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Episode 17 Off Season Talk


Hope everyone’s off season has been great so far, with a little over 30 days until the 2021 Racing season kicks off with the Daytona 500, we thought to make an episode discussing all the stuff that has been going on in the NASCAR world! Season 2 kicks off in a few weeks!

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Welcome on this episode Nascar offseason rumors, News and predictions. Here listening to the NASCAR hospot podcast, brought to you by me, the hot spot himself. Let's get on with that episode. Hi, welcome to the NASCAR hot spot podcast. I'm Caden, with Troy, Chris and Nick and we're going to talk about all the events and all the news that has happened during the offseason in a Nascar Cup series, across three main series, not just a cup serious but also trucks and, as some expinity to. So how has everyone's offseason been? Pretty good, not bad. I've bore I board because I watch other sports. I got hurt. So, yeah, that's how my offseason went. My off season has been pretty good. I've started watching a lot of old races and yeah, Star, you already do during the regular season. Yeah, I watched the entire one thousand nine hundred and forty nine. What frame ery did it run at? Four pixels? Yeah, we left. We left on the last episode with the news that John Her name of check, would not be returning to front room motor sports in two thousand and twenty one and we are wondering. We throughout some of our thoughts on where we thought we were going to go and we would have never guessed what it came to in the end. He'll be going down to the truck series, driven full time for Cowbush Motor sports and the for truck thoughts are roofs. We're all wrong. None of us got that, but I feel like that's one that's fair than not predict because I don't think anyone saw that gun. I mean I could have seen him dropping down to exfinity, but I think trucks no one really expected. Yeah, the opecially with KBM because, like, he's done races with GMS in the past. I was figured he'd go back today team. I think. I think it'll prove proof that for him. If he can go out and win a few races, then we'll see him come back up, but if he doesn't, who knows what'll happen. He's still super young, so there's a lot of time left. The move to front row, in my opinion, he some would say he was ready. I mean didn't he? I'm pretty sure he won a race in the forty two for chip Ganassi. Did he like? Yeah, so, I mean he did have a win, but I don't think he was ready, like most young drivers, to go into the Cup sies. And on top of that he went into of not a great team. He went into like a twenty five to thirty place team. So that's not going to help him, even though he has now cup series experience, it's not good experience. Yeah, I agree, and I think that move the trucks in general is good. So you can kind of like kind of a restart on his career and is also in the toy at a pipe wine now. So he does realistic. They have a chance, maybe not GIG are, but maybe Hamlin's team in the future if when they choose to expand cars. Yeah, that is true. Yeah, I thinking of yeah, I think of this move kind of as a placeholder move where he's basically just waiting for a better ride to free up in cup and I feel like, yeah, as soon as track house goes the two cars, I think he'll probably take the second one, not track. I was twe eleven. All these new team names are not helping you. They're not the best names. Two elevens good, but like twenty three eleven cool, because it's like it ham on to Jordan this. What is that? What is it. Track House is a track house. Who Even, is true? WHO OWNS TRACK AS? I forgot her. Just to mark mark. Okay, that's the one. Yeah, I knew it was a driver. I didn't know long. All right. He had some pretty big news that could change up the way we see...

...the cup series. So Adam Stevens, who won the championship twice with Kyle Bush, will be leaving the eighteen to him and go into crew chief for bell and his sophomore season. And that puts Ben Bichore, who crew chief for Hairson Burtin last year, crewchiefing for Kyle Bush this following year. Now that's a smart move, especially for a young driver, to put them with a veteran crew chief who has one championships. I I remember one of my predictions at the end of the last season was Christopher Bell will go out and win the championship. Now, that was before I heard this news, but I think I still think he's gonna win the championship. I know, Christopher Bill. Yeah, yeah, your captain. No thought. Do you think he is? I'm gonna say right now I think he is, other than chase Elliott, the most talented young, younger driver. I think he has. He missed out on two exfinity championships which I think he really deserved, which was two thousand and eighteen, when I got robbed from Tyler Reddick, and then two thousand and nineteen, which you got rob from Tyler Reddy. Yeah, he got robbed from Tyler Reddick again. So I think. I think he's a really good young driver and, if I'm being honest, I see him being one of the best younger drivers, if not the best younger driver that we have in our generation right now. Thinks you want to seek. That we have to think about with that statement is the fact that he's in two thousand and twenty car. Well, basic essentially he's at fourth gifts. Yeah, that Fourth Gibbs car with younger drivers. What is it done? Yeah, I mean he saw the team last year for Jones, Jones is team, and I mean John's. No, Jones is younger than Belle. Bell's older than Jones. Bell was a bellows older than chase Elliott. To put in perspective. Yeah, yeah, Jones is. Jones did make mistakes last year, but I feel like most of US could agree it was mostly on the team. Like Chris Gale, terrible driver. Don't even Chris Gale wasn't that great of a cold cru chief. I don't even know where he came from. And then the pit crew sucked like they had one of the worst average pit stop times. I'm pretty sure they were like eighteen, nineteen, twenty, and so they were outside the playoff, but they were just weren't good over all. That whole twenty team. I think they needed to be. That team needs to be blown up and then built from the bottom up again, since we're talking about Chris Gaale. We were talking about Chris Gale. He's in moving down to the swinney series, which was news. That is kind of been quietly but the fifty four car, which is the fourth gibbs car and exfinity, is important to have multiple drivers that will share the ride full time the season. Thoughts on the fifty four car or just kind of like who even just running it? I kiled it hasn't been as been announced. Besides, it'll be it'll be Kyle Bush, Denny Hammond, any will run Darlington, a couple of road course guys like they got. Yeah, look's worth a couple times for like American mid Ohio. They could also steal younger drivers that are on the toilet. They could also steals Chandler Smith to try and drive the fifty four one time just to see how good he is in the ACFRINITY equipment. Yes, true, yeah, yeah, waits Tis doing this year a full time Aurica. Fully, that could happen. I could do I wouldn't be surprised. I mean he is Joe Gibbs grandson, so it's kind of like he's eventually going to end up at...

...joke gabs. Just we're just waiting for it to play away, for that actual announcement. Yeah, it won't be any time soon, though. Yeah, thanks me. Serious and truckey schedules were released also during this time, and it's not as huge as a change as we saw on cup, but there's still some pretty notable changes. Tallada goes two races now. Darlington, I think it has now are yeah, telled, I guess. Two racist now for how they can ever had TWAS activity for me? Yeah, don't. Darlington is two races now, their own circuit, the America's. I could be I tell you what. Aj and center cut to win a lot of racist this year. I'm Finn Yeah, I like roads. Yeah, that's ruses are great. I love them, and he that's a good that's a good row, of course, though. Yeah, that's road. I mean I'm world see. I'm willing to try these new road courses, like the Indie road course, seet Coda, the other one, what is it? Road America. I'm willing to try those, but if they're bad, I'm gonna Slan him now. But I think we can both agree that actual road course that way better than other robols. Oh rebel stuck. I'll say that right now. Daytona road course wasn't good. Charlotte rovol started at the peak of its performance and then has failed to miss it by a lot. Like the only highlight in the last two Charlotte Rollo races was the fact that they raced on rain tires for like fifteen laps. Weight. It's okay, then you're saying that peak performance is a true x choke that we're here. He didn't show. Okay, I'm not gonna adds the peak of it's way move when trucks choke. Some wins, Hey, no, when Jimmy Johnson loses talent. But I'll try the INDIE roboll. I'm actually super excited about that because that was a good race in the exfinity series, or well, it was a good trenish. At least we already coached on first flood there. But I also Oh, Knoxville trucks are going to Knox with yeah, so the truck series, the big one of the biggest things in tricks, you schedually going to Knoxville them for the first time. or been said he'll do. They're also going to the Bristol dirt race. So of two dirt race the truck series next year, along with refuses Surt, the America's trucks are on back to Rokins Glen to and that's pretty munch the extent of schedule, which is a really good schedule, must add. Also read something that apparently altdora. Well, Tony Stewart. It wasn't NASCAR's decision to remove it. It was actually Tony Stewart's decision to remove it off the schedule. Yeah, I saw something about that. I didn't get a chance. I didn't read into it, but like that was everyone was saying, like, Oh my God, why don't they want this in Nascar? This is literally Tony Stewart. Well, it wasn't really NASCAR's choice. Oh Yeah, we're gonna have a triple header at walkins. Glenn it for you. I never realize that. Yeah, another new team that's into the sport and it is a very random mix of drivers that are prior to last drivers ever thought would work together to build a team. And is B Jim mccloud and Matt tiff who has supposedly they've been my friends for years. Versus the started racing. They've kind of weird since like twenty years apart, different club her. How old is he? He's got to be like in his face he's easy. I thought it for mid S. really, I thought he was in his four Kay. Well, if if he's in his mid S, then they're at least like the tips in his team. If they're twenty years apart, that's Tis like mid twenties. I thought, yeah, okay, so thirteen years...

...apart and they grew up racing together. I find that hard to move. Does that team have backing from anyone? Have it's corvette PARTSCOM. It's the Oh yeah, it's a joyous charter system. So the two of them are making a team called the fast racing. It's kind of a an a name. Seventy eight is back in town, though. Reddy's to run thirty F and it's cool alliance. Well is it? Is it bigger than it was? Because I know go fast out of technical lines, but it was like there'sly noticeable, there's didn't even exist, and they said right, no, Tad, but those it. It's gonna have store horse racing, a line, stuff like that. Technical Liance. We don't know how it's going to go, but it's me full time with beach mcclard racing. So that's big question mark that we don't know how it'll do. They're going to run like twenty I you know I'm gonna I'M gonna say they're gonna run like twenty five. You know, I expect them to be like that's that's pretty generous. That's generous. But like I feel like they're going to be like front row to the Canadian of Raphaelisard. Was it regionally supposed to go like part time with GMS racing, but he every support and yeah, you had enough sponsorship and backing to where he's going to be full time and a fourth GMS truck. He's way that's a w he's got char title and he's gonna Finish better than a gramat take. You know what he might. I think he acrement points because, I mean, Ancram good grows on thin ice. Right now. It's not a it's not a nice story. Right now. crently joy finally found a ride after being released from go fast and he's going to be in the seven for spiremore two sports news. Second ride. A GOMANER IS gonna be full time for calling. Now, in two thousand and twenty one, after two part time seasons, he's finally going to report time and a third call in car. How many wins does he get? I'M gonna say two or three. One not going as a visious is Chris CCAULESS. Already know he's not win in five races, but I'm hold two or three. I think to say why do listic? Just because of how good he is all road courses. I know cinderic is obviously really good as well, so he'll see a lot of those. That's why I'm not saying like. That's why I'm not going as big as Chris. I'M gonna go one because, I mean we saw it chast stained a chasting was a chesting the good driver. He's stupid but he's a good driver. You Ain't get any wins. chastains up the level of road course for for Almon dingers. So yeah, I know that, obviously, but like trying to argue it. Yeah, yea wait, woman dinger. How many races did he win last year? Okay, a part time to Atlanta, Atlanta, and I'm gonna Change my answer from one day Gery. Wait, which one? One DAKA Haley, Haley sweat diggers. anyways, back to Alminary the real quick I think he can get two road course wins and maybe an oval win. You know, people sleep on him all the time on ext for new ovals. But like when he did oval races last year, leaving out Atlanta, since she was really faster anyone. But like Martins, I remember he was one of the fastest and had a flat tire under green. I can't remember like the other races. Me Really, but like I feel like he was more than average on ovals made. He was always up there. Super speedways to he was always because colleague is basically the pens key of Super Speedi. Yeah, versus. Yeah, so I think if they work together, which they obviously will... have almondinger, you have Haley, who are both pretty good on super speedways, and even Jeb. I mean he almost won the spring race. You must not want in the spring race use one lap away at Talladega and then told us too long ago. I remember. Yeah, yeah, I was there with staking owner is. Oh, the first one winter. Yeah, he was dominating it pretty much and the cast came out and then he was involved a big one which, dam yeah, wasn't either one who caused the big one. I forgot it caused the beginning. Might have been no one. You know what? No, I think he got spun by Syndric. There's a nice before like burnt maffo would do full time experinity for our motor sports, but then he's like no, I'm not done with truck. He's gonna do full time with nice and a truck. That's not that good, but hopefully it's as good as it was a couple of years ago when I had to GMS. It's importal lines back, though. Did it has been announced yet? Okay, I think. If not, then that's a stupid move. I think running experity with hours. You know what? I think. What happened is he signed the contract with our motor sports realized that's not a good team. So he panicked into trying to get a good ride. So we went to die. But Ho worth wasn't what do you mean? Sunday and contract isn't just like a two second thing and I'll see you. Ran like the almost the full schedule with the last year from there. He wasn't sad. He was running like top fifteen. Yeah, yeah, I mean curds. He could have made the playoffs. I just couldn't. But what is seen it competing for wins with Nice like as I'd say, there's a low chance in Disa clipment. I se he's good but, like I get it off without higher, higher level polically better finishes. I don't know if if niece to get their technical alliance back, they'll be they'll be a top team, but it's like if they don't get their technical alliance back, I think. I think Martha will still do get in the series, but I don't think he'll be championship for if we're talking about our, should we talk about the second car? Oh yeah, that's Tyler ridic is gonna be running the exfinity race at Daytona and a second hour, more sports car for the number and we're really three thousand and three three. Yeah, that's some reddock's going to steal another day. Tona went yea, and not from Elliott's. Sad there. I like Reddick, but I'm not even going to be happy. I don't like when Cup guys win level races. It's like what's the point? Like I know you want to like win races and seem like you're good. There used to be. There used to be point because you actually got points. But I was like, it's just for sponsors. anyways. I don't think anybody likes California's governor, but you know, Covin and stuff. I have. I honestly I agree with this decision since like California and Covid aren't doing so good. But it would if Fontana this year. Oh, doesn't mean no funted at all. I'm here. Did a tone of road course was God the road course on the entire shut up truck. That was gonna get canceled to it's gonna Happen. Well, yes, a no, honest as this month on the Skychook t you're acting like California doesn't have cup. California and all of America. Let's go in June. Yeah, I thought so. It's I was about to say last minute. What's gonna Happen? That's like it happened, but at like Charlotte or something like that. They should go. We want she go to Mexico, to Germany, go to that one big track, number bar a, green, green, yeah, number bargain. So he's so on cultured Bro. I...

...want to sorry for like fifteen minutes. So then a tone of road course is going to replace Fontana, and then after part time season last season, Mart snayder's going to be full time with RCR and explinity this year. I've seen mound DU's leaving Hendra. That's about it. Dr Pepper sponsoring. That's actually big. The Best of two of the worst. Bob. When are we gonna get the get the best spot, the best pop and all of POPs right on a car? No one cares about. Moving on. Now the threat weekend. Oh my Dunken, we're not being a spring. I'll be in a daytime, which is a kind of boring, but it's kind of a good idea, since the second the southern five hundreds in in the playoffs. So like more focus. I guess. I don't. I don't know. I mean to be fair. The throwbacks didn't look that good with the big number sixteen on the thingy on the side of the carny pillar. Yeah, the pillar on the side of the car. I knew it. Anthony Alfredo. We're replacing John Her name of check for a fast pasta. Okay. Yeah, look, I know everyone likes them, but I don't think it's not a good costs not I don't be good. It's gonna be like John Hunter, Nama, check. He's gonna think a right worst than them. I don't going to be worse. That mean check. He hasn't even he hasn't done a full season at chart. Yeah, isn't done a full season affinity. He has thirty three combined, I think. Okay, even still. It's not like he wasn't running week in, week out, like a routine thing. Why wasn't like Knan? I guess fully that's different. You don't do many races, I think. I don't think it's gonna go too well. Yeah, so Alfred is definitely going to be rushed. I think he's, in me, worse than John a name. Right, I had to say this since he's such thing a guy I played. I played nascar hat three with them. So Oh, you're so cool, you're such a real fan. Bro He can prove it's wrong. will say that he who strong, just going is he? I'll be cheering for him, saying Santino FERRUCCI, which is an Indie car driver and before they was an ftwo driver. He's gonna be raising for Sam Han racing. I think it is O. that's like not the SHR that we know. It's gonna be a learning year for sure. I think if he wants to commit to Nice, that he's gonna have to stay from what so be part time. It'll be pretty much like all the races, scept the word courses, since you need's focus more on like vals and supersheet raising all that. So yeah, I don't think it's not like a big team money that I think. I remember. He will have backing from Ford, but like it won't. It's not like a big team. So like he won't go that far into it. But like he's pretty talented, but I don't lock talented. He's in stock cars. Chris, I used to I used to think it was a sam hub, the country singer that on the team. I thought it. I got it yet. So I was like wait a thing. I was yeah, yeah, I thought it. I thought it was until when it was announced on like wait a minute, it's not. What next up was something as an ends today Ryan siege racing and Ryan seague will be going to Ford, which is really unexpected since he's he's been with Chevy is whole entire time at exfindi owning team. Actually, all of his friend xfinity starts have been with Chevvy. So I think this is big for the team. I think they will approve massively. Have they gone back to one car? I think they'll begin. It's one for we're like yeah, I think there's like...

...the ninety three or something like that. Oh, the ninety three got bought by Josh Real and Steve. So how do you think Ryan Seeks gonna do next year? Championship? Really Herbs? Probably about this, same as last year, I think I remembers. There might he might be a bit worse. Is Because, like new manufactured I'll take a bit of learning, but I think he'll be. I think. I think, oh, went a race. My prediction in a hill when Vegas is as actually like a lot better than it's for fortterally have more tours. I don't think you have. You see it last year, but I guess it is still early, though, isn't it? Yeah, like I think with an I have winning like he's been the way. He's gonna win late once he's more used to the new manufactured man may sense, but you picked it when you're still chevy, so it makes sense. Yeah, I'm about troy having in that winning two. This is so I don't know if I agree with that. And I'm getting well, that's about winning. I've winning Michigan. I thought you don't want to wait. Now I'm winning only racing a Michigan. That's wait do I'm winning to I'm winning one race. Oh, we took about the try. I hate that's great. I know I hate it. I hate it. It looks so ugly. Everyone hates hope they don't. You don't like it because it's not even a tradition thing. It just looks bad. Like pinties did it too and I hated it. But it wait about pushing back the numbers just for the all staries or forever entire season. Tell friends barely even watched. It was bad. It looks alwable. There wasn't n eye laps for anyone to do anything serious. Let's just look at the cars themselves. It looked bad having the number like that. Yep, no, but you can't live. Some of those schemes were Nice, like that Ryan freeze energy at I mean they're those like three. The rest look like Shit. I actually I do like the numbers pushed back, but I prefer the numbers being on the door. So we're going to end it there. Thanks for watching episode seventeen of Nessar hats a podcast. Don't forget to subscribe. Follow whatever it is Youtube, spotify, apple podcast and following on instagram. It ask our hot spot. And that's about it. All.

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