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Episode 9 Old Faces in New Places


*Originally aired September 22, 2020* This week we’re joined by Joseph Costello once again to discuss Silly Season’s biggest and most recent news and how busy the playoffs really are in the top 3 series after Bristol Motor Speedway!

Ross’s new home?

Denny’s team? 

Things even bigger in Texas?

Dirt to Tennessee?

More playoffs?

That’s all on Episode 9!

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Welcome the episode nine, and that's gramats a podcast. I'm your host, troy drained, by Chris Caden and Joseph Costello, the guy that races today. Today this episode will be going over some big news. Silly seasons ramping up quickly. We got some big news that changes how two thousand and twenty one will look. That has come out. We will look at the weekend at Bristol. Ross stain announces this morning at like thirty in the morning, for whatever reason, that it is confirmed he is going to chip canassy racing to drive the forty two in two thousand and twenty one. Is it? Is it more than a one year deal or do we not know that? We did not know that. I don't think it was specified. It was for two thousand and twenty one. I didn't hear anything beyond that yet. I mean now I think. I think it'll be beyond two thousand and twenty one. It would definitely will because of the CG are contract that he has. Yeah, I mean I don't I'm going to be honest, like maybe if we were talking about this before chast stain went to colleague this year, I think I would have said or well, I mean a couple of years ago, last year, whatever, I would have said. You don't chastings probably the most likely to go to the forty two. But, like I mean, now it's just I mean I think it was the one at the time when, when no one knew that Jamie mcmurray was retiring, Kirt Bush went over. Everyone said that chast stain would go over because the DC solar thing. But I mean that's pretty cool. That's pretty cool. I don't expect much from them next season again, if he's a rookie. But I mean he's been in a cup before for I think I forget how long, but it's been it's only years, as first start has been in seventeen I dover. Yeah, the lash. It's Johnson last one. He has enough competent he is enough experience to the point where, like he he doesn't need that along in a full cup ride to like the like. Yeah, like he won't be like a rookie which comes in like first year into cup and will struggle for both of the regular season. I think he'll come in maybe, maybe he'll start off a little slow, but I expect by maybe six seven races and he's contending for top fifteen s, top tens? Yeah, because it still needs to get used to run out front. Cup, the competition, two tracks, the package, two cars, all the stuff. He's racing the package. Well, yeah, but like not enough experience that much. Yeah, Says Hill. It's also worse equipment. Yeah, he has given his all races. I give him cuss better equipment than Roush Fenway is twelve races them to get an experience. At least can competing for top fifteen. That's playing that before then. I mean it's gonna ask you a quip. That's yeah, I thing, but I mean it's tres staying a day tone. I could, I could honestly see him having a good run. They talkers reported it before the news of tonight. He reported it either yesterday or what was it said to day, that when Denny would announce, obviously before tonight, bubba would go to the team that Denny Hamlin is starting, and then tonight's news broke of that happening. It's going to be cool system. It's cool. The A new team and and it's going to be I mean you can't just say immediately they're going to be a competitive team, but they're gonna have trd development and it's basically a fifth Joe Gibbs car. They just got Michael Jordan and to basically say that it's not a JOE GIBTS car. That's bakeleally why he's a did read from either Bob Parkers or Jeff Gluck that Jordan is majority owner and Danny is not. Wow, I can't remember which one I've read that from. I mean Jordan is the mature majority owner. That doesn't mean Jordan has the most say rising that. I mean it. They probably are doing that just to say that, just to prove that, like maybe there's trying to prove that it's not a just a fifth Joe gibts car. That's probably what it is and it's not Jenny. Yeah, Denny Ham will just tell Jordan what to say and what to do,... know, almost like Hammons the boss, but Jordan's just there to say everything. Yeah, that makes sense. And then they said that, you know, they don't know the manufacturer yet, or they that's what the details were, but we all know it's going to be a Toyo. Yeah, really, a toilet by. Yeah, it wasn't announced yet, but maybe ninety nine, point nine and ninety nine percent sure of everyone. I'm a hundred. I'm a hundred thousand percent sure it to Toyota because it's thirty halm one and it's a Filari about td are. Obviously it's a Toyota. I mean last week a lot of silly season stuff has fallen, like I mean we got now that it's bubba Wallace being the driver, which is big. So I mean we still can't tell if it's gonna be competitive equipment or even better than our pm, but I mean I think it's almost safe to say that it might be even, if anything, just a little bit better than our PM. Look at so that's podium. It's gonna be like KBM, but like just in the cup series. Yeah, I mean that, you know, that is actually a very good point. It could be that could be the team where, if bubble wallace doesn't improve, they're going to start bringing up drivers in the lower ranks, like Brandon Jones, Harrison Burton, bringing them up there first, and then if anyone needs to boota jd are, they're going to step in there. That makes a lot of sense actually. Look in that that I feel like bubba's going to have a spot for a while. Oh yeah, I think I'll have a spot for for at least three years. Yeah, Bubba, well, I mean we still don't know if it's this is Toyota team, but it's like almost confirmed that it's probably going to be a Toyo two team. So this probably going to be that, almost like Levine family racing was for Christopher Bell. I feel like. I think bubble will stay there for three to four years and then once true extra tires, which I'm thinking two thousand and twenty four, two thousand and twenty five, but we don't know. I think he could, maybe we could, might maybe see Brandon Jones or Harrison burn, whoever they want to put in up into they're completely and maybe keep Bubba in. Well, what numbers are going to be? I'm thinking it's going to be twenty three because of Jordan. That'd be my twy three because, yeah, yeah, Jordan, and then Denny Hamlin's I racing team everything. Yeah, Texas is the All star race and then CODA is the we don't know yet, probably, but for one I'd assume. Yeah, probably be the spring. I don't think Texas or SMI is going to give up a playoff date. Yeah, but last thing is done. After Racing Bristol this weekend. Adams, Adam Stern in the athletic or no, just Adams Stern. He he mentioned that SMI and Nascar or in talks to bring dirt to Bristol for the first time in forgotten teen years, twenty years. That is two thousand twenty or nineteen years, because I think it was. When they did it was two dozen. Once it was nineteen years. Yes, is the world of outlaws. They race there. Yeah, I mean I the yeah, yeah, that's where I'm on the fence. I mean, see if you're going to put it dirt. And what they say? This is for cup or did they not even mention? They did not specify, but they said NASCAR as a whole. Which one mean the Cup and exfinity series? Yeah, and the trucks, which is that? See, I just told ors probably lost state. I said, see, I don't mind the idea of NASCAR, UN dirt, I just I mean, I'll door. Is always produced good racing, don't get me wrong, but like, do we really want to sacrifice one of the Britisht or races, and specially I mean the spring race no one really goes to, let's be honest. But I mean it's still puts on fantastic great racings, but in the end it isn't come to it doesn't come down to fantastic razy comes down to money. So I mean they're...

...they probably try this and then try this for like a one off here and then if it doesn't work, it doesn't work and I'll just go back to the spring race. See The thing that is I think it's a bad ideas because you're taking a concrete track that's fit for not dirt racing, and the dirt racing, which for the world of Alans, I never really want. I never watched the races there. I don't know if it was good or not. But we're driving five hundred and fifty horse power off one hundred fifty horse power. Race cars not going to be so under the Cup would be seven hundred and fifty horse power. Give. Yeah, yeah, sorry, yeah, it's seven hundred and fifty worse file and there it. No, that's I mean they're probably die. You that the US power. They'd probably change it a little bit. I don't see them. I don't. I don't. I don't think it's a good idea because it's not in because nobody knows on the track that they're good at dirt. Recent probably besides Jimmy, and Jimmy's emon racing. Next year, Christopher, Christopher, briolars and Alex if he comes back, if he comes back stays, stollman's good sound. There's quite a few guys in the cup. The door did now I didn't. Didn't know in Newman and Newman. Yeah, new man, a newman. So there's there's quite a bit of Guy Se could quite a bit of guys, but I don't think it's going to be right for brist though. If you want to like take the cup cars and the Cup series and the expanishers and truck series to to dirt, do it like at a track that's made for dirt, like Orange County fairgrounds. It's not really and now I it's not really a track, but like it's kind of a could be NASCAR sanction, like they have a pit roar that it's basically dirt race. It's basically the king of not really came, but it's a really good dirt track. Just go to a track that's just dirt and not you have to transfer and spend more money on getting dirt, putting to their down, putting the clay down and everything. It's just like too much work just even do that in the first place. Like that's why. That's what actual dirt tracks. That's where actually dirt tracks. I save some, some, seven some money on thing I got, any thing that directs you gotta do is probably build more grant stains, but that's just about it. While the other track, while Outra truck under by the money, by the money to get the dirt, get got by money for the clay and then put everything down and then I have to take the doe down, put the and get it ready for the night race that they're if they're doing for the spring race. Feel like so only tracks so beat the MASCAR would even try to do that. If they don't do it their Ray said Bristol. The only tracks that they would try to bring the cup series to our Eldora and Knoxville and I forty four. I footy four, I eat for shoot. It's I forty four freeway. I could see knocks out. I could definitely see knocks though. Knox those a good truck great track. It's flat and I think it's wide enough and I think it could produce good racing. Mostly depends on the night most of the top sideworks, so it could possibly be good. That's where I think. I think knocks will be a good track and maybe I forty four speedway, not saying old Dora's, I mean Tony Stewart owns El Dora. So that that's where that factors. And I think outdoors just losing its spark. That's the thing because we when we got the news I was coming back, we were all hide in. Two Thousand and thirteen were high, two thousand and fourteen were high and then are on this two thousand and seventeen to twenty two now range. It's just started to die down and even one of the NASCAR reporters saying it's just going down on the ten ends and it's just not producing as many fans as as a one stead. So I think I've doors is losing its flame and it needs to be done the torch. She's be past another track. See if you want my honest opinion about it and about dirt going to Bristol. I don't want it. I mean it sounds cool, it's it sounds uncol it sounds cool. Don't get me wrong, it probably produce decent racing out best, I worst, but nothing about the...

...truck series is different from the Cup series other than that their trucks. So I think you got to keep at least one thing different, one thing that makes trucks at least a little bit special, which has probably been the last five six years, has been the Eldora dirt is. You got other tracks, but I feel like Eldora just got that that hype that almost no other track can produce. You know. Yeah, that's where I stand on there. Yeah, I agree with that. Like El Dora as a third two series of truck series needs something special in it and it having dirt and a tract that you can't like compare its other tracks, like Canaan tire. You could be like Oh, Canon tires great and all, but Rowkins, Glenn, Robo, Sonoma, rd America, etc. Is Better. Like you can't. You can't like pick a dirt race because none of the other series do a dirt race and be like Oh, this tracks better than Eldora. Series kind of has something their own special. With a cup is obviously going to be like Bristol night race and day Tona five hundred when you're talking about viewership and southern five hundred day. Each series has their own kind of, you know, special tracks and for Cup it it's it's the day twenty five hundred. Realistically, like, whether you're an Oscar fan or not, you're probably going to tune into the Daytona five hundred. For exfinity, I mean it's it's kind of hard because they don't have a special one, but I'd say it's all the wide variety of like different tracks they do to go to in terms of like road courses. I think it saw one for them. Really, I really guess I taught of the beginning gets the dates. Hona summer rays for them. I'm mixed. The February one. I think it's the summer one. It's because the Febrywhere one gets over showered. Yeah, shadowed like it could be the February one. I mean maybe the day comet of July rays that. That is always a yeah, that's that's the one. I'm talking about. The for exting. Yeah, I know it was that of race anymore. See obvious. Sure you know what you know. You know what we mean. Just it's it's the summer race that Daytona. I feel like that and the Bristol night race that they have that leads up to the Cup one. Those are like. Those are the two races for the exfinity series set and then in Secas and the trucks is a door lot. It's race that and also because a lot of dirt racers or they're at the track and a lot of dirt racers all around the country come to watch his track because one reason stewart frees and Stewart frees and drives the big blox up in the northeast. Obviously know. Everyone knows that. Well, if you don't, then you know. So like the dirt the dirt racers up in the northeast common wash, Stewart, freese and mostly, mostly will altra and everywhere else. And then you guys are then that the outdoor host like their Wednesday shows at the track when the truck series are there. So the truck series come and watch their Wednesday shows and then they go out for their practice and then I requalifying and then they do have their heat races, which I think the race is better than the actual main event, but that's me. But I think for the trucks is just mostly held or and then expenctly. It's just like you don't know, because nobody really cares about the expertized series, unless dirty toona or Bristal and sometimes the championship race. And then the Cup series. You have the day total five hundred. That they total summer race, the tied Talladegas Bristol night race, the championship race, Darlington and the brickyard and then shallow with the coaxx hundred, and then they are so the only the only ones that I disagree with. I mean the championship race. No one tunes in championship weekend like, Oh, this is going to be a highlight of the NASCAR season. Oh my God, the championship...

...race, like no one cares. Even doing it? Like not. No, no, like. I'm not saying nobody cares, but when you're looking from an outsider fan and you turning on, tuning on to a NASCAR race that you want to watch, are you going to tune on into the championship race? Like it's not like this. It's not like football where they have the super bowl. It's not the Stanley Cup, it's not like any of that. I would just Sam Nick mayor that entire night. That man drove the truck. Vers is what? Three hundred robsters? Two hundred and fifty. Was a two hundred three. I want to say two hundred and fifty. I think it was. No Ar Arcali Arco was two hundred parks, commander, hundred and fifty miles. Last hundred fifty laps. Oh my bad, sorry, we one cover race. So the man as style, obviously. And what was the sixth start and the truck series? Yeah, probably right there, hating the kills. Help. It was low. It was really low. Never remembers, though. Anyway, the Kid Hass to out. He has potential. He didn't really want that race. He passed I don't know who. I forgot who the leader was. I did off Graf. He pressed, he passed his teammate and lay for the lead and he got it done. His truck was just simply better. And just his fourth start of the season. is about a quarter mile away from wedding. For the first time, mayor has done it. He has well, ever, every single race and two thousand and twenty two trucks here. It's like past broke maf of fifteen to go to winning way. Yeah, I feel bad brow. Well, what champion? What's championship to do in two thousand and eighteen, I think? Or Eighteen? Yeah, yeah, then, and I mean it's not like he has been bad since two thousand and eighteen, because I wouldn't call him bad since two thousand and eighteen from set. Sadly, it todd, the God toddy Gil and he had a bad day like the one bad race. We had many bad races like the one, like bad day that he couldn't afford all year and that has put him in a bit of a hole. So right now maffit and creed and Smith pretty much like the kid, ride around and chill with like no problems, like times, top tens and and things. Only point. Yeah, yeah, they they could just get top tens the next two races, I guess. And there's good and Grum and groom needs to still get points because they got one little slip up. Since he's like he doesn't have that, he doesn't have enough playoff points like be safe if he does have an issue. So he needs to keep up there. Same with Crafton. And then the big surprise from the truck race was Austin Hill had a terrible night from like the job part flag. Yeah, well, apart to contact with pot store freezing and yeah, and it's and add then they mentioned before the very said this was Austin's like worst track. He hated this track, said it added on to it, and and then he ended up spinning someone a getting spot or something, spinning himself. It was a little bit of bulls yeah, like he was kind of just racing at Bristol. So I wasn't near the regular season champion. Yeah. Yeah, so he went from the real season champion two plus two now. So he needs to really dig for the points now, which I believe in them. The Heat Third Championship team still, if they can make it through the round, they just need like's. I mean that's the thing. They have a chance to be done, which no one would expect, but it just is just prooves the playoffs again. The biggest like that. I don't want to expect the Matcraft then when a championship whip.

But guess what happened? Yeah, the biggest thing with the first round is day goes the cutoff race. So blow the Cutout, blow to cut line after race one. Christian ECIS, I think we all start just coming. He's it's not a championship team, not like a winning team. We were not. We were not thinking he was gonna contend for wins. I had them round of a but you know, he says it's he's too and yeah, and Todd Gillen, mine is a he's not that bad, but likes he's behind me, behind everyone. He had the read. The real the team has to really go for it now, like no seasons been as consistent, if not better than anchrum and a kiss majority of the season. So those three, those three are all right around each other. It's just when you start looking at the stats and be like, Whoa, he's done this, and then you watch him going to Bristol and the truck. Just none of it was there for him to narry the other night, which kind of, yeah, sucked, you know. Hopefully can bounce back in Vegas. Yeah, so big any rays. I think the regular season is so long and there's like no competition to the point where I wish the regular season just ended like five verses ago. Yeah, feels like that that you see. I just don't. I mean I kind of understand the reason why they all don't the playoffs all don't start on the same weekend. But I mean, wouldn't it just make it a lot easier going to make? It's like people like people, like people who are trying, like to first start to get into NASCAR. They're just they're trying to scramble to find what the first is like, what race is each weekend, but then they have to figure out when the playoffs start for each series, which is just if if I was the owner of Mascar, which we went over in the group Chet today, I would make all the playoffs start at the same same weekend. Okay, so all guy are dominated. It's Finnida the first replace. He he dominated, he won the first two stages and then he just fell off. He lost the track position on the restart and he couldn't make it up. The fords, once again are the fastest. Again, add in chesting to at least it wasn't cindricatalm side. I would a chest and Cyndreme, ha ha, syndric cruise again, like how good of a driver he is. He was leading with a few to go with no power steering. Yeah, yeah, I mean he's talented. Wow, without no powers dream. And so it was a fight between CINDRIC BRISCOE and chest in the end and they such positions a lot, but I think it was like five to go where Briscoe made his move under chesting and Brisco one I gave the cup series. He said every race is an audition, but I think this is the best audition you could do. Chase Briscoe. When's it? Bristol Brisky as a seven? Yeah, I like Brisco I think he's if he's going to start heating up now, this is the perfect time to start eating a hero. He's, I think, eating up since Las Vegas. Are the season. He just hasn't like slow down. That's it. Yeah, yeah, he's been really good, but he hasn't been to he hasn't been syndric good, if you know what I mean. Like he's been consistently running tops five, but he hasn't been. He doesn't. He hasn't been the wins. He fell off a tiny bit in the summer and Sindrick heat up in the summer,...

...but Briscoe had so much of a lade over everyone that it ended up kind of evening out, kind of, even though cindric locked up the way this season race early. I believe. Yeah, yeah, but still it's pretty even. Before the four drivers. I can't. I want to put Bristo in front of Syndric, but I really can. They're even right now. And Yeah, if I see, if I had to choose one, I would go with Briscoe. If I'm being completely honest. I think BRISCO has been steadily really good through most of the season, I'd say, except like that little couple three races in summer. I'd say he's been really, really good, where I think cyndric started off. I didn't start off slow necessarily, but I don't think he started off. BRISCO top. Well, I think briskow's just been maybe, maybe, just a little bit more consistent throughout the season. But I mean Syndric does have more points. So well, here's the thing. Have a quarter of the ex finaic serious schedule in the summer is road courses, and that's syndrics. CYNDRIC plush road course is equal. He was doing good. Yeah, but briscoes also good. Our road courses, excity playoffs, it's it's pretty easy for the round of twelve outs brown herbs and at seek out where Hoss, unless someone screws up really hard. Yeah, like has like a DNF and finish his last is something like that. I was herbs in the playoff. That's my question. He's been cre no? If no, there's I know, I know we all hate on herbst, but if you look at him, he actually hasn't been that bad. I'm pretty sure he's got like no head man the manage been battling Ryan seeking points all the year. Yeah, I mean in the Aten. No, obviously he hasn't been great like. I'm not saying it's been. He's been greating decent. He's been us like the generally. Yeah, people are saying he's garbage, which, I mean he's bad, but I will he's not. Yeah, but people, people having to the ARC wins in like forty starts defending the man. I never said once I was defending the man. So the playoffs. BRISCO and Sindric are a lock. Pretty much. Auguy Gregson, they could ride around. They can get top tens. They're good. Jones and Haley are kind of good, but still no mistakes. Just like don't and then burn chesting if they mr chest in them. Burton. Yeah, Oh yeah, bur I came. chesting is only eighth and points because he doesn't have a win. That just tells you how much a win the playoffs or like in the regular season means to the season, because chessting was like three or four and points. Now he's eight plus a on the cutoff. They are burn chesting. They just they just need to like keep doing what they're doing and don't have any mistakes, of course, and then I feel like a net and net could have a few runs and he could point his way in if someone, if someone slips up, like not targeting anyone, but like, let's see, burn is a rookie, he could slip up any time. Hayley could possibility. You never know. M Herbs, I don't. I don't see it. That's about it. See Seeing and Brown they just did is don't have it. They need they need a win or they they need like really good block. Yeah, I feel like seeks always that like unwritten guy that could just sneak in. I forgot it. Harveck pretty much like dominated the day, I'd say. Am...

I right? Did he like final half of the race? Because, yeah, it was most it was over. Yeah, earlier in the race it was mostly it was mostly Kyle Bush and we knew as the fastest. He moved through the field really quick and one stage two. It almost one stage. One, one stage too and should have one stage when. I mean he got secrewed lap think. I think he gave that's the laugh part. Such a yeah, the fact that where those terrific after the race is kind of an excusable. Laganas the LAGANA. Lagana's always had something after Leogana was three laps down and yeah, I was in the way and but you hate. Guess what? We saw Newman do the same thing last year. No, none different. That Newman's different. Newman lap down. Numan's going to lapdown. And how Ryan Newman races? He races you hard for Willna that maybe two laps down. Once he's two laps down, he lets you buy and Julia Ganos three laps down and he's not move at all through the race track to as laugh car should. They should move through the race track and get out of the leader's line once they're more than, like two laps down, because once you're once or more than two laps down, you have no reason to fight, especially with less than tend to go. I will say this. I will say those whom you might dislike my thought, because this is kind of true in this is how I've known it, through rules and everything. But it's the leaders job to get on the laugh cars like that. They showed her the blue and yellow flag that you say, faster car coming, just pull over, but it's not mandatory for them to. If you want to gain respect, which I feel like respect in this sport means more than a lot, then you think like Joey Lugano. I'm this firstever. I think of he doesn't have many people's respect, like maybe up with them, never shows him, doesn't even doesn't even have his teammates respect back. Basically, yeah, clash because last WHO's mad at him, and it just it just doesn't make any sense to fight a car when your three laps down, which I get it. His job isn't to move over. We're not saying that. We're just saying maybe he could have just chosen the Middle Lane where. Noah, not, the leaders weren't running like was that? was that too hard time, I ask? Think he should have. He he bought Kyle a little bit, but like once you get into like he bonded for go like three laps, three, four laps. Once it's been like a lap and a half and the leader is unable to get by you and you're holding them up, then it's your job at that point to get around up to like take move yourself out of the way, because then you know certain the way and you got to get out of the way. And that's just what I guess, part of the respect of it, I guess. But again, it's not their job to pull over. The it's all round to pull over, but it's a d being a dcent and being not fighting for the win. Why are you fighting? I get it, but why are you still fighting like at that point, like, what are you what are you going to lose? I don't think there's any your cars catching them behind them. You're getting nothing from it. You gaining disrespect, and that's why people don't like Lagana. That's why I personally don't like Lagana, is because people have raced in with respect and then he just doesn't show back. Well, Godda has just not been a driver where he he says he can get respect from drivers, but he just doesn't show it. Now, I mean he's done it so many times to like wreck people and he's such a talented driver to that makes me mad. He's such a talented driver with it. He's just he's also second management of his dad's money. Like, honestly, I if I remember, they were stays. His Dad's been like fifty grand. Just don't Bando, Bando, racing, Bando, racing his go cart, racing. Fifty grand just for Bandos. Okay, that's that's money. Okay, I kill if I have that type of money. But... it's back to Caden's point about her and troy both stating that Joey showd got another way. Kyle knew that he was coming upon Joey. He knows that they're now fans of each other. Kyle out should have taken out. When was the last time Joey Lagano and Kyle Bush had actual run in incident? Two Thousand and Seventeen Vegas. was that cut playoffs. So pretty much Um. All right, so who's eliminated? First, a bit of DEBTA. We saw that coming blanding at seer read of playoffs. We knew one person get screw read plaoffs every year, but still support it. And it was either going to mate. was hit or miss on. It is either going to he was going to do good and take the tone momentum somewhere or he was going to go back to Billiam by. was just inconsistent, see for both of them and then happen at the same time and he was in the next round before he got yeah, wrecked every place. So we don't know, but I think the fifty one and cold coaster was close. You just like he just wasn't cool. custer had a better night, like if you were in like just a little bit inside the top ten, he would have. It would have been darn close. It would have been real close. I forget if he made the playoffs, I forgot. Was Good. Then Act quiet like cold costers been quiet ever since this. KOLDSK's been quietly consistent, though he hasn't been the worst rookie, I'm pretty sure. First is hard for curry as a full race ahead. He's from US locked. Oh yeah, I don't think we even need to touch on him. Denny, he's had enough bad races where he's kind of like used up his free points. D had heading into the playoffs where he needs like he's got a stopped. He said again. Every need together. He's got to be I beg he has one more race to just like use up the points. If he doesn't just he's got, he's done, because Brad's even closing in arm yeah, he's Denny's plus forty three and price is quiet, but I just quiet like he's been there, but he also hasn't been there. So what I've been saying, I've been saying something the start of the season. Bright as quietly. Yeah, UM, Brad, Brad in the same place he could. He has points. He just needs like run well and stuff. He's just gone run cheese and true rex. They need it. They can't have points get to their head. They still need to run good get yeah, they did skip play just took her. If the one I'm stone mares, the one I'd be scared of, there's true X. I'm terrified of this round of twelve. I mean Vegas. We could easily go out and win, but Talladega, and because I'm here for everyone. Yeah, Roboll Roful, we would we finish there? We finished. Oh Yeah, we wrecked in two thousand and eighteen because, oh, yeah, like eleventh or something, johnsome yeah, but we were going to win that race. And then last year, last you, I'm pretty sure we finished top five. They're so, yeah, I think you're pretty good. First Five, seventh and point is where gets close Bowman's plus four. I think moment's getting elimited. With round dying, and I'm roller are tied for the cutoff. Kyle busting Clinton barriers, Ti, Kyle wish one and Kurt Bushes twelve, for they all are are in the every style Bush. Every single position matters and they need a fight for every little thing. And then if your things no matter what. That how boy events you're looking at. This first round in general, Kyle Bush was arguably a top five driver this entire round. Yeah, now he's going to go to Talladega. We're which I mean you can't expect anything. You just gotta go in with hopes and Briars Vegas Roll will. He hasn't finished either race, I'm pretty sure. My God. No, wait, yeah, in two thousand and eighteen, he don it know and he didn't last happen. So this could bask the first time since two thousand and fourteen, Cow Bush is getting limited and earlier and really said of fourteen guys, time it's going to be either Hamlin or Harvech or Joey,...

...because from Joey's a got a vegas for whatever reason. Lately, true x or jokes, wonder laughs. Are is going to be one of those for it's going to be one of those four. I don't see. Daddy, Ammon Danny said were eliminating one. If we're eliminated to I'd say eliminate, honestly, Harvard and Hale, and I'd say, between Joey and true tricks, I both had the best car at the long run, at the end last last you see you're at this race. But HARV, it's also been. Also, Harvard's been. Wow, I don't know, but the thing is, well, yeah, it's a well, very much locked up to like the next round. That's all I can say. He's just what he's like the theronomy and like, yeah, all unless he wrecks out of all three. Yeah, we all know everyone's whoever who's getting eliminated first is the same. Yeah, basically hurts ground see in it. Yeah, so let's say the trow you start star, okay, just if you can show, if you yeah, just if you can start something. I definitely know it's going to be Bruscott. Roscoes definitely going to come in there and be a big threat. Syndric, I don't know. He'll well up. I'll probably went at the world will do really well there and then he'll walk up with the round of eight or whatever the health now on the next round is, and then I don't know how he's going to do after that. Maybe he'll make it to the championship. For I see Justin Hallie getting eliminated. Maybe Justin all guy again, I could see I got going back to the championship for and then Jones is getting eliminated and then Gregson's getting I. I want to say chast stain, but I don't know, I'm not hundred percent confident. Yeah, it's I'm going to say Brisco Cindric Auger and then chast stain. That's my pets is. He's a champion. First Goy, I first go buy a position. All right, my final four is Brisco Cinder, all Guy Burton. I like, I like throwing in bull predictions because, yeah, I love I love Chris. I like Chris is face. I just love throwing him pulled because because like it's superdictable. That like it's almost like boring making predictions were you gotta like be bold with it and have fun with it. I don't see Sarson. So okay, I'm going to explore myself for a quick so BRISCO center, can we see it all guy, I see him making it, either winning or just pointing those way in Grayson, Jones Haley, they just don't have it. Yeah, they're just not that good. I can agree on that one. So, chast stain. So I think Harrison burn is going to have a late season like little sergs, like a little push that pushes him to a win or put his way in. I just I I just see it having a surge and not as sting falling off, but just just burn being a tick better in this round. In the last round you didn't. Yeah, but Chris is my champion, Chris Briscoe Center. That's easy, like there's no denying them. They've been the best two guys all season for the long time. All guys coming on late and he's coming on on the short tracks and that's where you need it. So it's don't denying that. And then I remember your staying because he just runs so damn consistent. Yeah, he if he's not going to be second, he's going to be third or fourth and fifth, and that that'll get you to the final four because looking at what the round of Eight... for exfinity. I SEE CINDER CAN BRISCO win in one of the races each and then Martinsville, someone's going to win it. It's going to be a wild guard. Yeah, put him much. He's your champion. I got cyndric BRISCO. We all know that. It is Kansas. Weren't at one of the round of a drift? Yes, yes, I think his canda continues. I think wait, I think Jo will get an awful win at Kansas. I think he goes three in a row. I don't this is not me saying he's gonna have a fantastic round of eate, but this is just me saying I think he'll win Kansas and then just run mediocre the next two races. Is the Martinsville. Yeah, and then my and then final guy. Have it in. I'M gonna start the Alguire band wagon train and I'Ma say chast stain gets in. Okay, on points scared me for a second. I think. I think chast stain will do a chastain like move and take out another championship for contender, and I think one of those championship for candners will be cyndric or BRISCO. I've just got you know. I've just got that gut feeling that it's just gonna it's just going to happen. And and now I'm tossing and turning between this because if I say this I'm going to be biased, or I could go the easy way out. I think Brandon Jones won the exfinity race earlier at Phoenix, and I mean he beat Kyle Wash to win it, did he or did he not? He did, he didn't square. He was faster. And you guess what track we're going to for the finale? That tracks. It's either him or BRISCO. I'm gonna if you happen it, I think Brandon Jones with it. That's why that's okay, we don't need a detail. Just say who harbarcurture REX. Okay, sure you go. It's gonna be I as just like chase. Chase is gonna win. Oh God, damn it, Um go, because he's gonna Reckon the other two races in the round. Oh, this is hard, this is hard, this archricks. She gonna Picture. I say, Oh my God, he's been really good. I don't know, he's been really good at Vegas. So that's true. Every time, I every time I pick them. He always recks, so I'm going to pay Kevin R Rick Tishu. Last Google's I get number ten. Damn when I think so. I think it's in our wrap of this episode, episode nine, asking hots a podcast. Please don't forget to follow me ask our hot spot on instagram and twitter. Thanks, Joseph, for joining us once again. Please sponsor the guy you need. Sponsorship the race and don't forget to subscribe. Like then, share the podcast, and I hope you guys enjoy last Vegas.

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