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All Stars to Superstars


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On this episode we dive in and review all the crazy Motorsports action from this weekend from NASCAR at Texas, SRX’s debut at Stafford and Indycar’s return to Detroit! 

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Welcome episode, thirty of the ASCARhas about podcast, I'm astroyd Jon by Chris and Caton, and this week we'regoing to be talking about all that went on last week, because a lot that wenton between the trucks expidite SR x made their debut long awaited. It wasreally cool we'll get to that. Maybe some rumors and also the all star racewhich I'm not going to say it didn't disappoint, but it wasn't that good,but well, well again, we'll get further into that. So, let's get this started.How is everyone doing today I'll start suck? Oh No. I thought it was a outside ofNice cars a good weekend and racing agree with that. So I think so. I think it was yeah. Theywere at Texas for every track this weekend. Oh yeah, it has a Bothanweekend yeah, I know as we were there and Kowasin the lower series and downunder Namai on again. Oh, we as Rita bounder yeah. Those are pretty it's a prettyboring weekend, God I'm a Mascart and then the Opois it just kept gettingworse. They quit why tex his world why taxes austere needs to change everyyear. You know that's what I think. I think it should change every year. Ithink it should go were at least have like a rotation oftracks. You know like it's a good idea. If you had to pick five checks, rotatethe All star race go: Oh Daytona, Dago Brestel I put Charlotte back in there. I thinkCharlotte still, like a key part, a part in a car, probably Charlotte, I'm not too sure. I don'twant to do marks wo man so born I'll, say I'll, say you know I'll, sayRichmond. No, I say Vegas Vegas, Oh, my, Oh Vegas would be an interesting one to you, since homestead lost its it'stime as a fine elly put as the austeres. So homestead, of course, got to do likeis day. Tone is good, go to Charlotte again, of course, Richmond actually be pretty cool and I don't know Bristol, but like make itlike moral, laps and stuff like that last year. I think if I had to go withfive, I want to do Daytona because they're already there for the clash,whether it be the road course or the hole. So it's already getting one mounpoints of playing race. I would do out of the rotation of Charlotte,Bristol Richmond I'd, say veges yeah. Then I want to goto also like I want to see him. Do it a gateway to go to something? Does it anhave a point race and I don't want to see them. We stand alone, not now benice as like I et, but I wouldn't want them to do a road course. I don't thinkroad course. So, no all star race. You know road courses, an on star racewon't be that good, because it's like it's hard to race like a like a hundredpercent and a stock car out of road course, like they're, more liketechnical and stuff like that, and you can't really be clus if you're going toshorten the race it to me like five black stages. Yeah, it's not going tobe good. No, you can't you can't do road covers all start as because itwould only be three guys that be anything worth you Nootin, in that,...

...let's get into the truck race was firston one P M: What's the name it Saturday yeah? So I don't think anything really, but onstruck race, showan creed, sponnington early, drew dolla did the same. I give a check one again: yeah, that's pretty much all the Gemoreh onceJohn Hunter got the ledos kind of game over on under name check pet case Laconfirmed its probably John, in even future championthe copses after going to front row, Gen F and like half the raises of theseason coming back to trucks. Waking like twenty of the twenty two races onthe schedule. Gonna go back to cub series and he's Gonta win all thirtysix races like calling it he's just that good. That is like. I don't evenknow how to describe a logical response to to that or yeah we're. Just gonnamove on from O, ignore that as sally was used on that race, yeah wow that I'm. So you want a stageand you didn't do bad. You Got Second Yeh John Hunter. Domlada grand and finger should have gotten aplaff waver a long time ago, but I guess it's too late, but he's stilllike racking up top fives and times every single race. He gets into no matter of the equipment that he's in,but he got third, which is a great room for him. Even thou this Thor Sport Yeah T- I don't know it's not reallytoo much to note on to in the truck series. It seems I mean no one reallyhad a bad day so for creed and then John had er kep doing John Hunte thingsyeah. I mean I jo just barrging eleven, all that right, he did run. He run yeahand Ran Twenty Fifth N, O Twenty Fo twenty five yeah, a nothing else. Matt Crafton was gotoff or race on the Will, O God Yeah Twentieth, and I heard I think he wasrunning around there all day. It was bad yeah. I mean that's about it, so playoffs in the truck series. Johnny Sart actually fell out afterthis week and I believe he did so yeah. He followed he's like o by eight orsomething like that. Yeah outby and Chanler Smith is not in. Finally, it seems like that, like that last playoff, guy is going to be the super inconsistent woman. Just there's onething right: one race compared to everyone else: that's how anchoram wasthis year. He is that one guy, the Ancram in the play offs as he no notreal enough. We not so he he's been starting to do her. I don'twant to hear it. I E silo. I know some bears. How many are we are we like overhalf with down the regular season, is an there's a there's only like four or five race left in intruction ora say, that's only four or five years. I forget where they said it ends, but Iremember like looking before I think, walking school and I to cutoff Oh yeah. Why cans just the cut off? Oh a yeah, because Knoxville wains, we would have been there to ly that'skind of sad. We would have been there to oh. That means next, HANG ON WE! Well you see, we had the all servers, but the trueall starts of the weekend. o foreshadowing was the s rx. What is ayes, I was there. I was there all day... Stafford and it was an amazing time.I got there at ten am an hour before the hats open out. I use showing thereand it was fun. I got talked to a lot of people. I met Kenny in Kenny's life,but he's also like really tall how it taller short is Helle's Al there's. No, I call Oh okay. Well, heis talk. CAMPE's, a full foot taller than you to a anyways re, going to move on theroast of like that so yeah yeah, I mean it was pretty muchjust hanging out a lot hanging out walking around beforehand before, like the modifiedration stuff, like that, you know, we got our tickets, we gotinside the gates, we got of tickets for the autograph session, which I was atthree thirty, so we had like two hours to kill and we kind of like kill thatwent to the artapes and it was disappointing as hell, because we inthis long line- and we were almost there and I had like a huge bag full oflike dicast and stuff like that, I was in I I'm gonna get them on sin. This isgonna, be sick, I'm going to meet all of them and then and then they I guessthe line was taking too long or like people ahead or whatever and thenthey're like okay, you can't have any personal items sign now so like it wasthe waste of time for me to bring like all this stuff, and it was sodisappointing. I kind of like killed the move for like a good like thirtyminutes, so an anyways I was just gonna, ask what are like thevendors there like. Would you buy it like Vigilie, big tenslike six or like an act? A No it was. There were all like kinds of foodtrucks and stuff like that. There was a lot of stuff there. There was like I had ever you to that,for there was the regular like hot drug hamburger, chicken tender stuff. Therewas a. There was a car. I got Frieda areos because Frida or s O ta. Oh myGod, I love you are you complain about. I got to eat out this man ain't.FRITATA least a thousand Cowen even make it they were so there were sogreasy like like a I couldn't. There are a little to one when you bite intoit. It's like it was a little much like I was in a huge fan of out, but youknow Frida words o Fritos, a no so anyways. I got them and we tinto modify er stuff like that yeah they had a lot of. They had a lotof things there they'd like a smooth ye like ten or whatever, there's reallycool we get like smooths and stuff, but anyways. So after Ograph sition everything we hangout, we have a good like thirty minutes and the modified race starts and it was.It was a really good race because you could see in the crowd that,like people who go to stuff at for Romal, like the local guys that youknow all the guys that are racing, themodified race and they there's mixed emotions everywhere about, like somepeople hate this guy or the people like this guy, and it's like, I had no cluewho any of these guys are, but, like other people know there are it's prettycool to see all the mixed emotions there kind of just root for a random guy. I readedfor a guy. His car said toast on it like like toast it just a toast- and Idon't know so. I just said to as it was. It was a sponsor that just said tostand I'm like that sick, toast car I mean he kind of you kind of did bad. Imean it is time five and then you just slid back and the invert. Why are yougoin back for s a band wagon? Now I I don't knowif she felt an Trinary, he felt a yeah. I don't like once you started fallingback, I'm like well, I guess I doesn't watch now it was a pretty. It was a pretty goodbattle. There was like a father and son.

The race in the are battling and stufflike that anyways after that, after the modifiedraces, the couple of hours to kill again and and then S, Rx, Ra, Stararted, and that's when the stands started, getting packed and everythingand I met Alan Beshlik. You know it was sick because my I future like two rowsin front of the booth, so I could turn around. I could just like waved AlanBest, Wick and Dan, I at Patrick in there and stuff like that it was. Itwas really awesome, a a O that cos. Oh look at this. Thislittle midget is wavy at me, wonder what he was ay an he's got three stuff, fried oreos inhis hand. Oh my God. He wants me fat, wow, yeah yeah, to move on, and you could really see like how big it was that, during a be anational television, like I D, Not know that we're going to be in the actual Cbs and to like everyone at like the denouncer, whatever that was at thetrack, he was like. Okay, like Thornimett. Until we go like nationaland everything on national television, it was like it was big. It's a lot ofanticipation, especially when they started drivingthe cars out to the track and pictures started going everywhere, and it was. It was a crazy ship, thraystarted and there's a lot of Tony sort fans there.A lot of like the merch that you saw I been wearing, was like Tony Store, andthen there was also like all kinds of like Nas car marks to that was kind ofextent of like random drivers, like guys, some like Chase Elid. Of course,you're going to have those some Bill Alliot, but yeah it was. It was a really funtime. The entire race was fun to watch because there's battles most of thetime, and I guess it's a bad A. I noticed from watching it that okay, so as soon as I turned on thebroadcast because it turned it down like right before the race stirred theyhad like the whole inptr and everything, and then best week sport came in. I waslike chills like a literal chills the women I started hearing this man dog, Iwas like cool. You know it's already going to be good and then the racingjust didn't disappoint at all, like they had the first, maybe what fifteenminute the heat? The first like five minutes of the first heat, was kind ofthem all filing out the car it seemed like, and then after the d they're likeall right, let's go it. They had a reach thor. After that. I think they it you go turned around yeah, so popjuce, you got turn around but, like I think, after a heat, the field gotinverted and that's what everyone started pushing it to where they werelike side by side they pushing on the outside on therestarts and everything like they didn't do, O the beginning, but likethey've, really pushed on ever re start after that, and it was set up to by side for like fourto five laps for most guys. Remember like Doug, Kobe and Tony Store, GregBifid, I think ony. Maybe we eithair stage Nice were heat that first heat.Sorry, the first heat night is here. Is he running full time? NoHe's going to do it he's one of the guys doing on the races that so him? Ithink it him Deacon and Cots. We there all die in two races, a piece Haleydons running as or in it's disappointing, yeah God speed to got tobe the one who ran the not as good red, bull car tire he's the one that all in,like we're silver wine, one yeah that you know the worst red bull card,he's no he's in NASCE. Wasn't that good, but like outside of the Maskers, got apretty o yea' heard it re solid career,...

...especially an F one. You know checked out of there. I was thinking more the OL prone stuffand wasn't going to that one part. One part, you see a couple o years ago, I gotlike suspended from Ivri to E. DO yeah because there's their stuff on you tube,but like it, we pretty much like just reckter Larkin Bom. Now I sorry about where were we at we're at the re? Thefirst e Renand, I'm Greg, biffel wins the first heat which, as I was prettysick, it's very nice. It's very nice portress damage and everything, butthey inverted it so patras led the beginning of the secondeat now and defeat to. I forget who he took thelead right after that you know acain. It was cob no COBEA to get tothe field first. What is this on Kobe kind of gotthrough the field rather quickly? I can't even can't really look at it up.So Oh was a Michael Watshe. Oh Yeah Mike did leave some for a while thereyeah Mike Watcher, got out front. You got those huge lead biggest late nightby far venue yeah. It was a good like maybe like half astraight away, LE, maybe even more, and he pulled out there until a causecame out, for I think it was billy to rib spun yeah. You just really shoutthe corner, Yeah and then Elio catron Evis. He didn't really see it and hedidn't really check up and just nailed. The back of Greg Biffel and great befeldidn't get that much damage. No, no. Why he went to by Yeah Yeah Ali got themost damage. I don't know why. Biffles you back up car the whole mipples wasall in internal damage. That's by so yes, then Greg biffer went to abackup car and they the restarted and Michael, isbattling with. Was it do cobet this one? I think yea? I think yeah at this point.They are battling a lot and we go through it. They're battlingreally hard, and I think this is where is this for Michael Goods Spun, or wasit like later in it? No Michael got on later. He just yeahKobe tobe passed him and then just like proceeded to dominate the rest of that.He before the man of n there was gather, was a late pass for lead in theheat, because, like Michael Walcher led like the final like a coupleminutes and then on, like the last, I were like two to go in the heat to Kobe passed, Mikael Watrin, the fanswere lecture and everything was really cool is just like the local boy. Whenthe heat that was really cool, then the main the main start do alittle later than it shine. Yeah Bill Elliott had problems in the mainbecause he stalled before even the start, and I o yeah. He lost powers and then yeah. He was actually pulling the fastest laps one of the fastest laps and he won. I don't know they said in the broadcast enow, but they said I yeddah. So belly was one of the fastest and he won and he was finally eatings- read them downand kind of sucks that he dada went like that. He would laterpull behind the wall and to the garage...

...not much later into the heat. That's Purty, disappointing, anyways. Yet so Kobe and Greg be fill kind ofdominate the next couple parts and Tony stores they were yeah. They all three of themwere up there, but I will get by Kobe for a second andthen co we to get back by them for a while, and it just seems that no and could really compete with thosetwo in the whole in the entire field. But I mean it's not a surprise on Kobepart, since he has what thirty one Wednesday or something like that yeahthirty one yeah, so he absolutely was just dominating it. In that main event,it was kind of it was. It was cool, but at the same time it was kind of likeall right or is a field really made of a bunch of super stars and the locallegions just going to beat them every week or what are we going to see like I supershadowing or no yeah? I'm scared of kind of the dort races now because,like Tony Store, who else really has like dirtexperience? That's like a regular there is taking. RERENGA is running the twodirt track. Yeah deacons running the two dirt tracks, Yeah Tony Store. I be good pitful. I don'tknow how much experience he has on third tracks. Well, he won't be running. You won't berunning those yeah er car yeah, I'm like honestly in terms of dirt. There is a much experience. I mean BillAli Aran, the prelude to the dream O like ninety, isn't wanting anything ye. I mean he's doing bane willy t ribs,let ribs when I lap down before the first caution he won it was. It waskind of sad to watch, but but no come go you that absolutely put on a showjust down it. Oh, I feel like Michael might do good, I'm Thir yeah did he did he start out on M dirttracks? Some that I would think so given where he wasfrom this is this is what we need. A likeKenny was someone like that, because he would he would be a top driver and,like this series and total I feel like the only thing they're worried aboutwith him is his is his uncensored. We need that Bo that'll, add to thepopularity I would grow. It is mainly just drug biffles and what's his name dug coe by co, be theycouldn't really go? You might be on here dud. What are you doing? What I God? So it was mainly them two in thefront and then Tony Store was mainly like third tofourth overie, but he really didn't have the speed the lap times to contend and get upthere with front to at some point he was by Atlin with dugKobe. At some point, I'm not sure, because this was when Igbira this is Greg. BIFFEL wasstarting to come through the feeling stuff like that, and when then, you had mark code, take itthree wide on a restart yeah. I kind of jumbled things up for your second andthat kind of bit him in the ass later in the race Yeah Marco took a threewide and then like two laps later, he lost the lead o do to no, not toKobe. I iffley, then later on Michael ended up cutting down his robe from soit was mainly just before and Doug Cote. We to a finish there and the laps arewinded down pretty quickly and dug had like a good like half a second, maybelike a ten to be less and he was kind...

...of being consistent, I'm around thetrack with Greg Biffel and then, like you, mentioned Marco Andretti, withlike three to go or something like that. I mean more like I have to go. He gotdown a time yeah and the second that happened. The second everyone saw that it couldattire and tire stand sit up when they were like doing like emotion orwhatever, and they were like throwout. Throw at the cars throughout thecushion everyone was just like yelling everything it was. It was crazyeveryone just hoping for caution at that point I think, and of course goshcame out and on the Restar. I guess dog just got a really good osgod. I he gota hell for restarted yeah. Now he yeah he cleared biffel and it wascrunch over from their beflaked them clean all raced and right to the finishand Kobe, on the ignoro s Rx race, Stafford, whichis a it, was really cool to watch, and then he immediately fell off his carwhen he got out of it yeah he slipped up the flag, they had the flagright on the door right there. I saw that I was just like, oh my God, the crowd he got out of the cars. Itwas like cheer everything and I would run oh awesome, yeah yeah, it's a bad as really it wasa really really good race. I would say I enjoyed it and C B s to the health, ajob with the broadcast like they. It's watching that and then watchingand car this weekend. It's just like, and then you you turn on Nasca andyou're like what? What the Hell is, this Fox doingwhat the hell is Fox doing like it's just a disappointment. One flaw inSringer there was a competition caution. I was like wasn't scattered, but it wasjust like to make the fiction in en mind that I didn't mania. I didn'tthink I was needed because, like everyone, even though it was kind ofsingle file, there was still a pretty good battle front. There was like kindof close battles in mid pack. I didn't, I don't think it was needed, especiallywith it's what it was like fifty five left and the mainer. It was just anentertainment caution. That's what it was. I think it might have been one of thoseTV questions yeah, maybe that, but honestly, if that's the case, Idon't mind it because then we're not missing any green flag racing from theT. V. viewers ship point of view- and that was is a good thing. They woulddecide by I side with that when they would, you know, have whatevercommercials during Green flies runs. They wouldn't go side by side insteadof a full scripti commercial yeah. He watch I skim through the racere playing Yout, I just kind of im through it, and I heard I saw a lot of criticismtowards Adana on the booth. I Kin cyd mind her. She wasn't that she wasn'twas good, but she didn't do that bad. I've noticed a lot that anything I Dana could does. Is peoplewould just automatically just hate her for it? I just feel like not ready forpeople criticize her, because she was in the broth best with like you're notgoing to you, not no one's going to be closed to him in the booth. So that'sjust not to it's not fair. To like compare the two. Basically I don't know, I thought people wouldbeing a little too harsh because of the fact that here's in the boot or best ofI so yeah, it's pretty harsh-... that pretty much a fresh rex. Youknow we're going to have one right next weekend this weekend, actually at ElDora, the next pre since no, I thought it was Knoxville Knoxville pond yeah.Oh, it is yeah, I thought it was Knoxville. Alright, maxil, oh, it is Knoxville Noxfor an Ayah. Yeah sticks after a yeah. Probably, but you know I would toput Lucas, ran between Noxley Lot, O o anyway. So it's going to be. It's gotto. We got five more weeks of this and, if they're anything like this pastweekend, it's going to be a great six weeks ofSaturday night racing to watch yeah, I'm really excited for it, but yeah. I guess we got to talk about Detroit ordo we want to talk about fitters and there's not too much to talk about thetrue I mean race, one completely or or Guebe fucked eayrs over shadowed by othings, Felix Rosen quis big crab yeah his throttle stuck and it Oh, my Godthat was Norman Yeah, my God he had to have a neck brace around on me had tobe transported to the hospital. Thankfully he's okay now, but is he cleared the race next weekend orthis second or yea? I don't know if he's men cleared yet, but he was now hewas a bable and he was able to go to the track if he wanted to to. You knowspectate on Sunday. I feel, like that's so hard to do asthe driver to be injured and watch someone else in your guitar. To I mean I don't blame for also kind oflike resting up a little bit too yeah I mean he literally just went into a wallat a hundred and sixty miles an hour so yeah. It was also overshouted by wellpower. Wasn't there was a red flag or something with it was the red fig. Withmy rounds wreck yeah, I would Fiato go with five to go on the race and wellpowers card and not start back up, and that gave Marcus Erickson the lead andwhat would become his first career when in Inde car, another XPO driver gettinghis first win H and Andy Car Yeah Yeah. That was as a can. I can't I'm not INAGAKI FINK, so I'm not reallygoing to complain or like yeah. I don't really mind it. All. Just kindof I just thought it was disappointingbecause will power had like such a struggle for the season so far in theone race where he looks like he's going to get his group bag, he getsabsolutely screwed over by race control, Yeah Yeah. They is painful. If one did this er back, who in becausedoing it this past weekend, I feel like both of them are watching a little toomuch NASCOR. What the entertaining finishes I'll, be the I'll be the first one tosay it they're, both t too much Nasar, I just don't get it like. I did. You guys want to finish theraces under green, but the like cares, a race. It was a high week endin Michigan, especially in to Trot so yeah his ECU Patnum, they're,overheated and dthat was frustrating a Preston.

Everyone forgets even happened. Im Sa Dude, oh well, that's because no oneeven talks about it. That weekend, I ever want just walk O lady car. Iwatched like two minutes of it, but on one cool thing: Magnusen God is ImsonBerson. So wine did he yeah o you on the plan even hear about it yeah it was barely even like talked aboutbecause, of course, like mascaret and Andy can be car le a like overshadow. Idon't blame it. I mean like Bay, that's good for K, magazine, YeahYeah, both him I boyson yeah. I do I love to see Gro Jon limbed thesame time like it's a record raring car. I don't want to see a win. I'm fun with, like maybe like a fewpodium. I mean if it wins, but like I feel like a couple. Podium maybe likeone would be, would be good enough for like a firstseason. I guess yeah I mean he's going to run gay wayto do so. He's going to do one of the ovals, so that'd be cool. I bet that'skind of preparation for next year when I think indicare, like mentioned at,like he's, probably going to do like full time in Duca next year. I hope sobe ten. We get a shoe test of human versus MC Oplun in terms of air experience and all this,and that I don't know you gotta, be cool to seem yeah. So moving on the Sunday, the Detroit race was really really good, eostre garden dominated most of it, hewon yeah. I mean he led sixty seven of the S, something laps, Ithink so yeah he didn't end. It all came down to. Basically when the final carshon did come outfrom Groggan again that was hard to see but yeah he was left on old reds. Oh No, the final caution alway the caution that started all thecautions I was Johnson was Oh yeah. He stole a going around herand one John S was having his best race. Is She isn't by far he was? He was topten. I know like at like a twenty two R, something carfields twenty five, maybetwenty five he was. He was top twenty and on the ly lap with what was it liketenors to go or whatever? Maybe more yeah really good run for him and itkind of sucks that I kind of ended. This way, but it gains a little bit of hope for him and anyways that started a good bit ofcautions and on the Restar, a wordhad. The Best Tires and Oh islike war was a Rome. It was crazy like he on the restar. I think it was firsthe took a. He took rayhan the turn on the first re start and then on thesecondary start, yeah and you took both of them on the on the re start yeah andthen the second ry story took Pulo Yeah, and then he what did he do? He got to herd up. Iforgot where I enter. It was but then on the left that was three to go when him and new garden got it off ofthe corner leading to the Baxter to or whatever you want to call it, becauseit's not really straighter at all, but new garden, basically slit it out ofthe corner and almost put it in the wall. How he didn't. I don't know, butthe word went now. You chew it up now...

...and he pulled away quick. I don't knowhow much he won by, but it was you pulled an like five or six seconds andnew garden, even though I didn't when he did amazing job staying in second, there was a don't, was crazy how heheld on there with such old tires and like Pulo and herd a back there justbreathing down his neck, oh yeah, but my yeah, I'm a ward one, and he hasthe point sleetin out by one point. It's amazing it's fantastic scenes thatI hope I'm not going to the season. Thank me they could be a championshipcontender. I mean it's. Looking like a ward andPulo could be battling dicon, because Jason isn't as dominant this early asit was last year. It's definitely showing of Dixon sit inthirty six back right now how I looked at the standings before we startedrecording. No, it's definitely interesting to seeguys just almost outrunning Dixon like we're, not we're not used to that yeahhe's not it's not like, like these having like any misfortunes. Really.It's like all overall pace that he's kind of losing by here yeah and it'screery to the fact that the guys that are competing with him aren't you eventhe pens keeper game yeah I gets the younger guys. Yeah I mean I even Ididn't even think. Pulo was really capable of doing this, this earlily or whatever,like even with the win. I didn't think that he could carry this high up in the points and likekind of like stand his ground as long and be asconsistent, I mean he almost won indie. He was top five and he got a podium atDetroit yeah. It's I definitely interesting tothe right. I actually enjoy raceing. The younger guy is now starting tocompete and we're seeing that across the board in terms of motorcars in theUS yeah. It's not he now with, because you see the guys die. Mascotyou see brad struggling, you see, carfe struggling, even though brand has a winlike the they just can't keep up with the Hendrik Bunch, but they're alsothey're, also in hundred cars. But it's the fact that their average age isworth twenty six yeah. Something like that. Yeah that entire your team isdivil. What I think Larstins the oldest at twenty eight yeah he's twenty eightyeah. So all three of them are under thirty and sit in what top six in thepoint p seven were at. It Means Really Comin, oh no Bomas Ponteve, but theyeah, but Larson Jason, Biron or second third and fourth and Larson, is closingin on Denny's point. Actually, Oh, it's forty seven! Now, Damn Yeah, it waswhat eighty six or something like that was before the Hendric car started,getting absolutely on fire O. No, it's it's nice to see you! It isnice to see the young guys better, so bored, especially I I I gibs to Oh yeah,a tie gibs and the man winning or in the mist. I wouldn't. I honestly want tocomplaints but tie gibes and SR X. instead of like Haley whatever I wantto complain, I feel like maybe not this year, but we could seeit next year. Maybe next year ran allow it depends ifhe wants to m if he goes full time and expidite or trucks or something likethat. Maybe then they can't if the schedule is a plant to his favor,I hope to God that he doesn't do trucks.

There's no point in that now: Yeah,it's pretty brimless yeah I be stupid and that's for Indica pretty much.Let's go into the the all star race, whatever to even need to talk about it. I mean we've already talked about thethree Ostar races this weekend: There's not a natural all star race thathappened. Yeah, we have an all star race. Every week, end Naster, it's pretty pun. They saw it a hugegimmick. It's kind of O ritely since, like I feel like, if they startedchanging the tracks a long time ago. The way it was intended to be but likeI feel like them, changing it display and like change the Bristol and like Bristol'srace, they change in numbers that wasn't a fin favorite, the lights,weren't that good the race wasn't that good and then they went to Texas, andthat explained itself I mean Texas is bad and that's kind of it's kind ofKillis God awful. Oh, my God, they're just killing it's going down it's goingdown with the clash, really not a god, both who ere bad. Both them are so badnow yeah like if they should. I wouldn't. I would be fine if maskereither would just pick like really good tracks, like some of the better tracksto put the AUSTRIAC or just put it back at Charlotte and leave it at Charlotteagain, because that's what we're all used to and that's will be all like. Noone even really complained after a while that. Oh, why this not charlottelike it was never really boring, but really no one complained about a big atCharlotte yeah like it's just something we were accustomed to yeah and I feel,like I didn't notice this until dimension to open, but like the travelfor the team is like, I feel like it's too much for especially for small teamsto race what was like forty fifty laps in open just to go back from Texas toNorth Carolina, like I oft like it's worth it for that travel when theycould just try back and forth really quick and at Charlotte. I we make inspend forty five minutes going down to the road instead of what what is it? Six fifteen sixteen hoursto Texas yeah stupid, it is pretty Sivi. I neverreally realized the travel problem of it until the kind of mention until, like youknow, Track House and my Ark Jones kind of went through it they're like wellback to Charlotte, I'm like damn yeah, it's crazy yeah. I mean the auster racedominated by Hendrick again der off for im when a stage or something like that, because I don't think woman didn't know,Boman data bominate, Boman one stage three, because the Blaney one two didand then Byron one one correct fire on one Byron, one lenore baron on the for no baron in the firstand then I did he. I thought Eliot won the Good God, because Eliot blocked on iron to win the thirty lap stage andthen Larson won the huge thing all of it, so they hole on a stage. I didn'teven notice that dot kind of fucking ridiculous. At this point I keepexpiring. I don't mean to is just like it's kind of getting to the point whereit's just like kindred, so dominant, there's no way to just not describe it back a yeah yeah Imean they haven't, lost a race since May ninth yeah twere, seeing the return of hinterestsang face to the field at a weekly...

...basis. There do one even more than I,because it's now all four of them I used to be just like used to be justGordin and Johnson and like in two thousand and twelve, it was like twenty tin o one like one year werelike one or two a piece or whatever. I think junior had the lowest at twowins junior season when in two thousand and twelve, so we only have one an Okantwenty and two thousand and fourteen the three out of the three of them hadfor a piece in cane one, that's probably their best yeah. That was like the last year ofHavendo, really being the full team yeah, because in cane struggled infifteen and then Gordon retired and fifteen juniancushion and sixteen and Johnson just died of o Johnson was Johnson Yeah. Thelast couple, O years of his career, yeah and painful death, AthiraSlammakin of continued in car, he's progressing yeah. It's also wokemistake, so so yea he wanted a car with high voice power,he's getting it it's it's challenging for M Yah. I mean like that's about e, for the AUSTERES.Honestly, I mean like the finished, was pretty good for the first, like fivelaps of the the final ten lamps of this, the finalsegment or whatever, with Brad Elliot and Marson, like onceLarson Clear Brad, I feel like. We all knew that, like it was open, wasgetting over yeah because, like Brad had no help and you all know likeElliot, isn't gonna help read and you can't pass a car. You can't really pass.I like ran a bras roses. Yeah Rad try to s allright out there, but really can't do much after that ehsha about it. We can go fantasy,quick! Do your fantasy, real quick! You have bells for as Baba and Byron atyour explosive all that we have pokono coming up. We have Nashville this week, poconodouble header and Rode America. So I have I biron Wallace Bell swarsYep yeah, so I'm going to take wallace thisweek. That was my plan. Okay, all right Dave, the skim driver saysnick it all Nickin take a person, so he's got Eliot,Elmer and hamlet to choose from. I have curt available, I'm going to take curtas it's a concrete trick and then we'll figure out whatever thehell nickperry. Not There is Francise who's, your one who's. Your wants towatch this weekend, ones the watch yeah the PENSI duo, Bradand Joe, because they both have expidite wins at Nashville multipotent into Mash Nashville. So Ithink l do good but of course, like they're, not Hendry's the one you'restaying away from staying away, thou, that's kind of hard since, like it's anoval, so like M, I'm going to stay away from trek. True I don't I don't know but ittle. Ijust don't see him doing that good,...

...fair enough who's, my one, my ones to watch,obviously going to be curt. As I've already pointed out, it's a concretetrick. He seems to be pretty good at those and then my other one is going to be Bradbecause simply again, it's a concrete track.Use known to be pretty good at them too, and to stay away from you know what I l feel like Bowman's gonna have a better race. I I want to stay away from, but I think with that ems with that I think we are all set, thenI think we're all set Ohiei a were really special guests next weekthat we can't wait to have on excited her, we're all really excited foryou're. Not You don't want to miss that one, but thanks for watching this, forthrough don't forget to like subscribe, follow and stuff like that, leave areview all that kind of stuff on spatii apple podcast, Google, podcast, I'mmissing one wherever you find your podcast,wherever you find where we're at yeah. That's a lot of them made at forms. U S about it about it! Yeah I as say next episode.Yes, sir. I.

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