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Episode 2 Good Racing and Tough Breaks


*Originally aired August 5, 2020* In this episode we run through some of the news and rumors that happened throughout the past couple of races that include Kansas and New Hampshire. We also shed some light on news from the NASCAR world..

And welcome to the second episode of the MASCAR hot spot podcast. I'm are one of the four host Chris, we got troy and then we got Austin underneath me, and Taz is blank, you know, the screen, so we're just going to hear audio from him. But we had a few races in the past. What tune or week and a two weeks, so we're are we going over those it? You got a lot to go over here. How yeah, soule, start off with that open segment. What's been going on, guys? Nothing much to be going on for me. Just going through whatever's happening. Ask Her. More sports right now, which it's been a little crazy. What about you, Austin? Oh wait, what were we talking about? How is life, fosold as life has life dealing over the past? Start at home. Pretty much. Um, we've been doing like the weekly grocery shops and stuff. Yeah, we all do that pretty much. Hey, TASS, how are you? I'm pretty good. Just enjoying some motor sports, because corvettes been winning lately. Oh that's sick. Yeah, it's been. It's been sixty and like corvette winnis. It's nice to see you sound dusiastic about it. I am enthusiastic at it. It stop doing really not, because it's ten there pm right now. Yeah, we're doing this. Well, we're doing this every time they we're gonna do it unless we want to switch it up. It's the releast we've gone so far. To one exactly. Okay, okay, so Kansas, Kansas, that's jogger memory. This is like a vidego. We can have Ryan priestil lipped. Yeah's one. A freaking stage. Can we talk about finally started with like, I think, nineteen races. Now what why is says things in a stage. Even know it. He just like follows later. Yeah, him and Bladee didn't have anything that final stage. They got I mean shrategy killed them and then, you know, we had Joey's love front go down and just kill the field. They like ruin Haus and Dylan's chances in anything, even as lucky in Jimmy Johnson. It had a lot of damage from what he had like a top for Johnson dropback real bad, and then Jimmy was in that too and that hurt his points. John that reck had a lot of champ between occasions. Johnson got squished between the three and the twenty. One of the twenty one come up on them and Dylan came down. Yeah, it's kind of like a racing thing. Carry the go through that. Yeah, I mean, and then Tay as highlighted on it, priest just rocketing into the wall. That was crazy. That guys has some bad luck. I think that's like his third last place finish in a row or something like that. It was thinking it was on the track. Yeah, pretty well though. Oh yeah, yeah, Um, but we got um. Yeah, it's so handling one in the end it was handling. First I think Brad was harving no bread out up to second. Brad got the second. Bride was a little bit faster. Trux is the fastest like in the ending there. But like you can't really like make up that much time with the package, which dirty air. Yeah, the package doesn't help with anything. Yeay, if they if they got closer by the end, they would have had in something, but like it's always been cash in the car in front. That like it takes the most time. Yeah, let's see the we had some races actually pretty fun. The race was actually pretty fun up until, yeah, final twitters up. Pretty solid race. Racing Wise. Yeah, for Kansas was pretty good. Kansas used to see puts on some canvas. Has Gotten better though, over the year. Yeah,...

...this package, I'll say it's got it made it like a little bit better. It made Chicago and cancer's definitely more. Yeah, the multi groove amount a half's been better. Yeah, even though you can't pass them much. There's been rumors on twitter about Hendrick motorsports going down like a three car team or something like that, boom and taking over to forty eight. I'm like, that was a great change of topics. That was a horrible change time. I'm much I'm sure. My thoughts on I'm sure all right. So I think Bowman's going to stay in the eighty eight. Since Johnson's going to still be part time there's going to keep the forty eight part time and probably have another veteran just fill in the other parts that Johnson's not running. Yeah, the thing. The thing is ally sign a contract to be only on the the forty eight. So they can they change numbers. So they have to leap for forty eight full time to two thousand and twenty three. So Bowman has to be in like the the forty which that would be really weird, and especially dad one race. How do you? How do you do that? You can put Johnson in the eighty? Yeah, probably. Or think bringing like the five, bring out the five, do bad? Yeah, but I'm singing twenty four, hopefully. Yeah, yeah, I mean he's he's signed for one another two years, I think. Yeah, I think so. Thing. No, thank you. Signed a five year contract. Yeah, that's what it was. He's got a bit of time. He's been a better. He's been still they getting better with canals and stuff like that. You know, it's going to take time, especially when, yeah, yeah, used for made me happy, though. Yeah, well, yeah, made you happy? Yeah, maybe not. Yeah, yeah, maybe not everyone else. The one Byron Fan here, by Ron thing. Okay, so the truck serious, higher, really, really intense, plus, especially like the play. been good with that then, really good. So, Matt Craft and fromally one again about time on Myn on the pavement, let alone dirt time pavement. The first times it's like two thousand and sixteen. You want to pay see? Yeah, first time since nine seventeen in general, to two thousand and seventeen. Yeah, he won old or in seventeen. Yeah, so we're starting to get our championship favorites in the truck now. Austin Hill, ever in in finger, Brett, moffitt, maybe crafting, maybe seeing Smith can maybe like start getting up them. It's been good. Yeah, show that how you's starting to be getting good. Yeah, first an eggariser like that one window like set them off. Maybe the GMS boys are really gonna running on all cylinders, it seems like lately. Yeah, because anchrum and grame will have like something bad happened early on and then he'll race his way back up there. Yeah, free starts have really been like his downfall. But once again, to like a good, like green flag run, he'll start making up positions going through, but the right truck, that is. Derrick Krause had like an amazing weekend of Kansas. Yeah, did top five's going both days. He was impressive for he was nineteen. He was in the middle for a minute at what he would how was the season was going to go. But that's it's adapting to being in a higher up series. So can't really blame them on that, because it's hard to adapt no matter who you are, no matter where you're coming from. He's full time season. Yeah, yes, first full time season. Yeah, then we had start and craft and struggle. No outcraft and my pen sotter and freeze and really struggled in that first day. That's the other one of them bad biggest surprises of two thousand and twenty so far. That's robably the big wreck that happened in the trucks. Oh,...

...yeah, it aren't they yeah, yeah, they were. there. Was that taken up for? Yeah, freezing, freezing. Okay, day one of the Kansas races me like a top ten going or something like that, which is like the the playoff line is kind of open. Wine. I'm yeah, it's opened up because craft and one that opened them. Yeah, but I wouldn't be surprised if closes back up, especially with like day tone of road corps and like death. Yeah, woman Gillan's been struggling a little bit later. Not really even struggling, he's just had bad luck to wear. Yeah, I think, and the make up some time. Yeah, orm's going to be starting getting like the better trucks that are in the GMS fleet since, like, yeah, creed mof it's pretty much locked in, but creates locked in and Zane Smith needs just needs like two good racism. He's like in the gains, even in better shape than Mafa. Yeah, twenty points on Mofitt. Yeah, Zane, Zane was up there, but then he crashed, like home said, and he had another crash. It's kind of said. I'm back a little bit COLORF for that series. Actually way, it's interesting because the two races that Kansas really hurt souder and freezing, like freezing freasons. Basically, you know, must win at this point. Yeah, that's just crazy to think. Yeah, and it's really going to hurt him since he doesn't have I'll door on his side or any of that. Yeah, that's going to be he could really use outdoor at this point, but like not this year. It's gonna hurt him. Yeah, then the second race it was a just cautions, cautions the entire time. It was pretty good the first time, the first part of it, but then it cautions. That's cautions of cautions, but it was it was nice finish. You know, you had the veteran of craft in verse the rookies. I guess hopefully cond would soon. It's nice. That'd be nice to see him when I know that KPM team has been struggling. Basically it seems like all season right now. Yeah, there's nothing really going on over there. I don't even know what unless Kyle Bush or Brandon Jones is in the trucker. Really doesn't seem like much as coming out of their camp. Not really doesn't. Well, I guess what's been doing a lot. It's just like, well, start with no experience. William The star had experience. I don't know what's happened this year. Like he did better part time both. He's falling off the map this year. I don't know if it's like increased of competition this year, stuff like that, but like also kind of like I guess to and he run the one last year. Yeah, time starts in her and like yeah, yeah, I guess almost one, like I will last year, something like that. It's crazy. He will move one up, level, up one level. Now we'll go to exvinity. Oh, Kansas was cindered dominates. He literally pulled a blamy. He pulled a blade dominate, dominates the rates and passed by Joe Gibbs, car and, yeah, but this Harrison vern couldn't finish it off, sadly. No, Brandon Jones one, yeah, but he eat one. Heck of a restart, even everyone else. Jack, he drove himself. Yeah, pass he has like the fastest car the race pretty much. So well, yeah, it's definitely well learned. It's yeah, it's going to be interesting to see how their playoffs are going to form format, because there's right now, from what it's looking like, anyone below the cut lines. Really going to need. Brandon Brown to just absolutely fall apart. Yeah, Kaid he maybe points. I think that. Maybe Mike Snyder, he just needs like good...

...runs. He said. A lot of stuff not goes way. The gas couple, the Tona could be that race. That, yeah, really a lot of people doing because, like the underfunds usually bring like their best equipment based on yeah, that's there this and night. They end up running good. HM stays run good. They're I feel like what the daytown a road course. I feel like Alma nigger is going to do good at that one. Hit's a road course and ad all windinggger. He doesn't eat, doesn't miss it. Beats UN role extroney fourth there. He knows that track. againside runs there every almost every year for the past couple years now. CINDJERK as experienced there too. He's run both like a DPI and a Detail Center Gran the Randa Birth Guard pilot challenge earlier. Yeah, yeah, it doesn't interesting to kind of step on a lot of the excelly competition. I think this is frinity race is going to be better than a cup race. Yeah, they actually it's more competition. They, I bet, the most guys over there around road courses. Well, then you had who is it that URCR signed for? Old Band was announced a warmber. He's aid. He drops a d four portion and so, yeah, he's gonna be easy, going to be a threat. Definitely gotta doubt. Did you just say for so or him? So, him, so, likely. Hear it all over a second total. Heard for I was like man, this guy. Okay, UM, and they'll move move back down Arca. Not much to talk about there. It's kind of like okay, not much competition. But Burt Holmes got a touch on this. It was really cool to see his first win. It's like a family team. Finally, it was like sixty plus races that took on. We got rumors. It's a more rumors they get even between and that's a week. Yeah, things as Corona Bubbad. The forty two bubba gain ownership of RPM. What do we think on that? What's I did? He leaves to go to Ganessy, if, if he actually got the offer, because I you don't know if he actually had the offer, but like, if you got the offer, no brainer. They got sponsorship, they got the speed, the cars, the owner, they got the teammate with experience. They could help him a lie, they got they got it all there. Staying at staying at petty will slit on a career. It hands down, hands down. There's no way to go against anything you just said. Like bubba leaving the forty three team would be great for him. It's going to absolutely kill them, though. He he's obviously got all their sponsorship, like that's what's funding that ride right now. Let's just be real. The forty three team is not at a good place. If he leaves, he goes to chip, maybe gets in the playoffs. I think. I think you can. I mean it'll be one final year of the gensis. You'll really be just go and get it, do what you have to do, because that's I feel like that's gonna be everyone's mentality next year. The yeah, say hey, go do what you got to do. HMM, because the next year you don't know if you're going to be like off the deep and struggling orny that you never know what's happened with that Jen seven Jenna. Think we could see, we could see a couple of top teams struggle next year. I feel like, uhh, yeah,...

I feel like he's on what teams, seems like Hendrik, where it's mostly like inexperienced drivers, especially next year. They'll prize struggle. But like pence, he probably won't. And it's gibbs. They're mostly experienced drivers. I think. I think they'll be more smoother as season those on. Oh Yeah, and you will see that with the steward ass guys too, because just have an experience. I mean if gibbs runs like they do this year, if like that's going to be a thing, I don't know, I think they'll be fine. I mean they got kfb on their team. Let's just be feel yeah, yeah, they'll be fine. I don't know. I think that smaller team. I think we could honestly see a couple of smaller teams just shoot out of the gate. Yeah, into Daly. They might get, I get some kind of headstar. I don't know how. Yeah, then with those bubbar rumors, and then we got some news that was brought to light before New Hampshire and got finalized today. Actually, bread is staying at the too. You staying there at least one more season? Yeah, good move on their part. Yeah, it was really smart move. I I would have liked Brennan Forty Eight. That was a rumor, but like him getting kicked out of Pensy, you would have been a really stupid move from all he's he's done for the team. Flying through this right now. Yeah, we're arriving at New Hampshire. Yeah, I did that one quick. We kind of yeah, one real, says an. It was, yeah, quick, and now I'm roll. I got the poll again from the draw. Demand's luck is crazy. We're kind of all questioning at this point if it's actually a lock or yeah, NASCAR's breaking, cootes, will it's not? Have those tyers. That's we get to the band real quid. Yeah, canceled. Yeah, Mascar Huts, but canceled after a person to and then with that, hmm, kve fee decided or not in but you know, his card just like yeah, kind of Straw hit the wall on the backstretch and you like captain, Blue Tire, dirt and everything on all over. Yeah, very elious. Yet a total of a one point the entire race and that's set him back at a good bag. I guess lay outs like thirty points all of a sudden. Yeah, nowhere. What got him? The one point? The space. If you have forty, if you get one point, I don't even think you finished. For you, I think it was thirty eight. It was. They were only thirty eight. Now I use the first one out. You Laugh. Yeah, that's what we're ever last saying. He got thirty eight. There was only thirty eight cars. I was only thirty cars. Yeah, because I open he would have gotten I think you were really fun points. Yeah, so that was that was interesting to watch. I was kind of mindblown when I saw that. He Um, when I saw that erecked, but I I was. I wasn't that surprised, just how like the season's going. Like he said, it's H he is having one of the strangest seasons I've ever seen him have. I it's probably like, by far as verse season like this tops two thousand and twelve. Yeah, and even then it...

...wasn't. I mean he's not even having that bed of a season this year and he's just he's not winning races. He's really honest, but like, yeah, not as safe as we thought he would end up being. No, I mean the first four races were like all right, you know, maybe just something's going on and kind of like this is a problem. Now, yeah, it's. It would be weird to see him now in the playoffs. But when you look at what races are left, if he struggles a Michigan, he's gonna have to go and win Dover. He's I'll probably struggle all at maybe I'll struggle at that day town, a road course or something like that. Yeah, I mean, I had a hard if he'd like messes up one little mistake there and he's at the race early, then that's a lot opportunity for guys that are under him. Like it might not even be his fault because with everyone, Oh yeah, couldience there, they could. Someone could just make a mistake around him because he end his day. Yeah, yeah, well, no more after the Michigan races, because two of them. So I mean they'll be plenty of time to figure out what what the points are really looking like. There's two races there. Okay, Matt Keensas, Oh good God, we thought there were something going for them when Yat tent that Darlington on the return back. That was that was just out of the blue. Tres fall through that lot. That an Indie. He's literally been nowhere worthy even mentioning. Yeah, he's been struggling hard. Package comes into a tiny bit braining with the package. Never know, practice, no, well, still practicing yet. Yeah, like you said, yeah, it's he's also gay. He's getting older. I hate to see as long, but like you, I don't know. They gotta figure something out over there. It's not even I don't know why they didn't put Ross in the car, honestly, at this point, because say that, but because Ross wouldn't be a running for points. So it'd be kind of like a waste. You've running for exping new points. You know he's not changing that. You're committed. The owner points would be there, but yeah, driver points. Yeah, they still want to run in the playoffs. I went's a championship? That's a long shot. Yeah, but uh, between those stuff then anyone stage one we all fought our great here we go, another dinny Hamlin race, another one where is Harvik? Yep, he's coming. Then Brad was like, Hey, no Harvard today and no Hamlin today. I'm a win this. No more is. There is a good battle between Brad Denny and blaming. In the beginning Blainey fell back. Hamlin. Well, Brad mostly just like picked up something in the race. In the end, Brad dumb and it's the found a stage and he wins. Yeah, they had a good battle. Don't hit beyond this. But the first race actually deserved of the season that. Well, yeah, I mean chase to started to choke two races away, so he was just there. I don't know how Bristol, I still don't know how that didn't throw a caution. I don't know something. They just want big. That race over. Yeah, yeah, I feel like, yeah, I agree. Showing Bristol with empty stands is a really weird that might have been more of a television thing. Yeah, so, but you know, can't speculate that stuff.

That'll be interesting to do and then, yeah, definitely will. So we'RE gonna we're looking touch on some other things. I mean, yeah, we had a Michigan double hair coming up. Yeah, what a what a picks for the first Michigan race. Who Do you think? Who Do you think's gonna Struggle? Everything's gonna Struggle. Yeah, okayle Bush, okay, I'll mean at that. We got that one out the way. Anyone can suble. Well, but like Jimmy Johnson, me knows going to struggle. I'll just say that. You in a struggle, Austin. Do you think? Umly, maybe something kids, guys like Jones or something. See, yeah, Jus like a couple weeks you. Do you think Chris Jones has been fast recently? Yeah, I do notice that. But one guy, I think it's going to struggle because first race, first race, is going to go too hard bounce back the second race. But Um, honestly think Brad's going to struggle the first race because you just signed that contract for next year. So he's all worried fore about that. But then he's going to do his home track and he's like yeah, two races here, gotta go for it. At first race he's going to Overdo it. Second race is going to be like Oh, okay, I know what I did there. Now I got to do it this way. Yeah, did I? We stick note trauma Lagano from last year. They were he was really fast as she couldways pick up notes from. He lit a hundred and sixty three left. Last year he dominated. Yeah, I asked a who do you think's gonna win both races? Who Do you think it's going to weed? And I think Wigano's going to win one, and Harvard. Okay, Austin, HARBC one last year. Yeah, and they brass can run it from again after that one. Hum maybe, like someone does at ran up front like that later, something like he's just three weeks, he has a light. I've been like super far up because it's been like Danny and hard. I feel like I why are you task? Well, I think amn can win one of them and then I think of the GNOR can get the other. There's a solid takes slur PAS right. Is All raceful? Yeah, I think it's going to be. It's going to be a solid race. Races last year weren't the great is there weren't the worst, weren't the greed is. So I think we're going to be having some pretty good races. I think it's going to we first trees every hard it. He just knows how to run this package. Way Too good at it at this point I mean past two years he's absolutely just shown how good he is of this package. And then Brad's finally, finally going to win at Michigan. Finally get that home track win in that second rast. Yeah, finally, think he can do it. Okay, we off the sea. I guess it's time to wrap things up. We've went over thing, a lot of things. Yeah, we've gone over a lot. I mean I really think there's much else to touch up on. Any of you guys in the comments want to suggest something, throw a question at us, will answer it next week after we do the Michigan races. Yep, from any final thoughts, Guys Austin, got any? Really, now I got any? Yeah, it's been fun.

I'll lock the cover. Today I want to talk about we hope, if just as much and last a weeks. Whatever you tell guy, anything to finish it up? Okay, okay, sure you got anything? I don't know that anything. I'm calm. I'm pretty hyped all the freight we'll see at road America and expnity this weekend. I don't every great to see that. What I'm going to go run a ducks in Michigan, trucks in Michigan coming up to tricks and me and our COO will be there too, so that'll be yeah, let's see what we see you can do. If Michael Setting and rebound and stuff day and it will see the Ford. We'll see the fords really run tough at Michigan, I think in the art of series. Yeah, yeah, my definitely might. But okay, yeah, will see you guys next week. I'll have this one uploaded on sometime by tomorrow, probably in the afternoon, hopefully around five or six o'clock. And thanks for listening and I'm sure to like subscribe. Check US out on Youtube. Yay, follower and stars, stuff like that. The mask spot. I'll be sure to find her, sure to put links in the description this time. And until next time, we'll see you guys. Yeah, good bye.

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