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Episode 24 From the Dirt, to the Streets


NASCAR has left the dirt after a thrilling weekend to unpack in Tennessee! We unpack it all and more about from a historic week in Motorsports! 

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... and Chris and we're going to go over the news and the rumors and the whole weekend about bristle dirt. How is how is your first dirt experience story? So my I'm doing into from now on. My experience was like it was really good, it was really cool. I expected it to be really fun, but like it was. It was amazing. I've never rent to a dirt race. As my first dirt race, first time at Bristol and all of it was amazing. How much money did you spend on that jar of dirt, Troy? Twenty five dollars. Are Dirt. How has everyone else been this past week? I mean the dirt, I mean I've been pretty good. How have you been, nick? Yeah, I was been okay. I didn't really watch for it first so much so I can't really comment. I heard it was good, but I won't be able to speak too much. All that happened. We start off the week with them pretty pretty big news. Is a big shocker in the NASCAR and racing world. SO NASCAR IS gonna is getting closer to go into a street course and where were the street course to be in Chicago of all places, in a pretty boring, simple, not a creative track, but it's a street course in the end, and so NASCAR's planning to test it out, I guess, provitation to see earies in and a couple of months and we're if that test is a success, I guess, or it looks good, then it's a another jump closer to getting on the schedule, maybe two thousand and twenty three, two thousand and twenty four in the future, of course. What would you guys think of a street pupid move? I don't think. I don't think street horses are fit for a NASCAR maybe if you're going to do like an exfinity race on street course, is still I guess that would be fine. I don't think cup cars should go to a street course. I mean if it was, if it had like a half decent layout, I would say maybe try, but it doesn't even have a half decent layout. It's literally just two rectangles together. It's so boring with a little little chicane. It's not even a chicane's little hump in it. Yeah, I have a few comments, but I have a question. Versus actually and like Chicago Crop. Ye, like, yeah, it's a it's a triga. If I yeahuns more near. It's more near the UM, well what they call the where they got gold coast, I think. I think that's what they call it. But it's more in that area. So it's the nicer part of Chicago, because you can't really go to the summer side of Chicago and have a reason. So, yeah, my point was is that in Chicago, like I don't think there's much of a fan based I mean, I don't live back at speed for it, but I wouldn't be surprising most the crowd come down from the lake joy let Chicago land her head instead. I feel like you'll see if, if this does obviously happen. I mean it, there's a very large possibility that I want. But if it does happen, you'll probably see a lot of the Um. You'll see a lot of the western side of Michigan people that are fans because that's only a one or two hour drive. You'll see you'll see other people from the northern Midwest that find the idea of Nascar going to a street course attractive. They'll probably, you know, find the way to go to it, but outside of that I don't see the market in the actual city of Chicago being that big for Nascar. Yeah, I mean I can kind of see where they're coming from. It's they want to get new fans in, because Chicago doesn't really from like what make said, like, I don't think as a big NASCAR fan base whatsoever and Chicago and speedway was outside of the city, so it's not even like in downtown Chicago. So I mean I guess they could kind of bring in new fans, but I feel like if you're going to do it on a street course, you're going to bring in fans for that single race and then if it does happen again, I just don't think they'd come back because...'d be a boring race. I don't I if this race does happen, I mean I don't see it happening if it's an hour, like two to three years minimum. But I just don't see the game you're going to get out of this, especially for how expensive it is to hold the street course. Yeah, well, go ahead, all right. Well, I was going to say I don't watch Formula East. I don't I know if the track of work for NASCAR, but I know there's the Brooklyn race that they do there. I was thinking like, if you want to go to established street course already in the new market, I feel like that would work a lot better. Sincerity. I've kind of set up for it. I think the biggest thing we need to look at is if, if this does happen, if they can produce this the way Indie car and imp so does that. Long Beach does that and yes, I'm going to say it because it's an hour for me, Bell Io. If they the way they isn't Toronto's the street course? Or do they go to they go? That is a street course. Yeah, if they can produce it the way Indie car does in Toronto, and I know a big thing that. This was a big thing for me. I guess there are comments Pensky made that he want to get indie car and Nascar to have a doubleheader weekend at a street course. Well, the three most established ones are Toronto, Detroit and Long Beach, and you know, you guys obviously would love Toronto and I would love to have Detroit, especially with it being motorcity and usually the rent sent is in the background of a lot of the shots, which that would be great for Chevy because that's the GM tower right there. Like can you get much more of a home track? And Ford's main headquarters is not even an hour away to so, like I think the location is wrong for if this does come to fruition. Yeah, I do. I was going to even though I'm from Toronto, I'm going to be complete unbiased. I think bell is was probably the best spot out of the three ones. That indie car. So I know long beachas like the nice views and stuff, but I feel like that kind of gives all some more like indie car sports car vibes. So that's like southwest. That's gotta to have a huge following there, especially in California. So I was I'm a big fan of Bell Ile. I think the views are really nice and I think I think that'd be a good track to going to. Yeah, I'm not against the idea of a street course. I mean I'm not a fan of it, but I think so far from when I was hearing, I don't like any of the things that they're doing. I don't think it should be in Chicago and I mean I just it just doesn't sound like it's going to work out well. I mean the track layout isn't good. I feel like there are much better locations do a street course. It's just not really all good at getting together. Yeah, I think a word I would use describe the trackloud is rushed. Like you can count. It wasn't a whole lot of thought and like be thinking put into it when they made it. Okay, the own we can maybe see improvements, but for now I don't like it. The biggest thing I saw from them showing the layout in terms of I racing, and I'm sure they want to do this in real life because that would just be a disaster, but you're going to see it on I racing and it's going to turn it to a disaster there when people go there and actually stream the races. is you see when they come across the parts of the roads that they're going to be you know on that when they have to be on the left or right side of that divided road, they have this huge concrete wall just to cout to the middle of those of the street. Get you won't be able to do that. They're gonna have to find some way to change that. I get like an emergency, you know, entrance exit, but they won't be able to do that in real life. You will see cars get absolutely shredded right there, and it's dangers for like driving safety. Yeah, it's. Yeah, it's driver's safety. Is Insane. Like all I saw was just a straight corner, like just to rectangle wall, basically, and I'm just like that's not someone's going to get injured. Well, yeah, I mean...

I'm should they'd change it, though. I mean that's yeah, they probably put like padding or something on it like they do on the outside wall. But I mean even still padding on concrete. It would have to pay. It has to be a severe amount, like maybe like three feet of padding. Yeah, attagent the more huge, safer barrier just makes no sense. Almost. Here's my thing. I think they're trying new things just for the sake of trying new things. I think they're trying new things, but are they doing it too quickly? Yes, I think they're doing way too many things too quick dude. I don't think we're still dirt. Should have been this year. I think I should have been the late until the next Gen, I think. I mean they've added like, what for five new tracks the schedule. I mean, yes, they're all good, so I mean I can leave that. You can leave that, but are we really ready to go to a road street course within the next year and a half? Your two years? The biggest thing I see is the next Jed is going to be a lot like the cheaper GTLM's. It's going to be cheaper in the long run at right away, but it's a lot like the GT cars in him. So so it's going to have that durability. It's also going to be a compositive body to where it's not going to be as dependent on the Arrow with it how it is, so it long run. Why is it's going to be cheaper? Because the cars going to be built like the exfinity cars, but just a little bit more. There's going to be more Arrow than the exfinity cars, but there's not going to be as much Arrow dependency as the current generation cars. Yeah, I mean it's just I don't think they should go to a street course. I mean I'm not saying don't ever go to a street course, but I'm saying everything that they've said that they're planning to do is wrong. I mean, I'm not the judge to be that, but I'm saying from a fans perspective, everything they're doing is wrong. Well, I think the locations fair to judge right now, but I would say the track design and sort of some logistics about the track. I think it's a little early to call this because they will improve it with yours to come. Like it. It's such an early stage right now. I feel like, Oh yeah, I assume by the I racing event that they're going to change at least a couple things. I expect. Well, maybe. I think you've been going to be next year, June thirteen. They see fear. Okay, it's a June June, like it's already on high racing. Yeah, it's the final race, like that Fat Fox section of the invitational. Yeah, I mean races are definitely. Fox is doing five at NBC's doing five. So is that pretty much it for street course? Thinks so, like that's going to be our best like conversation based topic. Of those are conversation based software, like since last year, ever, playoffs last year? Yeah, because I think the only two races we were in agreement was Martinsville in Kansas. That was the playoff talks. Also got hostile people's favorites. We both hate it and all and all of our drivers are like dead into it. Yeah, let's guess that are roundom a. It gets all do to gets. It gets toxic board. It's borderline toxic. It's like we can all agree on the first like for to eight drivers being eliminated. Maybe a couple wild cards being eliminated. Blaming, but like, I mean that a random where you kind of just argue over it's more feelings over facts and rounderway. Honestly, yeah, it's like every every driver and around of eate deserves to be there most of the time, most of the time. Sometimes, okay, like at least six out of the eight deserved to be there, like, let's say, example, two thousand and two thousand and nineteen. Larsen and Blainey and not deserve to be there, but their winds brought them there. stateishes then maybe because last maybe even Elliott didn't. Hell, you have be the DNAF and every single race in the round of it. That was the best three and a stumbrace that packet.

The package also kind of gave him that that advantage. It's because fast, you just time. Yeah, but I felt bad for Kes Lasky. Man was like a top for top a driver all years just like screwed. Now I don't think I'll good. Doesn't an winter trurex twenty, twenty nine, two thousand and nineteen. Yeah, he was top for he was a top for driver. Um, but like I felt so bad because he got it was basically master's fault, because remember when they were coming to the line and they were like this close, through the bullshit caution through that contens for days. Yeah, Oh my God, I've never dod I was face sound so much in my life. So was there other news this week? No, I that's that's literally bad. Can we not talk about the bro Dirt Bistle? They're not. I want quick bad because no one, because it's kind of like a waste of time, Kinna. But like they kind of screwed up with the heats. I guess I get like having the field like at twenty car so it's not as many cautions, but they're really screwed up with the heats because they they a lot of the big name drivers missed out on it like a little, like all of them. So I think that was I kind of liked that all sect like one or two and and then it was just literally like all like the Rick Ward drivers and all like the considered Iris, like yeah, they're good, I reading miss but like if you want, if you want tract wanted, didn't? You expissed the main event. Blaney MS The man change naming big name and big driver, and they probably missed it. So and you want the viewers and the big marketing point is that it's the drivers playing irising whatever, and you want the big names. So put the big names in a big show and don't make them race for it and stuff like that. I don't know. It's I racing. I actually don't. It isn't there. It doesn't. So we're to get Um, we're going to get into the Bristol dirt. And so we go into Friday. It was a nice hot days practice and it was a pretty hype day and practice was pretty cool. His friend I could see the cars on dirt and how like, how they look like, and we got a couple surprises like Kyle Bush being fast on it. Blainey was fast to no moments on let in. My back bone. Is Not much to surprise, but yeah, those are like the main surprises of like guys being the fastest. Of course, Larson, after site, middle second practice, he had to go behind the wall and later after changeing engine. So he had a start in the back of the main race and that's pretty much it. You know, trucks had a good amount of spins in their practices, but cup was like really minimal. I remember there was reex spun. Yeah, there was like one or two in the first practice and then we made it into like six or seven minutes left in the second practice. Still custer spawn. That's that's really our member. There's no like actual like big damage or anything. I'M gonna be honest, from seeing the practices, I thought that race is going to be pretty bad. The practices didn't look entertaining whatsoever, but I guess it was practice. So yeah, it's practice. So you're not going to actually like race someone for position. Because also there was one of the it's one of the rare practices to where guys weren't going for pier speed. They're trying to learn the track of it. Yeah, it's all yeah, it's all about kind of like running by yourself and just gaining what you can for experience for driving. Yeah, I saw a right guys. I saw a lot of guys like running behind guys like Larson and not trying to keep pace but learn like what they're doing in the corner and everything. Saturday it comes around and we get to the heats and the first truck heat starts and we made it one lap, but it turns out NASCAR thanks Tyler anchorrectly.

Yeah, and it was. It was a pretty cool one lap and all the trucks are covered in mud and they would overheated and like five laps and yeah, and then the rain came while we are on the red flag and everything was canceled for the day. So no heat for both serious and then the truck race was later postpone. The racing looks good. FREASON went from ten to like third in the first laugh. Yeah, that's because he was the only one that could see. No might Mike Marler. He started on pole and he was leading until like turn three and didn't get past. So they had like no dirt on his won't you or anything? I doubt even they came out. They came out of for and literally all of their windshields were covered. HMM. Showed the port planning. I think was poor planning, but I don't think it was NASPA's fault really. I mean, what's that? It rain. But I feel like, just so I feel like they could have faked this so much better than they would have swapped Martinsville and Bristol. We would probably be recording yesterday instead of today, because it always rains this weekend at Bristol always. I was watching icebergs video and he actually made up a good point. Swap Sonoma and the Bristol dirt race. Then you get Sonoma with grass and then bristol dirt in perfect weather. That's perfect. Oh, June. Yeah, yeah, they usually run that in June. Well, the biggest thing with that is we saw how long it took to prepare the track. Right, how long is? I'm actually time rid of all the dirt. True. Oh, yeah, I had to make it coincide with Protadel was, since you're going to leave it as dirt until there's yeah, and then, apparently they it'd be like an easier trip from coke six hundred to not go to Senoma then to just to go to Bristol, which is what a threehour drive? Well, they'd go out of the back for the weekend. Yeah, we haven't there. Are already at home with being in Charlotte. Yeah, so but they're I just think the scheduling was the only poor party about this. Yeah, I mean I think sonoma burst. It would be a nice squat. I mean so no'm with grass kind of just seems like a vibe that makes it's really it's really sick. I want to Pretty Extra Cup on that. The one thing about Sonomas those they go out West for a few weeks then go to Atlanta, which is like they go back out west and then you have to go back. That's the one. Yeah, I mean they could just always swap sonoma and Atlanta. I don't know. I just thought I was a big goold noma with grass and then burst of dirt with a any weather. But obviously they'd be a lot of things to sort of. So auto clubs going to be switched to a short track, but auto club deeper in the season because there's no week. Okay, yeah, club in the playoffs, that take all right, but like in the bidding of the season we're kind of like it's all short tracks. We have a bristow, marnsial richman pretty much like three in a row, if not three out of the four weeks in a row, and so I feel like they should put auto club deeper, maybe like May, maybe like July, August? Who can they run it in July or August's got to be at nights. It'd be two hundred. That's good, though, but honestly, autocle on a club at night is hot. Like we all. We all can remember seeing climbing watch in the races and it just looks nice. I know none of you are going to go with this, but say put auticle in the playoffs. I mean it's not a great track. They could. I like the way, though they could. They have to wait for a few years to see how things go with the new design and then they can. Maybe I was thinking about the two mile.

I was talking about the to mop, but the two we're talking about like one. They switches, like oh off, this was the store tracks. Don't put it in the playoffs because we already got richmond a Mars on the PLA. Why not put it in the round of twelve? Yeah, because the round twelve is, as see, pretty stacked in my opinion. Well, it's Talladega, Kansas is is no as this is in the know. Their bus round me. What's in the run of it? Everything the round. It's Talladega. Is the Rovo still cut off? Yes, Oh, forget. What the thry? I forget what the third races. First, no, bristols, bristles of around a sixteen and cut off like I goes Bristol, Vegas, Richmond. No, Vegas and the round. Don't Darlington? Say Richmond Bris? Oh, yes, because Kurt lentils and yeah, and then went to the rabbit. Yeah, you can't. You can't put auto club there. Then you'd have a club in the around of sixteen. You'd have to bomb. I get the first Texas. I will put down Tex we all like Texas here. I'm really sobodypody likes Texas. Texas is dog water. Oh, that only goes thircus, the local track. I think it's the same views. I would go to that at Texas if it was a local direct if it was a local track. Yeah, there's a reason I go to Michigan. Just I wouldn't. That's the reason I go to Dover. I've Dover you here. You say over is your favorite track. I don't cause it's a closer, but yeah, the most entertaining. It's not. That is dam I just like it for the challenges and how it looks and it's cool, absolute over. I like them. Bridge and over. So move on. A Sunday and I was in a Middle Guy. Did we get to that? Amazing, because we're talking about schedual schedule. Yeah, sorry, strain. Yeah, little, watching the amazing F one race season opener, and in the middle of that there was running and it was like five to go and like I'm like, where's the Lanzo? I don't even know what happened to him, but like you just want to like in the points break, break, Bro Brake problem, I even don't tell now. And then later the race I'm like wait, who's the second car that's out? And I saw like the Pixel lated like a icon. I'm like, Dad, what are you? Where were you watching it? All we watch was watching in the terrible are. It's pretty much everything's postponed. On Monday truck race. There's really nothing to talk about besides tricks just dominated the it was a it was a great race started. Oh, it was a great race, but for six yeah, trick started third. It just like got to the front really quickly and he is pulled away. When they got a green flag run they pulled. He just pulled away easily. Like Ben Rhodes challenging the restarts, but it was pretty much like nothing. Another big thing from the race, John Her name of check got driven through by Matt Craft and craft of yeah, and then, and then John Honna was not happy about it. And I don't know if you guys were there. You got you killed out. was there, but but remember. But I don't know because Chris usually listens to the radio shatter. But Um oh, Dudeen to hear Crafton. You were Crafton. Yeah, truckers was good overall, I really it was. It was. I thought it was really fun. It was really, really fun watching in the stands. I know, like I was probably born watching and trucks dominate, but like in the stands, especially since I was room for tricks the entire time, my dad were like pulling hard for especially they are in the red flag and they stopped the cars and three for right in front of us. So I just pictured try running down, turn around Dad, get the camera, Da Camera,...

...and I'm like, I'm like, I'm going, I'm going down there. So like I ran straight to trucks and then like kind of went down. I got a couple of creed and then like the Sard that we have to give them a star. Is probabs really top five. We finally capitalized on the speedy had this weekend. He got a top three. I think he's back. I think I checked it and he's within ten point eight. I think he's twelve, something like that. He's definitely closet. He's like only ten, ten points. So I think yeah, I mean there were another run like he had and he's in the playoffs. I mean the man is a he's a top four. I think he's an arguably a championship for contender. I think round of it is more realistic, though, but I think he could be definitely championship condenner if he was a little bit more consistent. Um. So the cup race. It started out with Kyle Bush getting a jump on the on the start and everything, and it immediately, like three laps later, having to go in for overheating issues. And it's weird because it's it's only his car like that early overheating. So we had to pit and that set I'm back, I think, one or two laps on the race and use behind the eight ball the entire race after that. He never really got a chance to rebound and have that match at speed. Then next, the next like three thousand, five hundred and forty laughs, or probably tricks running away Larson. I remember the first thirty laps or whatever. How many laps, like fifty laps to the COMP caution. I remember only watching Warson and just seeing him passive one, just him storm through the field, passing everyone and seeing how, like the underfunded cars, Um drove and how everyone else did. So we move on and a trux is still dominating. He's putting on like one of the fastest laps, and then the COMP cars and comes out on that fifty. I believe this is where tricks is leading and I think I handlings up there. Newman's in the top ten, buying Bowman AARSO, top five, Bell, Larson, yeah, and then Larson Larsen made his way to five in this time because there was a caution for I'm Rolla, because he lost he lost talent or freeze and cut across his nose. I've not seen actual replay that, but he said we got we've got to talk about Omrola. That was razing instant. I think. I guess it's a racing instant, but I still think he's bad. I think he is a worse than a twenty place driver. I think he's like I think they are drivers and severe worst equipment that deserve better rides in Amrolla. I don't think he's good. I'll never think he's good and I don't like thank you for your input. It's right. Yeah, it's true. I didn't even see it by any of fifty. I'll take freus inside um so a, cos you came out with like five laps to the COMP caution, five or ten laps, and in these five or ten laps or some maze up to fifth or something like that. Fourth or fourth servey start on the cop we restart and Christopher Bell is in front of Lawson and he goes to new turn one and were not Larsan um bell goes a little too high in the corner and spins out, from which loses talent and Larson completely nowhere to go in this and gets major front and damage. And amazing lease are they are staying lost tail into they were bistro straight into me. Know about was nowhere to go. That was more nowhere to go. Yeah, it was more noise. Nowhere to he know, but he's still not good. You see another driver and bat and it's still that doesn't deserve to be a...

...good yeah, put it, but it's still it's still dirts. You can't just like turn like an assholet, like you can't just Lea Stam when the brakes just and just stop. Here's some a slide. So that I kind of stuff like scene with everyone crashing in, a couple guys crashing. I'm Rolla. It's not like you could easily turn or like stop it where you are when a car's lay slotting right up the track. There's two very similar situations. I'm Rolla and Belle. So Belle, it's a lot of damage. He's races over, chassage races over. He was on not even, I thought, the entire race he was running with spire anyways. So kind of like it's just it just ended. Everything's running where he should be. So we move on and arson's not happy. He's two laps down at this point and his race would just derail form. There Draft Nicky got him, Dude. He was just star every single accident over. Yeah, my imagine going to a track where you had the clear advantage and you still end up finishing two OPSUND previous goes. The one is right, first, left. Don't care, don't care, I don't care. Over it, twelve year old. Oh Way you are. Bell messed up so much. I was banking on the group Bell and Larson. I was. I had the only remaining good things about my fantasy was stanhouse and Newman. Oh, I wasn't fantasy. Let's go boys, but wait for that. You get to so we get to stay to the stage. I've heard he once stage one. Was it tricks? Trick? Yeah, dominant. So tricks shuts dominate over it. We would have had this record that. Oh, Oh my God. Yes, I was, though. I was like I was like, Oh, so truex, where it? Wait, what do you want to would you ax? So tricks want to stage. He went stage one and they would dominate most of stage two from there until Daniel Swarz, who was actually running at his pace. He was running really good pace, and I once tricks hit lap traffic. He kind of struggled to get through lap traffic and SWOREZ ended up getting tricks back from tricks. Imagine its machines, wore as words waste. Oh my God, where is no time? Got Past and got past tricks. He pretty much did the bump and run and turn three. That was fine tricks. Gotta see from my felt out over like source. Yeah, you're get it was the raising it. So surez took the lead and he led a good portion after that he led. I remember. Another big part of it was he went to he went to put Lars and three laps down and BOOT scooting boogie. Yeah, beautiful. That was hilarious. That was the more that you could tell. person was her hissed. Yeah, they were both running the bottom and source is slams in the back of him. You see Larsen go of the track. All that was hilarious. I just think it's here iron yeah, if you see like the laughs like before that when sports like on Mars is bumpers so much faster and they're both running like the very, very bottom and there's no way swords getting past Larsen and Sworez just like went to the corner and just slammed on Larsen's bumper. Larsen goes up the track and on Corner Exit Larson literally like cuts down left on the wars bumper and tries to like like get him back or like do something to swore as I thought Larsa was gonna turns us. Oh my God, God, I thought I would have been a hate crime right,...

I would. Definitely Larsen would have been. Would have been going from getting canceled for one thing to get canceled for another real quick, Chris Than Boot Scoot and booger reminded me. And in middle school we had a line. I still remember it so well in gradios and grade seven. Ye are, in grade seven, our teacher made us thing count on me by Bruno Mars in front of the whole school. It's sucked. I don't even think I know that's. You Count on me fun. I didn't I even know that was Bruno Mars. Just don't. anyways, Sporz led a good portion and he gets past Larsen, Larss three laps down and he leads even more. I think he led like sixty something laps, maybe even like he led the second most laps. I think it was stud that he led more laps this past weekend. Then two thousand and twenty and two thousand and twenty one combined. Then he led this more relapse. This race and Stewart has hoss racing combined, has all led this year. It's because it's because Stewart has has been under garbage this year. Yeah, hesitate to again. They Bristo and custer a little bit of slack, but I mean Harvek, I'm not cutting Alma role any slack. Honestly hard and he's like he's he's been underperforming, but at least he's still like playoff contender round of a guy. Well out anyway. That's all that impressive, in my opinion, for him. Yeah, it's not their awesome. At least they're not relying on Alm Rolla. That'd be bad. If Harvard retires, I'm more roll is gonna be out of their pomerold boot. Hailey Degan is already going to Stewart Hass. Already know how it's gonna work out. Yeah, Riley, like last year, herbs, is going to go to stew Hass, no matter how much you hate it. Also, Chris is, I knew hat. Yeah, I shouted up like a week late. It would have been with for on. I got it. I got it last week, little Wardna, he won in the body. Oh, I got it. I got it after the race. I out Saturday. I got it, all right, ordered on Saturday came in Sunday or Monday? Yeah, didn't even wear Monday. No, it came way. It came in Tuesday. My best. There you go. So swarz continue to leave and there was a costume with like lesson tend to go in Stage two and La Ghana would get past wars on a restart and Lagana front would lead from here. After Stage two there would be like a ten minute break or something like that. I think it was then. Or was it in the middle of Stage three? I don't know. Lagana one stage two and then she let. There's a fifty lap pretty much. She went really fast. There was a really quick like to finish in Stage three at Battle of team Lugano and Hamlin, and Hamlin would try to get past the Gano and you really couldn't with them the way like the track is look on. No leads to the end. Pretty much. There was awesome comes out spun on the front stretch with like five ago or something like that, and I was happy. I thought this was a chance for Hamlin to win or Shurex to win, but no, it's a the stupidest mistake. Why would you go to the sorry, but you want hands position he would have gone. I would have done the same. Yeah, he knew it. It is because we would have ended up in both of them. Reckon, because look on has probably dumber than Hammon, I would say, by a large amount. Oh, no, one made like the dumbest move possible that you can make on the restart. Absolutely a dumb aggressive moves,...

...though I was kind of a just a dumb move that threw away away. It's yeah, at least we had a new winner. That's the only positive thing of this. That's really is winner. Hey, I thought you. No, I don't really like look, he's good. He's that. He's the last one of the BISC every normal person would go blaney, because last you look on. Yeah, yeah, unless you're Jack, then you I could see. I could see how some of the I like his last you. Honestly, I love his honesty. Okay, I need a just something real quick. That race is way too long. It should not have been two hundred fifty laps. I think it should have been one hundred and fifty laps. Honestly, at race took forever. I think they time to start. Wrong with what we saw with the dust, it's just felt, but you can ever in them. Too much for that. I mean it was last minute schedule. I think the states is also too long, like a hundred, hundred, a hundred, a hundred and fifty. I think I should have been she'd been fifty, fifty, a hundred or no, like, oh, that's not right math. Yeah, I don't know. It could have been fifty. About Seventy Five, seventy five one, there s any that's how that's all right. Math. That would be better. But I feel, I still feel like it took yeah, I had a bunch of homework. I look a lot of homeworks. I did that. I went for a walk for like half an hour. I got back and they're still half work. WHO STAGE TOO? Well, I called it. It was the last night when I was supposed to originally have the race that here tonight. Usually schedule a seven sets. Why? We record afterwards, but I had to keep bumping the race back because I wasn't sure when the races can actually end like the in real live race, because I was like keeps going. It wasn't. It was like climatic ending. It's like, Oh my God, everyone was get time. Oh my God, hands going to move. Look on, are we're going to have an insane finished. Stenhouse is going to win, true x is going to win and then hamlet goes the top. I'd still give Swarz driver to day, though, just because they were so no, yeah, I mean I think it's kind of I'm not say I don't really think this proves anything for track ice. I mean it's kind of a wild card race. Noetheless, I don't think they're bad. I actually do you think they could be a playoff contender, but I just think you can't report all your eggs in one basket now. So I still think there are still ling. They're starting to put races together. They're better than twenty three eleven. They are better than twenty three eleven, but they had a top seven run out of Atlanta. Yeah, before you get this musy skating penalty. HMM, yeas, only he's only twenty three out of the cut line right now, and that's it's not plenty of time. Yeah, well, we think of it. You gotta give it more than this. The fact that they're doing as well as yeah, and they're what like seven races in the day. Yeah, I'm not sting the whatsoever. I'm just fifteen points on Bubba. No, I read that wrong. I re check that statement. He's got eight lays from BUBBA. Yeah, well, I mean you kind of got her. People are acting like bubble as a playoff law and. Yeah, I knew he wasn't going to be a playoff lock. I knew he'd yeah, right with the bubble. He's gonna Bubbles, gonna have to win on a super speedway. If he almost make the playoffs, I think he could point his way in. He'd. But I think the team has got a Bob this year, at this year, not without been on stracual winners. I mean that is true. I mean because there is like look at the drivers that are just barely and on points. There the guys that her we're not hurt. There's Bowman. Bowman's like sixteen and points still fifteen Kurts, fifteen stairs and house fourteen, just memory underrated. Stent House, I forget his else is there, but because Lawski, I think, is not as stand there chases down their chases on that race, because Lowski has sixty four m seventeen right now. Yeah, chases. He said forty three. Yeah, sixteen, four or seventeen right now. Looking at the playoffs, meanings is kind of over was that I wouldn't see is overrated, but like he's under before rasually. Yeah, he's a would't say over rated, though, just because of how good. Yeah, over it was the wrong like coming into the years like proper. Yeah,...

I'm fine with his run at a at the door race. Honestly, he always crying. You just state of the trouble. He only does this every year. He doesn't start performing until the summer. Yeah, Lona, look on the start so good and then, yeah, it look this is like honest, one win of the year. Then he'll bounce back on the playoffs, top good running. Can't this coin is waiting in the final four. Yeahd Y'Alla, she does. She does well. Springs you like the last time we hear about, yeah, Dagas Spring, that he won't show to Dag a fall, cause the big one at Daga fall and typically ran well at Martinsville. And then point is when in final, for like always how it works, Cam win in two things. He's got to win a two weeks. Let's two weeks, Richmond, marks fall, Martin. He's not gonna no way. I don't see when it was, though. I'm seeing now. Wait, here. We gotta save this unless we want to jump into that and Nope, fantasy, fantasy. Yeah, can you send the fantasy stuff? Yeah, send the fantasy stuff. I want to see who I can you read it out because I don't have my phone. Dear yeah, I'll do that. K. Didn't you have Blaney, custer and Austin Dylan left? Actually here. I'll go by WHO's in order of picks? Okay, I've got my first heard you have wallace, briscomb, Byron. Who Do you want from Martinsville? None of those guys are specially good. Well, all right, especially last year, read lashed her, but before that he's been bad. I save all. Who Do we okay, wait, before we do anything. Who are there? Let me look who what are the next races? It's Martin Lu and Danel, Richmond, Richmond Ega. Okay, well, yeah, but that's what I meant. I'M gonna go Byron, Byron, all right, I'm saving Bob for so then next up will be troy. I'm gonna go Jones because I have newman, Larsen, Jones. Larsen sucks at Martinsville. Newman I don't know, and Jones is actually too pretty good. Lawrenceville and seeing out the forty few cars run and Marntville last year. I see it going now. All Right, I'M gonna go with ady ass because Lawsky, chest sting and bell. I'm going to go kiss Lawski. That's the safe, true and now I'll do that. They'll shakes a stain for dagger because he can't do anything anywhere else. Dago's gonna be a wild card. So it doesn't even matter. Yeah, so who do I got? I got blane near our, blady, Dylan and custard. CUSTARD I don't like. I'M gonna eat those three there. Well, I mean Blaine, Blandey, fair blame blake really good at Martinsville. Lady's pretty good at Mark, pretty strong. I would save in. Yeah, he's a lot of luck at Talladega. I mean, I could see lings also. Dyn't get a day. He's not good as to the he's good at say to look at plate racist not good at Dylan. Is Good at Richmond. Did we saw what he did last year. So, I mean richman's a costly yeah, so I'm taking Blaine today. What? What? Why would I take cust why would I take custer? CUSTARD's bad. You want to Richmond and you are with Dacon way. Why would I want play you for Tyl that? He's not gonna walk into go with he's gonna wa well, we'll let them our points for us now. I mean he'll probably get a good finishing can will be final points this week. You might just regretted that. Tell Adrea it. Wait. So what our points looking like? All Right, hang me. I've had to you are last. Yeah, you've had, yes, like three or four really bad weeks. You're in putting this in right now. I Boll just points. Troy and I are tied at nineteen. CADEN is in third with seventeen, and then Nick's talk. I got two wins in a row and I'm seventeen. I was like, how many do I have? You have fourteen.

Oh God, you're only five bucks. That's like hating the reason why your I'm not sure. I went through that bad I went through that horrible slump where I picked all great drivers and they performed that week after every race. Yeah, that's gonna Happen, but to oh yeah, let's get a wins prediction. Laurens, vote with you know win. WHO's Inna Suck. We're gonna win, he gonna suck. Yes, Iween who's going to win when wind? Truex sucks. What Goanna? I actually had a feel right. I'm going tricks. When too, he's always got on Martin Joan. He's been fast the past couple weeks. I want a new winner, but I don't think it's gonna Happen. Suck. I'll go Keslowski. I've no reason to say that, as chose another on my head when I'm gonna go tricks just because he's my favorite driver by if he's not going to win and then suck, I'm gonna go Larsan. I mean, he's ran well every week and I just don't see him as well track. Yeah, that's track. He naturally sucks that. I just don't even see the equipment helping him. It's he's like Edwards. Like Edwards, suck the Marnville and I never liked that words. He was low key. Okay, I'm not going to say that. I made too many animies to I said Mark Martin's over open rate the twenty times today, like ten different drivers, included Turex, say it. I almost said it. I'm almost that rigs, but did you always say? Almost say that? What did you want to say? He's spaming the word overrated, like when he found out about the wrap. It's the greatest Emoji all time. You still have, I feel, like reaction. It's like a month pass the truck. Final change to the one hundred emoji. No change to the guy with the glass. The bus sessions keeping a real it does that's it. That's what Salzman using a lot. The guy with the mustache. Yeah, it's gonna curs. I'll be different. I'll say Hamlin's going to win, just to keep the first time winners coming. Oh, don't give me that Shit. I just want to see more first signing the hard dog, though, I like it. I like it because of the eight. Yeah, who's gonna Suck? I have a feeling he's gotten good there recently. Cody. Recently, though, okay, I know that's true. Three years the contender there, twenty and sixteen, he never mind, even just like twenty hours now. I'm just going to shut up. Yeah, there you go, good job. Yeah, I'M NOT gonna go with any I'll say you know what, I hate on my favorite driver and say Blainey won't show up. Can you not. I'm trying with that. that. Yeah, so thanks for watching. Don't read to check us out. You Tube, spotify, apple podcast, Google podcast also. I got us on there too last really. Yeah, we're on there to Google people powder cast. So like, subscribe, follow all that, leave a review comment if I'm already and yeah, we'll see you in the next episode.

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