And wedo that. No, we're doing he's gonna Watch. WHO's gay?He's gonna don't pick up. WATCH DRIVERS TO WATCH FOR? Troy, youare first, Um driver to watch for. You know, Trux has been toKing of Dover the past couple of years. But also don't forget aboutHamilon and Harvard. Um, yeah, because they want last. I justthink. I think. Yeah, I'M gonna say a driver to watch foris Oh, who do I want to pick to watch? I don't know. I have a feeling about William Bond this weekend. He could get hissecond one of the season. Don't know if you will. I just thinkhe's going to be strong this weekend. I'll go with one guy who hasn'twon this season. That is desperately needed. One to win, and I'm goingto go with chase, who's had pretty poor luck at Dover for themost part, but does have a win there. Does have a window.So yeah, that's pretty it. Who is going to stay out? Whoare you staying away from? Whom I staying away from? Eric Cam Rolla, that's true. I'm gonna take the obvious one there. I can't thinkof anyone who's actually like back at it Dover. They felt, you say, Kyle Bush, springed over has never been good to him. Yeah,always in that pedder grey car always recks. Something's gonna go wrong. Is herun in pedigree this weekend? Is If we listen. Yeah, well, I said pedigree was New Hampshire and erected there. What like five lapsin? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, it was really, reallyearly. Yeah, that was the one race right. Everyone was like ishe couldn't make the playoffs, like, I knew he's gonna make playss wewere just over exagger car washers going to make. But he's gonna make theplayoffs. He's just gonna be like a round a twelve exit. Yeah,we all knew he'd get passed around sixteen because, yeah, if he didn'tget Basstroun her sixteen, which rafts like cold coster and what's his name?Matt de Benedetto? That would have been I would have been disappointing. Yeah, for he's gonna Suck. Kind rushes the eminent mixed again this weekend.By the way, who's gonna Suck? Who you one that you're stay inthe hell way. I'm going to stay away from Ross Chastein because I justhave a feeling he's not going to do good this weekend. I saw hisname when I was going through the standings. I'm like, who, I'm surprisedKaden didn't go with that one. I've been doing good. Lay Lady'sbeen consistentlyly, but I feel like Dover is going to be a track that'sgoing to be a nightmare. Over is always a challenging track for everybody.Chase brisk always going to be another one. It's going to finish like thirty orworse. I already know that. Well, yeah, well, thanksfor watching in this episode of the Nascar Hotspot Podcast, make sure you like, subscribe, Leave Review. All that stuff that I did. I coverall but you know, you two spotify, Google plus will podcast good? Whypodcast? That is Google plus insures and I, which I know Isucked all this stuff. It's Google podcast,... anyways, you can't wait forus. Can't wait for next week's guest, and we'll see your nextepisode.

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