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Episode 18 Firing Off On All Cylinders


We hope you enjoy the most recent episode of the NASCAR Hotspot podcast! Season 2 episode 1 is firing off on all cylinders as we go over recent silly season moves, pending rumors and our bold prediction just one week away from the start of one of the most historic seasons in the sports history. Don’t forget to like and subscribe! Check out the podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcasts and follow us on Instagram: @thenascarhotspot

Welcome on this episode NASCAR rumors, bold predictions and silly season on the Nast your hot spout podcast starring me. Then ask our hot spot. Let's get on with the PODCASTS. Everyone been talk to us every day. That's a story. Starting podcast. You talk to us. He answering that question as yeah, I know, sorry, every single day. Like your response. That's your response. So how? How? How has a woman? Pretty good. I'd say keep it. Let's just keep it. You would know because we don't talk to you every day or something like that. But yeah, we are pretty bed of wise. It's we talked a lot of this is so cringey. Could we just move on down she just jump into bold predictions. Yeah, CADEN's way too eat. Go. I know where first. Yeah, so a lot is going down since last time we hear, which is like mid January, and now it's a start of it's the start of February. There you go. Okay, so drama. That everything. It's his podcast. If you already know that. Yes, I mean Christ you have the power to me. I do have the power to meet him. You just have a show without troy loser it. That's where I thought. Silence his reactions great stupid little squirrel. So it's so KS Grala was a nast that he's gonna be running the day town five hundred and maybe some other races for calling racing this season in the cup series. Good, okay, it's Kas grow, I mean, I mean at least he's getting cup experience. Good, good move. I think he'll do pretty well and I think you'll do well. I mean, Katie hype, but I think you'll do well in the races he's in. I don't think he's gonna like blow anyone away, but I think he'll. He's good for a couple like top fifteen. I think we'll see him. I'll run the equipment that calling has, but we won't see them. We won't see him do anything crazy like run top fifteen. I'd say higher twenties, like twenty twenty three ish. Position Wise, was it just you? My ton five hundred? He was an ance for well, it was a x Hu's be doing a day twenty five hundred, but they also mentioned that he would be doing all the races this season. So I assumed he'd be doing road courses, because he didn't finish like in Austinville. That are finished seventh and our cere. So yeah, he'll probably do a few and then I assume Haley'll do a couple of super seed ways. So I don't think he'll be on for all four. You. Yeah, yeah, so, and then it was announced because, like tie Dylan, we thought was gonna like be like throwing out of everything. He's going to be doing day five hundred with Gand brothers racing. They picked up a sponsor for the race and they'll be attempting the race with Um, with tie right, as if now there is only a one race deal. So it's it's a good move, I think. I mean tie Dylan, he's not the most exciting or he's not the most best driver in the garage, but I mean he was only a Germaine racing for his whole career, so I think he deserves another shot. And I mean he didn't even get fired, he got the team shut down. Yeah, yeah, I a choice arts anything. I think this. I think he's going to actually be a sleeper in terms of the open cars because he's not bad at the superspeedways. So he may not have the finish because he's caught up in the you know, big one, but the big ones, always in the front of the pack of nowadays, and he's usually go up there with them. So in terms of the open cars, she's probably one of the four that's going to make it in as long as something stupid doesn't happen to him. But we'll see you when we get to that point. Should we also talk about him? And Yeah, we might have. You might as be gay, for that makes sense now. So, Um, that's cut ties cut plans as of now, but ties a bigger contract or opportunity line up in x finish series, where's going to be doing, I believe, eight races. Races. Isn't we doing four races for Joe Gibbs, racing in a fifty four car and the exfinity series, which is like, I think, the biggest opportunities career? This is where it really determines the kind of driver he is. He needs to go out there and actually win if he wants to be either a in the cup series or have a competitive rideing exfinity.

In those four races, he needs to go out and win at least one of them. He's going to be in top of the series equipment, so there's no reason he can't go and win the race. Yeah, I agree. I think it's either win or bust for him. I feel like he's gonna have to win, as Chris said, if he wants to be back in cup and even if he goes winless, he's in trouble because I don't really see even a him getting a fulltime xfinity ride even in two thousand and twenty two if he doesn't do very well. Yeah, the Po the most critical moment in his career. We're I'll decide, like he could be on like back at a pack rides if like this does not work out the way it should fund it. Time will tell Katie anything. Um, if he can win this, one of these races and then finish extremely or at least decently well in all the races, I think he has a shot to go to a twenty three eleven race in car. I mean, look at the drivers he has. There's John Hunter, Nima check, who could go to one because he's now with the Toyota pipeline, and tie Dylan. These are both drivers who step down from Cup series into a lower series and have better opportunities now. So I think I think it's going to be good for tie Dylan if you can pull off a win. My wasn't okay. My one thing is that I don't know if four races will be quite enough to earn him a cup right, even if he does well. I don't know if, for like four races isn't all that many, you know, in reality, I feel like he could go out and win multiple maybe, but I don't know if one win in four races are really show him enough to get a full time cap right back. I think he will have to win at minimum one of those four races and run top five in the other three, or, if you if it's not been top ten and one of those three. Yeah, besides the top fives, like he needs to run up front every race, has to be leading labs every single race in order to actually have a shot. And if you can win even this season after he could still just do part time with gibbs in the fifty four and run more races, like run like sixteen or seventeen races, and then that'll show them how well he can do throughout like a whole season and a good equipment. So that could be interesting too. Yeah, so, Um, it's not confirmed yet but um, he'll pray, will run like the clash with a twenty three eleven racing, which really puts into perspective like if he succeeds in exffinity, where he could go, because they're clearly interested in in him and want him there. Maybe in the future if sponsor goes his way. Sponsorship goods is when everything it's the biggest thing thing with him is he doesn't have any sponsors now. Yeah, very big problem. Py Wass will stick with games or Toyota. We'll go to we'll go to Toyota Kinda. So back down the truck series. Door sport racing is going to part ways with floorda after three years, I believe, and they're gonna it's like confirmed out, of course, but there's there's no way they'd be going to like the Chevy, but they're going to be going to Ford. They're in a way to Toyota and day. I think that's the best shot, since they were there were really good. I don't know why they would even leave Toyota years ago, but they were doing really good in the first place Toyota. So I think this is a great opportunity. Yeah, I think it's a good move. I still think right now Chevy is probably the best manufacturing trucks, but considering the success they had with Toyota like back in the day, I feel like we could almost see a four sport revival. Ditch been roads and then. Yeah, yeah, I think a lot of that. It's all go ahead. Now you can go, Chris. I think a lot of their success will be based off of, like Nick said, if Toyota can return to what it was, because we saw even the past what two to three years with the kabum trucks, outside of Kyle and Greg bifful in, the one Texas racing man, Toyota hasn't really been there. Stewart freeze and had the final four appearance in two thousand and nineteen, and then that wasn't even with Toyota, actually know. That was with Chevy and then he switched and did word. He switched in a date. Did nothing last year, absolutely nothing compared to the year before. The KBUM trucks didn't show up that much and if they did, usually something would happen to where they would wreck. I mean what didn't two of them wreck from the lead last season, but that's also because they yeah, we're also younger guys and outside of who is it?...

Lessard Winning Tailadega? That was that? They're only was that Toyota's only win of like actual regulars didn't yeah, I'll Bush when Vegas. I love regulars. He's regularly. All right. Yeah, I think. Yeah, yeah, thank you. So if Toyota can return to what it once was, then that move can be really good for thorsboard, but if not, then we'll see what that things well, as we were on the topic of trucks, I know we talked about this in our prior podcast. We talked about La Sard was announced to a deal with GMS or not? GMS Nice, but I don't think it was announced that it was full time then. No, it was. It's it is GMS. Yeah, is it? You has whole time. I think it was an outced his part time. When I don't remember, I thought, well, dollar thing, we're on Toyota and trucks there. Yeah, yeah, so not. It is GMS that started. is going to be running. Yeah, since twenty looked it up, fake with stard fan. Shut up. So we'RE gonna go. We're going to move on and stay in the truck series and Toyota and drew dollar, who I think he was pretty mediocre in his Arca run last year, besides winning Tallenta, because whoever's behind him just like a backed off. I don't watch ARCI. At least it was. It was the worst. It was one of the worst races I've ever watched. That was there. It wasn't. It wasn't the fact that it was a rekfest. Is just that it looked like they had no idea what they were doing. No, no, they don't. It's an art raise. They don't have any idea, whether I means untalented. I mean, that's all. Yet now we can't get any ARCHI driver on the bad guys, I'm sorry, just call it all doing. I'm not doing it because of that. I mean, when it comes to super speed race, though, Jew dollar, I guess, picked up enough funding dollars. He picked up on like a lot of dollars. I was terrible. Move On. Yeah, you're wanting to be writing. He's in a running eight races for kbm in the fifty one in the fifty one truck. Yeah, I think this would be pretty mediocre. I think I'll be outside of top ten. Yeah, I don't think he's gonna do much either. I don't know a lot about him. I don't know about a lot about how he didn't Arco who. Based off what you said, I don't think he's going to do too. Is that k staying in the eighteen now? Just thought I saw something about that kiss. I can't. The eighteen is a Cham with Smith. This is Oh yeah, who's the fifty? Are Not as a finish the full force? Nima check? Yeah, Oh, yes, I thought I got about that. Wllow, that's where I saw something about that. I really got. I thought I heard like yes, Christian heck is goes full time cup racing. Oh, mostly something one minute ago on his twitter. Actually, that's perfect time. It says stay tuned. Hashtag still standing. It's just a video him in a Toyota racing shirt in a in the well. Not all the races have been filby is A. Okay, okay, I hope. I hope this. Ben Rhodes has kicked the worse from Toyota and neck is gets. Whatever reason, they won't kick Ben Roads General just made the final four. Kick Sauterer. Then I just saw a thing with a rumor of ecks going in the ninety eight. What isn't that grant finger? Yeah, we're the Thur Spoord, Stewart Hoss is, Riley Hurt Sport had a real busy offseason, with the manufacturer swapping supposedly a new driver and Christian pack. Okay, well, that would that would make sense. You know, if that actually seems extremely likely, I like it Cuz, I mean, he didn't do too bad. It's just KBM has a one year deal for every single driver, apparently. Yeah, in the summer. In the summer use a really good he should have won like two to three race into summer, but then like he should have won mission and you got passed by Zane Smith, like the shooterter won Pocono and then Danny were honors like that Gay Blue Che I got a flat tire. Yeah, I remember that. and Ex finity series. They jokers racing announced they're driving line up for the fifty four are at least most of it, because they want to. They want to run all the races. But I added it up and it's like there are like twelve races total between the very close. So who else they're gonna put in there, though? I mean they could have something. Got A ton of drivers could start just really John Hunter, Nima check no, but for the road...

...course, he's like they did like Jack Hawks or something. Yeah, is the random drivers. Yeah, for for what tricks? Is For one? Sure, tell me one. Oh my sw yeah, sure, is only one race. That's a plane be running the Daytona road course. Kyle Bush will be running a few races. Danny will be running a few races, but that's under cook. Kyle has one, two, three, four, Kylis five, trux is one, denny has one. What he has? It's five, or then thy Gilan has for. I mean those races could go always get added up. Just ran only like Christopher Bowe. All we know could just run a couple races, which I was surprised. True, x got an ounce of the fifty four and Beldon. That just shocked real hay. Yeah, it's going to be to Trux, his first xfinity start since two thousand and ten, since two thousand and ten. He's going to win too. So the devil one, as we just said. So thy Gibbs is going to be making his expreeny debut in the Daytona road course, which I think is a pretty bad idea. Yeah, he completely just like killed the field, and in a good way. He killed the field and Arca this past season you won like for or five or six races. I don't think it's races. I don't think it's a bad move because you know of a Lee. You know he's gonna get to cut whether he's good or not. So just let him raise now, tear up equipment. Can't be any worse than rarely hurts. Yeah, don't. Don't push that theory, Chris Tak no, I think that's that's pretty well. I think that's a pretty good theory, that it's a good much worse than rather, it's a good theory to be fair. Pop, on top of the tie Gibbs News, true, x is the biggest surprise. You can be running Atlanta in September's news for six ternity. Start since two thousand and ten. Why that track? WHY ATLANTA? Atlanta isn't even one of his best. Moma has its best finished at Atlanta is like two thousand and nineteen, when you finished second. Has Lasky that it's not like it's not like he was like limited on his choices. He has later Denny hammless and me running Darlington. We all know that he's been running Darlington and Bush she's going to be running. Yeah, I wish you could be running Atlanta, sert the America's Texas, Nashville and Road America in the expinity series. This was really surprising and like random news. But how do you suppose name Maguel pulling? We go to Ludo, the guy that just like killed the wall in a bad way at Daytona years ago. That's the only way to anyone remember runny. That makes sense. He's in me running three races for a Jam Motor Sports Nicks Fin series at road courts, is Um Vote America, Circuit Americas and mid Ohio. So he's in running those three races in the eight tracks. What good? If you want to diss the rolls, all like somewhat allowed it, but like any other proper road courses are good. Understand. I hate exactly. Yeah, exactly. What what it? Do we want to add opinions on the whole Mago Polito thing or no, I not. Think it's kind of just a it's not that much right now. So we have no idea how he's get big, big, big move that everyone's happy about. Gaby were Jim MERC is going to be running. Talk looks the second spire more sports car, literally fifty if he wins. I'm not even kidding Ya. Wait, how much? How much did you bet on it? I wax. Oh, wow, that's a good day. Yeah, yeah, if I put money on a Suarez and to be five hundred. So Mc Murray better when either I'm happy I'M gonna be able to see him, since he is amazing guy. I totally forgot. Georges going trure when you leave next week, next Wednesday, I saw I'm not going to be going to clash. You're missing the clash. I'm gonna miss the clash. Yeah, but then I'll be there. We're gonna be leaving early Wednesday. Will be there late Wednesday and then see miss course forever. You Miss, you miss poll qualifying to yeah, yeah, I'll probably I don't know if I'll bet. I'll probably still be in the car for pro qualifying. But yeah, Adams...

...chevalt is going to win the poll. Happens every year. Yeah, they also have new engines that we saw how dominant either way they went to pull up for year. I think the last year they didn't was like two thousand and twelve, when we're slept the pole. Yeah, that was right in them as how that they sleptable. Yeah, who got the whole last year? Always said has sent. Yeah, everyone thought he's going to have like a great season, and they even say what twenty four and points with like sixteen s for one day didn't it wasn't twenty four. Who was higher than that? Yeah, I feel like I'm that guys that bad to the to the other side the field, Derrek cope is also going to run day, Tony Fire Farner. This is gonna be for premium motor sports. That's a Chartiste. That's it. They don't exist anymore. It's just it's REC yeah, we're not gonna do anything. Yeah, he's at and I think he's locked in. Yeah, yeah, he's. Yeah, because the great has four charters. God, he's sickening. I hate like gays, cookee, bilicky and SMITHY. I think where mean? But lucky is a Oh my God, I forgot here. Yeah, because where's her? Way Do they gave man? They gave that man a ride, a full time cup bride and a part time in dcar ride. May Get all the right money. Where does he crazy dude. They all no kids living hated Kaden. Look at the last name where I look at them. Bear the team owner. He's Dad, gets everything. When I was going to be finishing forty, it's on a five hundred would be a dare coat. WHOA or code could be William Byron again. I mean twenty laughs and it stays wrong. Wow, his schemes at best. Oh, that's stupidly grain scheme as disgusting. I actually liked his rainbow scheme. That like, I really like that. I was like, I actually really that team. I was mad. I couldn't decide if I liked it or I hated it. It took me like two days to realize. Yeah, Troy, such a lie. It was like two minutes. A kid is like, oh, this looks so good. Speaking of all that, so Austin cindric is going to be learning. He's going to be a tempting the run too, the tone of five hundred. It was a few works there. As car. He's gonna make it in the qualifying partner the quote. I know because his teammate, because his teammates are going to push him to the way. That's why I'm saying I mean these good two guys qualify in based on qualifying speed, and two guys. Make it another duel. He's going to make it on qualifying speed. It's a Pensky card. Is Super Speed with yeah, that's not watch him qualified. Poll. I'll spot by GEE. Yes, because he was by verizon in the randomly number thirty three car. Yeah, and that number. Why didn't they just do the seventy seven? Never mind. Never cut it big. Could is it done? Oh, to B yeah, that will. They're paying tribute to Circle Sport, Circle Sport. Oh Man, I missed that team, to WHO car. I just like that. See, was another team that Jeffrey and our rain for. That's what we just said, the WHO and then last after one season, because they decide to sponsor like a forty place team. So it looks good. It reminds me of the all hour just yeah, it reminds me more of the Indie cars because it has that same template. Yeah, so they he's the same temple for Indie car inside NASTCAR. Both task of serious. Also, I'm like the one here real quick in terms of the crossover sports or crossover a series. Mclaughlins turning the PPG scheme and is going to be beautiful and Indie car. Yeah, I hope I hope he's running it in Toronto. He should. I have no idea how many races he's running it for you, but I hope it's. All I did to see that car is pensie. All the other patsy schemes are boring and indy car, like the attache ones and stuff. It's just like black and white. Yeah, the scheme that Cyndric's running is, I almost identical to will power scheme. Oh, there's the terrible chase Elliott Nava scheme. Ready, I was it. It's better than that, like a old one. I think it's you know, I think it's weird. Blue car. They put the yellow in the most stupid spot. It's not even a different scheme. It's just where the White was. There's no yellow there. No, it's Derek the scheme. It's just at the car. It's just at the colors on the bottom are flipped from crosses scheme. So Kyle Larson technically at a sponsor. I mean like he has a name on his car, but but the but the name, but the company... pretty much owned, or like part owners something like that, by Rick Kendrick. So it's technically your sponsor, but technically not. It's pretty much like self funded by Rick. It is it, but he's in the running this car for the first three races of the season. We're moving on to land fine, because that's the next thing. I'm that is last time. So landing cat also got his got his ride back from years ago, which was like three years ago, with jd motor sports and for car. Yeah, yeah, she's it. I mean a four car. Is that that red car team? Yeah, he'll do decent. He's not an amazing driver. People over at the hell out of him. He's never done landing castle. He's never done anything that's impressed me my entire time watching. Yeah, I commented it as a joke and then everyone was like, oh look, so Jordan Anderson. Wow, another over rated driver. Yeah, bad, whatever. rated. Like, what's so? You just from from from midpacking trucks to in the back and exfinity. Now you know he can't be on the PODCAST. See what I do. So Jordan Inston is going up to Dick's fine series with his team in the thirty one car full time this season. Can't wait to watch Alex leabe laughing. That's all I have to say. Absolute I'm excited I'm excited to see it. It'll do, but like he won't be doing anything like spectacular like this was. This move is way too soon. Yeah, but think about it. He's not like an accepable exceptional road race he's not like acceptable over racer. I guess it's not a right as super speedways, but that's supposed to because of like wreck avoiding. Nah, I don't know. Because he's a Jack of old trees driver. He's mildly okay at everything, but he isn't good at anything, if that could yeah, so easy to be contending for rookie a year against. Who is he against? I know someone. That's our guests far guests right OARGAIN ARCAS. NASCAR announced that they're going to be doing ten provisional invitational Iris Grow, inventational, provision, I feel the words together in English sty. They'RE gonna be ten of those races over the course of the season, on like Wednesday nights and stuff like that. So they released the first five races of the season. That first one's going to be terrible. That is going to be horrible. I don't know, maybe I'm the only person, but like now that there's actually racing back I couldn't care less. All the views are going to be absolute garbage at well, I couldn't care less. It's gonna I was watching her like I feel like it's just an attempt to just like modern eyes on. So the schedules, the stars in this do's. Another is this stops, some like this starts. Some late March hockey guys, Chris, got shut off. You know who's a big hockey guy? Neck, big golden gate. They'RE gonna win to stand the Cup this year. You Watch. Yeah, they were shame there three of their players. Who's going to carry them? The cultural I mean through the players, like on the go at, the nights go that they yeah, we're not asking for Sparkan. So divitation is series pro invitational. Pro I racing invitational is going to be going to Bristol first and then Talladega, then Darlington, then circuit the America's and then the fifth racing season is to be announced. I'm probably move over to NBC where those races are it to be announced. So yeah, yeah, that's about it for silly season, I'm pretty sure. So a bull perditions time. So version of let Kaden start offs and see. Okay, this this will be a good segment. Keep these o one caden's controversy. Let's make it. Let's make it a part of the podcast. Let's making an able controvery. KATON's controversial statements. Yeah, okay. Denny Hamlin will have a worst season that he did and only win less than five races. I don't know if that's too controversial. I think he's getting in his s now. I think he's gonna he's going to start to slowly die down. That's fair. It's fair. Eric Jones will win the Daytona five hundred and go on to finish hiring points and bubble wallace, you just stole mine straight up, stole minor. Yeah, I don't like. Wait a minute, I heard that one. Okay, the Daytona five hundred part I don't agree with, but the bubble part I they could easily happen. I think people are kind of overrating all this chance. He's people forget it.

He is himself. He's like he's like two wins either way this season. I'm like, you can't do that with a like, no matter account level. You can't do that with infidence. But like, you don't see that often where guys are going gonna win. I can't do that with a brand new team. Yeah, it's the team literally has like nothing going in. I played no doubt it's gonna be a good team. We all know it's basically a fifth give car, but that's a problem. It's a fifth gibbs car, it's not a first gives car. So yeah, that's I just don't see it. I put my semi semi bold because I don't know if it's full bold, but I said that bubble. This is the playoffs I have missed in the class. I have BUBBA. He's either gonna make it just on the sliver of his nails or he's gonna not make it. Like it's going to be really close. It's gonna be like we've had the battle last couple of years. So everyone debates on that. What about will have three first time winners in the Cup series. Daniel Suarez will win a race, Tyler redick will win a race and Christopher Bell will win multiple races. I don't think. I don't think sware will versus. I take Surez when in one race over bell winning multiple I don't know. For me it's just like new team. It's like super rare to see them win for a season. I don't know. I think. I think storz is gonna pull something. I I think I have sworez winning one of the Polkono races off like strategy or like fiacresing like that. It won't be. I think it's speed. But like he's he he was really not really, but he was like pretty good. Like he was like Poka was one of his inns tracks. Yeah, he should a he's was like a second off that racer bubble killed the wall POLKA. He's like a second off Bush. I'd finish. Yeah, Um, I think. Oh, I didn't mean right, I I'm in. I think the Benedetto will become a first time winning in the Cup series. I don't like to Benedetto, but I think he'll win the fall playoff race, which I think there's all sound, the fall playoff taldegger race. I think. Okay, rememption, that's fair. Yeah, and then Christopher Bell will beat Kyle Larson at the dirt brist race, I think. I think bells and better equipment. Arguably, it's very arguable. I mean gives wasn't too great last year. It was really just have one when I mean, Hey, that race is going to be very unpredictable because we've never, yeah, any of the teeth settles. Yeah, that's why I'm picking Beler Larson win that race. I mean people, people, who wants people, people are pretty much like he's been for Larson. But if you look at the field, stenhouse is really good on dirt balls and Bowman, Bowman Newman has dirt experience. It'll be a top ten that people are used to seeing. Yeah, I think. I think Stewart Hoss could have a big advantage just because Tony Stewart knows dirt so well. I think he'll be good at sending. Oh BRISCO, that's bad, a good. I don't have her any faith in. I don't have any fishure or Harvick. Yeah, but FIRSTCO could with Om all one. I have no faith in. I'm yeah, I'm have any path. RISCO WAS gonna be. The comroll has never surprised me in the slightest. I think Chase Elliott will have a championship hangover, but I don't think it'll be too bad. I think it'll he'll go back to his two thousand and eighteen nineteen ways and only went three races, but it'll be Glen. I die, don't. I don't. Man's about the three PEEPA Glen. Yeah, I think he makes four people. Me On go. Yeah, I think he wins three races. I think he runs the Charlotte Rovol I haven't written down here. I think you went Charlotte Rovol roade America and there's another one and Las Vegas, the Spring Las Angas race. He was he was close there in the yeah, I think he was close there. Yeah, that race was weird. I didn't like that. I was very weird race. I was in Mexico during that race and I just would turn in every like thirty minutes to city spring. I guess I'm the first time I checked my phone about the race, the chat was getting spammed. True Rex blue attire. I was just I hate that full. He will also fail to make the championship for and, but he'll finish fifth in the standings. That's my prediction. I like that, but you okay, the kids are Alex. Alex Bowman will make the championship for and goes on to finish people I see on them hard burn. Yeah, play. He was second in like if we're talking about the stupid chase format. He was second for most points throughout the final what had twelve races of the season. He had the same average finishing the playoffs. Is Chase, I think. Yeah, he was insane. He was left on. I...

...think I only difference was chase had more points. Yeah, and and I don't know if I said this, but I think Bowman will finish second in points, not because of he'll have an extremely great season. I think he's gonna have a better season. I think he's going to win three races. Made maybe for I don't know about that. But I think he's just gonna play the system and he's going to be like a five to sixth place car all season but then striking a playoffs and finish second. And this is the Christopher Bill. No, Kyle Larson will win zero races and miss the playoffs. I don't think this here. This is your wins thing. I see. I think you'll see the cause for sure. I don't know about the wins, the ways's and fifty. I think he like he I think he makes the plus, but like not. He's not going to be like a police secure like it's not going to be in like the last race like fighting for, but he's not going to be like locked in like three to four weeon before the playoffs. Christopher Bell, when wold four races and I can't wait. Listen, listen. He will win for races and win the championship. I have the four races down. He Will Win Bristol dirt. I have just the evidence that he's raised her before and he almost beat Kyle arson in the Chili Bowl and it's not his car. decided to do like a hundred fucking rules. Yeah, that's actually reasonable that he though. Yeah, I think he'll win road America. I think I'll win that. Yeah, I think he'll beat Chase Elle iroade America. I've also think he'll win middle hire. stood you said chase was going to win road America. That's a road America. Yeah, I meant chase will win Bell I I. I Hate Road Courses. I can't remember. I think Chase Sally Will Win Coda. I. Bell Wow win both mid Ohio and Road America and he will win when I have my that wow. So Christopher Bell only wins three races and he'll win the finale at Phoenix. And my final prediction is your championship for will look like this. Christopher Bow Alex Bowman, Kevin Harwick and Brack is lasky. The last two are like preseason. Yeah, that first. I don't know about Feller Boman. I think Bowman. I think Bowman. Is there the rights that he did again? I think bell will just do it because, I mean biases. What can I say? You don't even have faith in your favorite. Now I had sure unstaining. You don't have ture expert exter racing. So yeah, sure, I'm sure. Middle in the back. I have tricks winning the Daytona summer race. I have them winning Sonoma, I have them winning the coke six hundred and I have them winning Richmond. Again, you have him winning at a super speedway. A's a winning at a superspeed know, he almost he almost won the he almost won the day down a summer race with Denny Hamlon screwed him over. Yeah, one time. Think about so, but nobody. He's been good, though, since like two thousand and eighteen. He's actually being pretty decent. I mean two thousand and eighteen summer race. He was actually winning. Oh, I don't care, you finished second in the Daytona summer rays in two thousand and eighteen finished second in the day twenty five hundred to Denny Hamlon. I don't care, cress. That was disappointing and I almost made me cry. I was really disappointed. But yeah, that's all my booky, who finished second in the twenty one shut up trucks tracts. The year was a two thousand and sixteen. Yeah, back in the furniture road days, I was real the Good Times Nour this stupid team budget Joe gives. I'm not complaining, but hey, it's just mad that his driver can't be the main focus of the team. Okay, no, he should. I'M NOT gonna get start even and I've got even in one of the main numbers of the team. So yeah, Nineteen and Carlos like adult, like Elliott Sadler's left those. Want to hear my playoff predictions for each driver to will? No, no, no, it's pretty base. We'll do that later. Yeah, well, yeah, the season. Oh yeah, someone else. Who both predictions? All right, who wants to go next? I'll go you...

...can go next. I got to pick out my argue. This read. Okay, I basically made this up on the spot, so I have much basis for them. FIRST TO X goes winness. I think he has a big decline this year and I think I don't make you wins. I think there's a lot of teams that have gotten better. I don't think he's gotten better and I don't think he's gonna win any next I think the Benedetto misses the playoffs. I I don't know. As I said, I made these up on the spot. I don't think Kyle Bush is gonna have a big bounce back here. I think he's only going to get, I think, anywhere from one to three wins. I don't think he's gonna go off like he has other years. Reddick gets multiple wins. I might just said that because I like them. Why? That's why I said Christopher volt multiple wins. So I can't really argue that. Almond Dinger gets three wins and exfinity all on road courses and Nima check goes windless and trucks. I don't think Toyo is that good anymore. And Kaby, what the TRUEX? What I mean? He has other I don't know if I agree with that Dinger one. I think Dominic gonna be him and send me gonna be him and Syndric. How many User Brandon Jones? I forget a Brandon Jones will talk about road courses. There we're talking about Road Brandon Jones doesn't exist. Ever, big. How many road courses are this here? Like say, yeah, I think they'll split them. I think it'll be three and three this year. Are sixers or seven, because they're they're going to pay day Tona America's indie Watkins gone. Of course. I think it is seven. Yeahs seven. Okay, I think almonding or wins three and center win's for I think it'll be more evenly split. I think cindric said of hat doubled ages. I think he's going to win eleven races. Mean, who else is there to win? I wouldn't be surprised. Like I mean you got almondinger, who I think will be good. I think Brandon Jones and Harrison Burton are going to be pretty good. I think Jones, Jones don't is good. Joy Jones, I'll perform Jones. Yeah, yeah, by Frollin I have get like five. Are Five wins? If not, Jones is gonna get like one. I don't think Justin Haley gets any wins. He's lost all this time. Not surprised by that. Depends on how much luck is involved. Well, I mean Christians. What if you guys stayed chat stains running part time for colleagues. So next finity. So maybe still about them, but it's Oh yeah, chasty calling an accidity. Chat stain will fail to make the top twenty and points in cup. Nice. See that. Yeah, I see that. Oh, Jeff, he's he's over aggressive. He's way too over aggressive and it bothers me. I want to hit get on the Ross as stained hype train. I don't. Yeah, I think he's just going to be stupid mistakes. I mean he's a rookie, but I'm not going to cut him slack overcoat. He's a very experience or if he's a very like yeah, like it's this first. Yeah, it's like his first, like major opportunity and cup other than his seventy seven last year where I ended up wrecking the field. But I try to go for wide under bright a Daytona right murmur to try to take it for wide and next us. Yeah, I didn't work out for him. Idiot. He's literally the I don't say this all that a lot of drivers, but he is probably the stupidest smri okay, I'm a roll issues. I'll go. I God, I am scared for these predictions. I just got five waited out. Okay, I'm just going to forty five more. So I'm going to start out in thirty eight. I'M gonna start up by saying Jason Briscoe wins a road course race and a cup here in Sir the America's nothing to say that the pret no, I don't. I mean I think like it's not out of the question. That's what it's not like. Yeah, I don't. I just sleeping on him. Courses. I think it's good. I think he's good a road course. I just don't think he's gonna win the Indie road course this past year. Yeah, that's true. was that his only course one? He also run the Charlotte Rovol in two thousand and eighteen. Yeah, the first year they ran there. So we can only win roadie nineteen. to He Wunt oh I wan two thousand and nineteen. I know that one. It's a big one. TWWO thousand and nineteen. I Wur road course kating. No, I was just saying what Iland two thousand and...

Nineteen, Um my second prediction is that Dino swords. When Will Ben Pocono, I says before as well, at it, um so bob. All this and chessting the Miss Playoffs. I don't if anyone else like notable Mr Playoffs. For me, Larsen makes it the run of eight and because Lawski and Bowman are out after the round, it twelve. Because, okay, yeah, because Laski normally chokes in a round of twelve. Anyways, I mean two thousand and sixteen. He failed to make it. Two thousand and seventeen. He made the final four, two thousand and eighteen. Then again he choked it. Two Thousand and nineteen. He choked it. Why are the playoff Kansas races will be so sucky? I hate them all. The Kansas playoff races always way worse than the spring one, or some of them, whatever you want to call it. C DMP playoff ers. New Year. Still campaigning it. Let's go. Yep, should be a should replace Canada, replace cans. We can replace Texas. Texas is terrible. No, Texas at night is fun. My Nex, I don't have any other thing for that. An experission. Tylor AKAMS iks is log off during. Idiot, you're in idiot. He's going to put an chrome in the final four or something, going to say he's gonna win, he's gonna win. One worries, he's going gateway. Oh No, no, see how talent was that man is I can see happening. I just don't think I can see him winning a race. But I don't think he will. I just there's no way. So cyndric doesn't win a race and cup. I don't know why people are saying that. I don't know. So Johnny Starterer, Mrs Johonna Sotter, Mrs the plefts again. Yeah, and then an exfinity. I've something in my heart that does me, Michael, and that wins worn race. It scary. I see is gonna wint to release state and I feel like that's a bad at. Honestly, I've grabbed someone next fit a championship, but I don't know if that's something to come down. You know what, I kind of wanted to put Greg's in as my exfinity champion just because I think he's going to approve mature maturely. I think he's going to prove like that and I think he's going to just get up as a better driver overall. I think he can win the championship, but I don't think he will. Eric Jones will play higher than bubble and points. Like a couple of year's already said, that's just Greg agree. Thumbs up, thumbs up with them down. Harvac and Hamlin will both miss the final four. I don't think Hammon makes that. I think harvick makes it. No, cyndric will be the person to break chase Elliott's road course streak. It's going to be a nigger. Don't at me, all men. WOR makes the playoffs. I'll mendigger and cub. I had that a reason. Makes the playoffs. So far as tours winner, I gotta Miss in the playoffs. No, what do you mean? You have them winning Pocono. I say, I have them making the play off. I think all I heard. anyways. Yeah, my final four for trucks is GMS all, GMS, Tyler and whatever. I'll back y'all go. Let's our final four. Let's hard final for the final four for exfinity will be, I gotta finish it centered Gregson, Harrison, Burton and Brandon Jones. Yeah, I don't think I'm inding or makes a youth movement. Youth Movement in the explaniting series. And then the cup. The Cup final four will be chase, chase, Bowman and Kezawski. They man. You, Brusco, make the fauna for his rookie. See, bold prediction. That is over hyped. All the hell. Bros lacking us like a hard behind the big three exfinity after they left you is actually good. So just yeah, he's going to be in same thing with Sind you acqu was kind of lacking from them big. He's going to be in the best Ford equipment out there this coming season. Cindre Ker. Well, they both will be. Yeah, they both are. So I save and start pretty even. I'd say in terms of the equipment, Penski would be better because you know, hossages the better drivers. They have the same apt though. Yeah, I also have cold coster winning back to back, not backs back races, but winning a race back to back seasons, and he wins Talladega. So next time we'll beyond. Will be act after the clash some with that correct. I think it's doing all. Yeah, this is two weeks from now. So who's gonna who's going... win clash? I got Hamlin. I was about to say him. Whatever, I'll go him to him. Yeah, I don't. Yeah, I have ham on winning the Daytona road course, some Cup anyways. So why not? You know. And it's all right. Who's win the five hundred? Eric Jones? Eric Jones, Eric Jones. Okay, come on, even try the original. Fine, I'll sort my pick original part, original Larson by moving bubba out of the way. Laney, yeah, I'm going to lady. Doesn't win in the first half of the season up until like Talladega. Then he actually gets good. You Damn near one of the the WHO's gonna who's gonna win the WHO's gonna win the pool? Oh, think, who's gonna BE? For I think it would be something weird again. BUBBA. I'll go byron. I'm gonna GO Newman. I think I'M gonna go. I'm gonnall be. It'll be the same. Some two thousand and twelve, I think. Newman and Busher Front row, unless Chevy stating, we just spocus. Yeah, Oh, who's when the poll for you? Me? Yeah, that's a horrid one. I'm going to say. I'm gonna say it's going to be Kauslawski. And Bowman over Um. So that's going to wrap it up. Next time I'll see you be after Daytona at the steed basis. To be crazy. I'll be there. So I'll be doing a lot of posting and all that and it's going to be a lot of fun. So don't forget. FOLLOW ME NASCAR hot spot on instagram. Adam the sixteen is there. Yeah, I'm almost there. That's going on Stoup to you and as someone thirty is but he's higher than me. But yeah, yeah, sure he like and follow whatever it is on for the podcast and I hope you enjoy the season opener. Yes, sir, you as well. Let's see you guys.

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